Good Morning Ysrayl…

It trust all is well with you this morning. Yesterday we left off talking about where the INFORMATION came from of being naked and the intention behind that information being ONLY for DEATH and CONTROL of MANKIND.

Today what I would like to touch on is PRIVACY in marriage. One thing we have to understand is as the people of The Most High is, We ALL have a PERSONAL DESIGN that we HAVE to understand IS one of the MAJOR CONTRIBUTING factors in the realization of PARADISE. What do I mean? We HAVE to remember that we where taught how to be SLAVES and because we were taught to be slaves, we were NEVER taught HOW to properly factor in PERSONAL DESIGN to ANYTHING. See things like RELIGION and the WORLD give YOU laws and BLUEPRINTS on HOW your LIFE should be lived, so what we UNCONSCIOUSLY do is try to MIMIC the IMAGE that is being presented to us because that’s the ONLY BLUEPRINT that BENEFITS the SLAVE MASTERS and WE don’t necessarily see it that way all the time. So we are taught by the GENTILE MIND to see ourselves as individuals with SEPARATE needs for ENERGY in order to maintain HEALTH.

One thing that I want y’all to understand is, there is a DIFFERENCE between PRIVACY and DISCRETION. Privacy in a marriage will ALWAYS equal CERTAIN DEATH. Why do I say that? PRIVACY constitutes CONCEALMENT and USUALLY that concealment is of something that WOULD cause damage to the ALREADY ESTABLISHED structure and IMAGE. The catch to that is, WHATEVER is being held in PRIVATE DOES NOT necessarily equate to SINISTER. What do I mean? Some people are just VERY private people, and if that’s their DESIGN then THAT has to be recognized and taken into consideration when BUILDING PARADISE. But what’s most important for private people to understand is, NOT everyone is DESIGNED to receive LIFE that way. So what has to be UNDERSTOOD before solving an issue like privacy in a ONE FLESH design is, THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS PRIVACY. What would be more profitable is, UNDERSTANDING just what is calling for the CONCEALMENT. If there is an ESTABLISHED marriage and privacy is something that enters the scene some time into the marriage, but WAS NOT an issue in the beginning, we would have to look at what is CAUSING the need for PRIVACY.

One thing I want women to remember about men is, WE WERE CREATED ALONE so we were designed to be able to function alone. The problem with that is, IT’S NOT GOOD FOR MAN TO BE ALONE. The Most High created him ALONE, but then turns around and says it’s NOT good for him to be ALONE. SO we get the understanding that ALONE was NOT the intended GOAL, BUT something HAD to be GAINED by that LONELINESS. When a man DESIRES a WIFE, not just a WOMAN, basically his being has REALIZED that he is ALONE and it’s NOT GOOD, or it’s NOT INCREASING him. So when a marriage is ALREADY established an the man needs privacy, SOMETHING about the design of that MARRIAGE is giving his being the UNDERSTANDING that LIFE and survival is better sought in PRIVATE or CONCEALMENT. Now of course MOST would think that PRIVACY or concealment EQUATES to evil in the understanding that one MUST be up to something that their spouse DOES NOT approve of, but that just comes down to the character of the individual. Often times men that have A LOT of demands on their ENERGY, WORK, WIFE, KIDS, BILLS, ETC and can begin to see PARADISE as having a DUAL IDENTITY. What do I mean? Well he has the PARADISE that he built for HIS WIFE and CHILDREN, then he has the PARADISE built for JUST HIM. The reason for this again, DOES NOT necessarily mean EVIL, what it means is the STRUCTURE of the PARADISE in his MIND has to be REBUILT. What do I mean by REBUILT?

Remember Adom had to WORK for his woman, we DON’T know from scripture exactly how long that was but we understand that there HAD to be LONGING. Why do you think LONGING was important? Well longing for something that is VITAL to your LIFE and PLEASURE bring VALUE. So once Adom actually GOT the woman what do you think her VALUE was to HIM as a person and to their PARADISE? So we get the structure in marriage that ALONE is NOT GOOD, but what about when PARADISE is perceived as THE GARDEN(work) when the WOMAN was created to help make THE GARDEN PARADISE? Well this is when ENERGY has to be APPLIED to the GARDEN of he mind. What you see in the garden picture is WORK and the WOMAN as SEPARATE. What do I mean? Adom tilled the ground BEFORE his woman came, but AFTER she was realized we can say THAT she was his HARVEST or REWARD for the WORK that he put in, correct? Well the harvest was the INCREASE and if MANIPULATED PROPERLY that harvest is to bring MORE increase, correct? But if the HARVEST is NOT looked upon PROPERLY, it just looks like MORE work.

So what HAS to be UNDERSTOOD is that SOMETHING CHANGED the perception of the HARVEST in the way the it’s IMPORTANCE is STILL number one PRIORITY, but it has ALSO become work, which is something that the HARVEST should NEVER be looked upon in that light. Why is that so IMPORTANT? Remember man was designed to SEE the FRUIT of his labor, so if some work has been put in and the DESIRED results, or the RESULTS that bring LIFE are not seen, the NEED for a SECOND PARADISE becomes a reality.

