Good morning Ysrayl…

I trust all is well with you this morning. Today I would like to begin talk about LOVE and the way it manifests itself in through sex in a marriage and how it brings LIFE to the union as a whole.

One VERY IMPORTANT thing that I want y’all to understand is JUST how DIVIDED our understanding of ourselves really is as it relates to sex and sexuality in marriage. See as long as Lucifer and his people can keep you seeing YOUR sexuality and expression as something that has to be MONITORED and keep under chains because it’s INNATELY EVIL and will destroy YOU, THEY can keep YOU from being FRUITFUL and MULTIPLYING. See we have been TAUGHT by SERPENTS that MULTIPLYING just means procreation or children, but AGAIN this is ANOTHER LIE. Being FRUITFUL and MULTIPLYING has EVERYTHING to do with INCREASE of YOUR ENTIRE BEING AND INCREASING the image of The Most High on the earth. Because we have been taught for so long to see ourselves and what’s COMPLETELY natural about us as evil, nasty and demonic, the PREDETERMINED course that was set for YOUR LIFE is now of NONE EFFECT. Why is it of NONE EFFECT? Because the DESIGN was for YOU to be FRUITFUL, or INCREASE in your LOVE, and EXPRESSION of love, or your DISPLAY of LOVE towards one another. Sexual energy was created to bring y’all together and KEEP y’all together and BUILDING on it or being fruitful in it so that when YOU do MULTIPLY to replenish the earth, EXACTLY WHAT is the earth being REPLENISHED BY?

Check it out, MANKIND fell and began to see the LIFE giving part of their marriage as EVIL or something that was wrong so they COVERED it from themselves AND The Most High. So now that they have fallen and it’s time to ACTUALLY replenish the earth, EXACTLY what understanding and WHAT IMAGE are they replenishing the EARTH WITH? Y’all remember The Most High gave the man and his woman coats of DEAD ANIMALS? Why do YOU think he COVERED mankind created in his OWN IMAGE in coats of DEAD ANIMALS? Y’all ever notice how the RELATIONSHIP between animals is pretty much SINGULAR in dimension, meaning LIFE and LOVE is NOT capitalized on AT ALL in the relationship between animals. It’s mostly just NATURAL programming in their genetics for the PURPOSE of procreating. So what you have the picture of is LIFE and LOVE in the SEXUALITY of MANKIND between a man and his woman, reduced to that which makes their IMAGE that of DEAD ANIMALS. This is the serpent with HIS understanding of the way sex and sexuality is supposed to be expressed in marriage. ONE, his genetics belong to the animal kingdom so HE has no LIFE to witness to ANYWAY as concerning sexuality. SECONDLY, he wants you to produce ONLY within the CONFINES of his control. What do I mean? Well not only did Adom and his Wife fuck up their OWN view of sex and sexuality concerning one another, but WHAT exactly do you think they taught they’re children? THIS is the ULTIMATE goal, instead of the WORD of being FRUITFUL and MULTIPLY and REPLENISH THE EARTH ONLY being, multiplying LIFE, LOVE and PARADISE, NOW because of the IMAGE change and PERCEPTION change NOW what are they MULTIPLYING and REPLENISHING the earth with?

Remember y’all Lucifer and his children CAN NOT create ANYTHING, so they HAVE to steal it from else where in order to survive. So y’all remember me saying that the races of people on the earth would NOT have lasted very long with MANKIND having written in his VERY GENETICS to be fruitful and multiply, replenish the earth AND SUBDUE IT. Well it would be EXTREMELY CLEVER to just COMPLETELY erase ALL understanding of what EXACTLY was being said about the WORD of The Most High in the GENETICS of MANKIND, or PERVERT IT. See when something is written in your genetics and is part of your design like sex and sexuality is, YOU can’t turn it off because YOU didn’t turn it on. So what you get mostly is CONFUSION on JUST how AND what is SUPPOSED to be done with ALL that energy, and it most times manifests itself in ways CONTRARY to our design AND the WORD written in our genetics. As I said before, yes sex is something that should be seen as THE MOST SACRED aspect of your being, but it was NEVER intended to be handled like the red headed step child. Again, the mind of the serpent will ONLY have you seeing YOURSELF as someone who needs DELIVERANCE from YOURSELF, because YOURSELF and the understanding that you were created in means YOU win EVERY SINGLE TIME, PERIOD. And your GENTILE counter parts KNOW this.

As I have said to y’all in the past, The MessiYAH  came and died for our sins and to REDEEM us BACK to The Most High AS A PEOPLE. So what that means is EVERYTHING that was MISSED OUT because of the fall in the garden, YOU are now redeemed to live in. YOU were NOT redeemed to GIVE ALL your LIFE giving ENERGY and UNDERSTANDING to the MIND of the SERPENT and his will for your life through RELIGION. The WHOLE story of the MessiYAH and his message has been COMPLETELY twisted and distorted coming from the EVIL mind of the serpent. And it doesn’t matter that he deceives his OWN people with it, what matters is YOU. Why do I say that? Because YOU really are the LIGHT of the world and the WHOLE world knows it EXCEPT for YOU.

Remember we talked about there needing to be a free flow of energy and what happens to certain capacities of the MIND/SOUL that is EFFECTED by the lack of vital LIFE giving energy? Well When you train you understanding AND responses to mimic that of ANYTHING OTHER than YOUR personal design, your mind begins to see WHATEVER the UNDERSTANDING is and IT will TRY to be fruitful and MULTIPLY on it’s own. This is why people who have SERIOUS sexual evils ALWAYS end up destroying their LIFE and the LIFE of those around them if ORDER and TRUTH is NOT sought after. Be fruitful and multiply is STILL in operation, so WHATEVER it is FED it DEFINITELY WILL MULTIPLY. Now the understanding that YOU need is, WHAT you are MULTIPLYING, is it the IMAGE of The Most High OR is it an IMAGE that you got from somewhere else.

See The Most High came to the garden to commune with the man, meaning HE came to INCREASE and BE INCREASED by the MAN AND HIS WOMAN, but y’all remember he HAD TO CALL for him because he was hiding. What does that tell you? The man could no longer hear The Most High the WAY he was supposed to be heard BECAUSE he changed his OWN PERCEPTION of HIMSELF. So what that is telling us is, because the man was created in the IMAGE of The Most High, he retained a certain RELATIONSHIP with him that was EXCLUSIVE to HIS DESIGN. What do I mean? Y’all remember when you was young kids you didn’t have a damn to give about not having clothes on in front of your mom if she was the one still washing yo ass. But as soon as you got an IDENTITY of your OWN or OUTSIDE the understanding of your parents, what happened to that freedom once YOU perceived yourself as a force of your own? WHO TOLD YOU YOU WERE NAKED? Again we have The Most High who KNOWS EVERYTHING, ASK the man WHO told him he was naked? Then he asks, did YOU eat from the TREE of ALL KNOWLEDGE. So we get the understanding that the information of BEING NAKED itself HAD to come from a PERSON, him asking about that tree of ALL KNOWLEDGE was an after thought to WHO. So this is CLEAR indication that NAKED came from the SERPENT, them eating from the tree JUST opened their eyes to the POSSIBILITIES of sin, IT DID NOT CHANGE there view on their sexuality ITSELF, THAT came from someone else…

Tomorrow we continue our course


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