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I trust all is well with you this morning. Yesterday we talked about the lineage of the serpent and the purpose for their creation. As we begin to talk about sex and sexuality this morning, I would like to take a little bit of a DIFFERENT approach for a short spell.

1 Timotiyos 3 v1-5. Trustworthy is the word: If a man longs for the position of an OVERSEER, he desires a good work.

2) An OVERSEER, then should be BLAMELESS, the HUSBAND of one WIFE, sober, sensible, orderly, kind to strangers, ABLE TO TEACH(truth),

3) not given to wine, no brawler, but gentle, not quarrelsome, no lover of silver,

4) one who RULES HIS OWN HOUSE WELL, having his children in subjection with all reverence,


Shaoul/Paul wrote this to Timotiyos to give him BLUEPRINTS on how an OVERSEER of GENTILE people should be PROVED BEFORE he is given control to speak into someone’s LIFE. As I said yesterday the so called NEW TESTAMENT is MOSTLY letters written to GENTILE people giving them ORDER on HOW to be themselves. What do I mean by behave themselves? Well of course when you have people that DO NOT have the same PHYSICAL, SPIRITUAL and PSYCHOLOGICAL genetics as The Most High they WOULD NOT be able to HEAR HIM in ANY of their genetics. But what they WOULD be able to hear in their genetics is, WHATEVER their lineage lead them back to, which we all understand by now what that was. So it’s safe to say that with NO ability to even HEAR The Most High, an OVERSEER MUST be proven in ALL aspects of the word because of WHAT will manifest ONCE they have been given the POWER or the LEADERSHIP position.

I want to point out TWO very important things said in the scripture we just read. First, an OVERSEER should be BLAMELESS and the Husband of one wife. Ok, the understanding is this. Shaoul is saying that a man should be the husband of one wife, the word ONE translates into FIRST in the understanding that a man SHOULD at LEAST have ONE wife or FIRST HAVE A WIFE before given ANY position of LEADERSHIP. Second thing I want to point out is the fact that he said IF A MAN DOES NOT KNOW HOW TO RULE HIS OWN HOUSE, HOW SHALL HE LOOK OVER THE ASSEMBLY OF YAH. One of the reason WHY I want to touch on this piece rite here is because of the reference to SEX and SEXUALITY. During this Greeko-Roman era TWO things were VERY common which has ALWAYS been VERY popular among gentile people is, HOMOSEXUALITY and PEDOPHILIA. If you study the Greeko-Roman time YOU will understand that it was so welcome and WIDE spread along with a MULTIPLICITY of OTHER sexual PERVERSION, that a MAN could have two or three little boys that he bought JUST for the purpose of having sex with them. And he could even be MARRIED with children of his very own. So we see a glimpse into the MIND of the time, MUCH like this one, AND you see SHAOUL’S approach to it. See this is the deal, HOW could a man be ministering LIFE to people if HOMOSEXUALITY and PEDOPHILIA is what HIS BEING witnesses to as a way to BEHAVE himself and get ENERGY or INCREASE? See regardless of what people say, it’s NOT about bashing gay people, it’s about there being an IMAGE that MANKIND was created IN and a WAY we were DESIGNED to behave. And if YOU think that YOU should be in a position of LEADERSHIP or ministering to people and THIS is YOUR behavior, YOU are not even welcome AMONG the gentiles with that shit.

As I said yesterday WE as a people have been DRIVEN OUTSIDE OUR MINDS with LOVE and guess what, THAT is being done by design with an intention as well. So as I said yesterday being drunk with LOVE we ALLOW for SERPENTS with OBVIOUS PSYCHOLOGICAL and sexual ISSUES to not only LEAD us, but WE LET THEM AROUND OUR CHILDREN. We talked about the lineage of the serpent and the PREDETERMINED course written in their GENETICS that leads them to DESIRE POSITIONS of LEADERSHIP. Let’s take a look at the CATHOLIC CHURCH and how IT VIEWS PEDOPHILES and HOMOSEXUALITY. See the Christian church TECHNICALLY IS the CATHOLIC CHURCH even though they DON’T teach you that. But anyway, THESE ARE the seeds of the serpent and WHAT came with the serpent in the garden, SEXUAL PERVERSION in the sense that the man and his woman viewed their SEXUALITY COMPLETELY different AFTER fuckin wit that nigga, AGAIN WHICH IS WHAT CAUSE THEIR DEATH AND THE MOST HIGH TO LEAVE THEIR GARDEN. So we have a CLEAR picture that the SEED of that SERPENT DOES have SEXUAL PERVERSION hard wired INTO their genetics. That’s not saying that if YOU are into any type of his sexual perversion that YOU are the seed of the serpent, that’s saying that if YOU desire to lead a people and YOU are HOMOSEXUAL or a PEDOPHILE YOU AIN’T GOT NO MUFUCKIN BUSINESS LEADING NOBODY.

Now what I would like to touch on is a GUILTY CONSCIENCE and HOW it behaves when there is PRESSURE applied. See one beautiful thing about being son of the KING is, you get ALL of his gifts if you EARN the crown. And with these gifts of course comes ALL wisdom, knowledge and understanding, so what that means is, you can pretty much manifest what you want when you want in accordance with the WILL of The Most High. One thing that people have YET to figure out is, SOMEONE can ALWAYS see YOU. And some people KNOW exactly WHERE and HOW to apply PRESSURE to MAKE someone squeal on  HIMSELF. See the way it works is, when you apply TRUTH in a way the BRINGS LIGHT to a persons DEPTHS and PRESSURE is applied with it, because of the LIGHT shed on the MIND it will basically TELL ON ITSELF. And the way it does that is tries to project it’s VERY OWN GUILT onto the IDENTITY of someone else, because LIGHT is EXPOSING DARKNESS. Y’all remember when you were children and you did SOMETHING so FUCKED UP that you KNEW if yo momma found out DEATH would follow shortly AFTER? Well my mom used to do this thing where if something got broke and she wanted to find out the TRUTH, even though she ALREADY knew it, she would just ask question SURROUNDING the information she wanted us to tell on ourselves about and watch our responses. GUILTY PEOPLE ALWAYS tell on themselves, and they tell you EXACTLY what they have been doing in their DARKNESS. This is a VERY EFFECTIVE way to get the mind to tell on itself. Bottomline is when PRESSURE is applied, the HEART will speak ALL it’s secrets FIRST, and try to PROJECT it’s evil onto someone else. And because of the PRESSURE, the LIGHT and people watching the MIND becomes undone and clumsy in it’s behavior, which cause it to TELL on itself, OR in a sense accuse SOMEONE ELSE to GET OUT in front of it to cast doubts about it’s VERY OWN GUILT.

Remember you ALWAYS tell a tree by the FRUIT it bears, regardless of HOW giving and loving people CAN BE, often times it’s a PSYCHOLOGICAL band-aid to SUB-CONSCIOUSLY cover the GUILT of sins. There was a question asked of me about six months ago that I could not answer the WAY I wanted to because no one can ESTABLISH GUILT based on spiritual gifts and being able to see straight through people. But what you can understand is, THAT will NEVER stop me, I’ll just manifest myself in another way to get what I want to come out. LITERALLY the nigga told on himself yesterday, something that EVERYBODY knew and suspected. One last thing, to someone VERY dear to my heart I made a promise to you, a promise that I will keep, but if ANY PUSSY ASS SHIT like that happens again he gettin burnt down and it’s NOT just two people talking in a truck anymore. So you understand the gravity…

Tomorrow we continue our course


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