What should happen in a situation like this is, Adom has to structure his garden in a way that BENEFITS ALL that are there. As I said yesterday, I see my baby as my LIFE so my ENERGY IS HER ENERGY. But what that means is I HAVE TO structure OUR LIFE in a way the SHE retains the IMAGE, and NOT become just WORK because MY PERCEPTION changed. What do I mean? The woman was created to draw ENERGY from the man, correct? But what A LOT of women have to realize is, WORK, KIDS, RESPONSIBILITY, BILLS ETC all are pulling ENERGY from that VERY SAME SOURCE. So what would be vital to the PARADISE is the IMAGE and the roll that the WOMAN plays. We men are DESIGNED to be REWARDED by our woman OR see the WOMAN as the REWARD for our labor, so the woman HAS to reintroduce herself AS THE REWARD in order for there to be ENERGY on the part of the man to GIVE to REALIZE THEIR PARADISE as a whole. This is why I recommend people to work ON themselves BEFORE looking to their spouse. Why do I say that. Y’all are ONE FLESH, NOTHING IS STRONGER THAN THAT, once people LOOK at the DESIGN of their SPOUSE as opposed to their OWN design and NEEDS you will see CLEAR as day the direction YOU need to go and make ADJUSTMENTS within YOURSELF to GIVE HIM the energy he needs to REALIZE that there CAN ONLY be ONE paradise.

Now as far as DISCRETION is concerned. This is ALL up to the design of the INDIVIDUALS in the marriage, what do I mean? Well discretion is something that has VERY little to do with PRIVACY in the understanding of CONCEALMENT. Discretion is something that comes from a place of MATURITY and UNDERSTANDING. Let me explain. Discretion is something that CAN BE used to benefit the MARRIAGE as whole in the understanding that, SOME things JUST don’t need to be OUT IN THE OPEN. Discretion is NOT concealment, it’s PROTECTION if used PROPERLY. Example, if I have discretion with my baby there is NOTHING secret or kept from her because it’s ALL for her and we are ONE flesh, but AS A MAN there are certain things I JUST DON’T NEED OR WANT HER WORRIED ABOUT. This is NOT about privacy, SHE can have ANY information she wants, but SOMETIMES what we want IS NOT profitable for us. This is when MATURITY and KNOWING your spouse is so important. My baby KNOW she the Queen and she ain’t got shit to worry about in that understanding, but that’s because I DON’T GIVE HER REASON TO FEEL THREATEN, EVERYTHING is opened to her. So she understands that MY NUMBER ONE objective is HER protection, she let me handle MY BUSINESS as a man because she understands THAT’S what’s NECESSARY for PARADISE to STAY intact. But again, discretion WOULD never involve ANY OTHER woman OR ANYTHING that would be a THREAT to her in ANY way.

We have to remember we have had OUR understanding ON EVERYTHING BUILT for us, AND ALMOST none of it is beneficial to us because it WAS NOT given to us for the purpose OF LIFE, just control and slavery. When you CONTROL ALL aspects of someones way to connect with REALITY and LIFE, you PRETTY much determine the COURSE of that LIFE, no matter HOW MUCH fun and control the PERSON thinks they HAVE OVER THEIR LIFE. This is why we HAVE to GET the world AND RELIGION along with it’s understands OUT of our marriages, IT DOES NOT FIT YOU. You were created with a design and your garden will ONLY be PARADISE if that DESIGN and The IMAGE YOU were created in is what YOU give all your energy to. If women feel like they have a RITE to this or that as opposed to first UNDERSTANDING WHY, you are just being MOTIVATED BY an understanding that was PROGRAMMED for YOU. You’d be surprised at HOW many woman are OFFENDED by things that ARE NOT real problems in the understanding that they STEAL LIFE, but the problem ONLY exists because SOMEONE ELSE TOLD YOU it should be a problem because YOU are a force that HAS to be RESPECTED outside of your IDENTITY as HIS WOMAN.

Now let’s talk a little about SPACE in marriage. Space is one of those things that I ONLY recommend for more advanced couples that are HEALTHY in there marriage. The reason why space is beneficial in marriage is because it gives time for LONGING and REINTRODUCTION. What do I mean by REINTRODUCTION? Well we ALL know the WAY something is PRESENTED has A LOT to do with the VALUE put on it and the WAY it’s perceived. Hawah was INTRODUCED as the REALIZATION of his dreams, if we take a minute just to think about that we get the UNDERSTANDING that, there HAD to be an EXPLOSION of emotions when he FINALLY had her, correct? Well SPACE when manipulated PROPERLY allows for REINTRODUCTION in a BETTER light EVERY SINGLE time. See this is WHY we have to see MARRIAGE as WORK that HAS a reward. In your ALONE space or time you have the ability to address certain PERSONAL needs that are EXCLUSIVE to your DESIGN to RECHARGE you for YOUR SPOUSE. Let me explain. If a man has been married for sometime he WILL feel the NEED to CONNECT with MASCULINE ENERGY on some level or other, just like woman are designed to connect and recharge from feminine energy. So this gives you the understanding that those NEEDS for ENERGY that the SPOUSE may NOT be able to provide, is STILL beneficial to the marriage, BUT NOT MORE IMPORTANT than the MARRIAGE. Ladies men need space just like you do, it does mean space IN THE MARRIAGE, it means space to build that LONGING that we had in the garden. But the catch to that is, after the LONGING what exactly is the REINTRODUCTION of his woman? If it’s “why you always wit them bum ass niggas”, where YOU THINK he gon be TOMORROW? But if he returns to HAWAH, I can tell you EXACTLY where his black ass gon be TOMORROW. This is why it’s so important to look at the problems in marriage as an opportunity of GROWTH as an individual and as ONE FLESH. See when you look at YOURSELF and challenge YOURSELF to be the BEST YOU can BE for YOUR spouse, YOU become HAWAH and NO man in his rite goddamn mind wants to be away from his HAWAH…

Tomorrow we continue our course


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