Good morning Ysrayl…

I trust all is well with you this morning. Yesterday we began to talk about LOVE and how it manifests itself through sex in marriage.

One thing that MANY of us may ALREADY KNOW is, LOVE is stronger than ANY evil could EVER imagine to be. Evil was ONLY manifested in mankind through DECEPTION and confusion. So what that means is it’s NOT natural to our make up AT ALL. Matter of fact it’s so UNNATURAL to OUR genetics and make up, WE become ill on all level if we make it a part of our being in ANY way. So OBVIOUSLY seeing YOURSELF as EVIL in any way, would bring SICKNESS to your entire being. Now when I say sickness what exactly do I mean? Sickness LITERALLY just means a state of being ILL, ILLNESS itself in its base understanding is a disease that EFFECTS the body AND mind. One of the reasons I keep force feeding y’all the understanding that we are multi-dimensional beings is because YOU have to see your WHOLE self as YOU and not just certain aspects that you don’t mind dealing with as you. Why do I say that? Well, if you ONLY recognize certain aspects of your being that need attention, but you are completely UNAWARE of ALL the other aspects of your being, HOW can you keep them HEALTHY enough to produce your INTENDED results as opposed to hoping you can make it by on what you got control and understanding of. What’s EXTREMELY important to my woman is my AWARENESS of my ENTIRE being and what it NEEDS to maintain OPTIMUM health. Why is that? A couple reasons, ONE, if I’m not AWARE of certain aspects of MY OWN being and what role they play in my OVERALL health, HOW would I be able to spot a lack of ENERGY in my baby and APPLY energy in the NECESSARY way to INCREASE her and ULTIMATELY US as a WHOLE? SECOND, if I don’t see MYSELF and the IMPORTANCE of my OWN OVERALL health, how will I be ABLE to VALUE the OVERALL HEALTH of my baby?

See this is the SIMPLE but complex part. Ysrayl, if people don’t take care of themselves, they will NEVER be able to care for YOU properly. What do I mean? EXAMPLE, We men often feel like a our woman’s emotions get in the way of what we tryna do sometimes, but what A LOT of men fail to realize is that NOT ONLY will you never be ABLE to HELP increase your woman in that area, but YOU are probably causing her MORE turmoil if you are sleep in this area because it IS YOUR responsibility to deal with it ONE WAY or another. And the reason it’s like this is NONE other than, MEN have been connected from THEIR emotions and how to EXPRESS them in an EFFECTIVE way. So we see here that if the man has a CERTAIN disease that is EFFECTING his MIND in the capacity of him NOT being AWARE of his OWN needs and the IMPORTANCE of his OVERALL HEALTH, he WILL never be a LOVER of his WOMAN’S ENTIRE being because HE HIMSELF sees NO real need for ALL that. See what you have to realize as ONE flesh with your spouse is, her LACK or need for energy is her BEING calling for action from you, and your LACK of energy is calling for energy from HER being. But if you BOTH have been given the understanding that your NEED is childish, stupid, nasty, overwhelming etc, how do you see the NEED that is present in your spouse? This is why it’s SOO important to see your spouse as YOURSELF. What do I mean? If a man is NOT aware of CERTAIN aspects of his OWN being, then HE needs to recognize the his WOMAN is the ONE bearing the load of that lack. What do I mean by that?

For there to be a COMPLETELY body like we see in the garden picture BEFORE the woman was taken OUT of the man, you would HAVE to HAVE ALL understanding on ALL levels physical, spiritual and psychological. But you would ALSO need to understanding of HOW to apply energy to KEEP ALL the faculties on all these levels HEALTHY. So BEFORE Hawah was formed out of the man, the man had ALL these aspects in his being INTACT and flowing freely. But NOW that the woman is formed and the man NO LONGER possesses certain aspects IN HIS BEING anymore because they were given to his woman, so WHO is childish, stupid or nasty? So if men were to look at the fact that, EVEN if YOU can’t feel it or see the need for it, DOES NOT mean that the BODY or marriage DOES NOT need it, HOW would that affect the MARRIAGE as a WHOLE? This is why it’s SOOO important for there to be a HEALTH, LOVING sexual marriage, if you don’t have OPEN free flow of energy between the two of you, you will never be able to notice when there is a lack or problem. Sexual energy when it is used the WAY it was designed to be used in marriage KEEPS your spouse YOUR number ONE priority, ULTIMATELY keeping Y’all healthy.

Example, say my baby had a lack of energy in some area, of course I will be able to see it but let’s say I couldn’t IDENTIFY the SOURCE of WHAT IS CAUSING the lack of energy. So that means that my ability to deliver energy to that aspect of her being is SEVERELY handicapped. Now because I am a loving man and I NOT only treasure the OVERALL health of my baby, but also because I see the IMPORTANCE to our OVERALL marriage, that ignorance would NEVER stop me from getting to the root of the problem(tilling work). Why do I say that? Well because my perception and understanding is that my baby IS my LIFE, so even with ignorance on EXACTLY what is causing the problem, RECOGNIZING that she is MY LIFE, it brings a WHOLE new energy to solving OUR problem doesn’t it. See when you build your relationship in such an INTIMATE and OPENLY beautiful and loving way, it HURTS YOU MORE to see your spouse in ANY pain then it hurts them to ACTUALLY feel the pain. So if my baby comes to me and I or she can sense some lack of energy, even in our ignorance of just WHAT the issue is, do you think that’s gonna hinder us from getting to the root of that shit and handling business? ABSOLUTELY not… Why do you think that is? The OPENNESS and LIGHT that real LOVE bring will ALWAYS shed light on areas that MORE LOVE(energy) needs to be applied to.

See as I said before, the picture of the man and woman being perfect is being painted COMPLETELY INACCURATE. We were created to INCREASE and GROW, so this gives you the UNDERSTANDING of the possibility of DECREASE or LACK so that DECREASE or LACK would be looked at as motivation that would be needed for one to GIVE energy to ALL the faculties that facilitate INCREASE, correct? That’s NOT PERFECT. So we see the picture of BEING created in the perfect IMAGE, meaning you have ALL of the NECESSARY faculties in your being that makes YOU a perfect representation of The Most High. Not that YOU are PERFECT in ALL your doings or EVER will be, this is a device of lucifer. Remember there is only ONE GOOD, we are all created by HIM in his IMAGE, so what that means is, WE are ONLY good if THAT image is seen in us. But that ALSO means that HE is the ONLY one GOOD in the understanding of good that we know.

Because The Most High IS LOVE and we were created in HIS IMAGE, what are we DESIGNED to produce in such an INTIMATE act as sex? As I said yesterday, The Most High putting coats of DEAD ANIMALS on HIS image indicated that their nakedness or SEXUAL IDENTITY had become that which reflects the IMAGE of DEAD ANIMALS. But we understand that that ALSO means MULTI-DIMENSIONAL. What do I mean? It wasn’t just their PHYSICAL, display that reflected the image of dead animals, it was the perception or the MIND VIEWING the sex or display as something that would reflect DEAD ANIMALS. What am I saying? The way they SAW THEMSELVES effected their DISPLAY, and the UNDERSTANDING that The Most High is giving us HERE is that the VIEW or PERCEPTION is that which reflects DEAD ANIMALS. So now does it make sense that “IN THAT DAY YOU SHALL SURELY DIE” was reference to a death of the MIND affecting it’s ABILITY to perceive LIFE GIVING faculties, urges and displays as LIFE GIVING, but NOW in the state of death these things ALONG with OURSELVES are viewed BY OURSELVES as that which is reflective of DEAD ANIMALS, or ANIMALS with NO LIFE. MEANING DEATH.

So we see here coupled with what we talked about yesterday about the INFORMATION of being naked coming from the SERPENT, or the SERPENTS understanding of SEX and SEXUALITY that in our DEATH, SEXUALITY and the UNDERSTANDING of it belongs to the SERPENT OR that which we produce if REFLECTIVE OF the SERPENT and NOT of The Most High. Now what I want Y’all to do is take a second and just think about YOUR understanding of sex and sexuality and think about WHO it’s REFLECTIVE OF…


Tomorrow we continue our course


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