Good Morning Ysrayl…

I trust all is well with you this morning. As we are talking about sex and sexuality one VERY important thing that I want y’all to remember is that YOU have to begin to look at sex and sexuality AS LIFE, as opposed to JUST sex.

The reason why it’s important to view sex as LIFE, is pretty much the same reason you don’t view BIRTH as DEATH. Remember I said yesterday that if I control your ability to connect with REALITY, or if I’m the one painting the PICTURE of LIFE that YOU are following then I am the ONE controlling your LIFE, PERIOD. Regardless of WHATEVER you THINK YOU doing, it was ALREADY thought out for YOU. Same way with SEX or shall we say LIFE. We talked about the WAY The Most High seen MANKIND after they fell when he placed coats of dead animals on his IMAGE. But what I want y’all to begin to think about is, BECAUSE of sacrifice that the MESSIYAH made to redeem us BACK to The Most High as a people, WHAT happened to the WAY The Most High sees those that ACCEPT and LIVE according to the sacrifice made? As I said to you before, sexuality is something that The Most High obviously intended for us to gain LIFE THROUGH, and the fact that it CAN NOT be turned OFF makes it a SELF REGENERATING system that FUNCTIONS pretty much on it’s own, correct? So it’s safe to say that because it needs no REAL effort to operate on your part that, YOU better have FULL control over it AND understanding of it if it’s got your IDENTITY wrapped up in it as a man or a woman, AND the creation of The Most High, correct?

Well what about the aspects of your being that have NOTHING to do with your sexuality, how do you think those should be viewed? Well the truth is THERE IS NO SUCH THING. EVERYTHING about YOU has EVERYTHING to do with your IDENTITY and sexuality. What do I mean? Well we have been programmed to see SEXUALITY as just concerning the ACT of SEX, but your SEXUALITY is YOU. What do I man by that? There was a reason the WOMAN was targeted by the serpent, it was to control SEXUALITY and the perception of it and distort the IMAGE of The Most High, OR distort the UNDERSTANDING of the IMAGE of The Most High, what do I mean. When man fell or DIED, the MIND is what DIED. The mind is what gives us the ability to recognize ourselves as WHAT and WHO we are as it relates to our ENVIRONMENT and our responsibility to it. So what you see with that is, when the serpent took the woman and TOOK the perception of the IMAGE they were created in from them, what he did ULTIMATELY was took them OUT of being able to CONNECT with REALITY as it relates to the REALITY THEY WERE CREATED IN. What do I mean by that? Well if you were created to bring LIFE and LOVE to reality THROUGH understanding YOURSELF as the IMAGE of The Most High, if we take away that IMAGE, now you have NOTHING witnessing to your faculties of the PROPER way to VIEW and ENERGIZE certain aspects of your being. So technically in these areas we are just being used as HOSTS for SOMEONE else’s plans.

See when you understand the IMAGE and how it relates to YOU as a being, YOU understand that your NUMBER ONE PRIORITY in retaining that IMAGE IS your SEXUALITY. Why do I say that? There was a MAN created and there was a WOMAN created. There were no SLAVES, there were no BITCHES, there were no WHORES. So when we LOOK at just that piece ALONE we can see that OUR BEHAVIOR is CONNECTED to THE IMAGE that we have ACCEPTED, and it has VERY LITTLE to do with our ACTUAL genetic MAKE UP. See once YOU don’t have the PROPER IMAGE to draw from, the IMAGE YOU were created in, you become WHATEVER the person that stole that image from you needs you to be.(by whom a man is overcome, by the same is he brought into bondage) Now look around YOU, you think everybody just ENDED up KILLING themselves or did they have a little help? See me recognizing MYSELF as a MAN that belongs TO AN IMAGE, NOW there is NO room for deception or confusion on what my role and responsibility is to those that belong to me. Many may think what does this ACTUALLY have to do have the act of sex. Let me explain.

As a MAN in ALL my display, what do I ENERGIZE in my woman? ALL of her FEMININE FACULTIES correct? Well by the way a man handles his woman SEXUALLY is what gives her IDENTITY, ACCEPTANCE, PURPOSE and STRENGTH etc. Why do I say that? What I want brothas to understand is YOU have to BUILD your woman’s IDENTITY in you as y’all build an IDENTITY together. What do I mean? Brothas the way you handle your woman and pay attention to detail concerning her being is what SHE draws and understanding from on the VALUE of HERSELF that YOU place on her. Bottomline is, you handle things a certain way when they have VALUE. With women of good stock and understanding her sexuality is something that is NOT on display, or freely given, why do you think that is? Well first they understand the VALUE of it, meaning they understand that REGARDLESS of what EVERYBODY else is doing, this aspect of their being has their WHOLE IDENTITY wrapped up in it. When a woman sees HER Husband put EXTREME AMOUNTS of value into HER sexual HEALTH, PLEASURE, IDENTITY etc, what beings to happen to her perception of HERSELF? Brothas this is why tailoring ALL your responses to your woman is so IMPORTANT, you don’t realize the POWER you have to shape that woman’s DEPTHS just from understanding her design PROPERLY and tailoring energy to INCREASE it.

What do I mean by shape her depths? Well because you are ministering to the most intimate parts of her being, the way and care shown is giving HER understanding that SHE had better join the bandwagon in ENJOYING HERSELF. Believe it or not brothas THIS is a HUGE one. Your care and handling, ALONG with outward expression ENERGIZES your woman in the understand that SHE is the force that YOUR being witnesses to, so she wants to be a STRONGER Force for you. Ultimately brothas you want your woman to feel and see the fruit of her labor as well so they can produce MORE for YOU. But the beauty of this is, it bears FRUIT in ALL aspects of y’all LIFE. What do I mean? We know by now that the woman was created to bring INCREASE, so when YOU sow the LOVE, CARE, PASSION, UNDERSTANDING, etc in ALL your dealings with her, but ESPECIALLY when she has opened her depths to you, what you think your return is gonna look like? And it’s not just gonna show up in the sex, it’s gonna be what SHE HAS BECOME. What do I mean? THIS IS YOUR WOMAN’S TRUE IDENTITY AS YOUR WOMAN.

Brothas when you put REAL ENERGY into your woman, or for your woman just like in the garden picture, YOU are creating YOUR paradise CORRECT? Well brothas we all know that PARADISE for us ain’t really shit if THE WOMAN DOES NOT HAVE PARADISE within her DEPTHS, correct? Meaning, no matter HOW beautiful the ENVIRONMENT is, if she IS NOT BUILT to MINISTER PARADISE to YOU, YOU may as well burn the rest of that shit down, because it contributes NOTHING to the REALITY of PARADISE at that point. So we can say brothas that PARADISE has to be BUILT in the depths of your woman in order for HER to be able to make it a reality for YOU. See we look at the fact that Adom FINALLY got the woman of his dreams as the ACCOMPLISHMENT, correct? But he LOST her?.. Hmmm…smh. So what that tells us is, the brotha was SLIPPIN hard, just like some of us brothas are known to do from time to time. See we could say that Adom may have gotten a little RELAXED in some RESPONSIBILITY to his woman after he FINALLY gotten her if she was taken by another man, correct? Do you think that maybe she talking to ANOTHER man had something to do with LACK on his part as the MAN? We understand that there were OTHER races of people here before they were created, so maybe he was distracted by all the ass scattered around, we don’t KNOW. But what we do know is, it seemed a little EASY for HAWAH to be deceived by the serpent don’t you think? I mean HOW does ANOTHER man come and tell HIS woman something that is COMPLETELY CONTRARY to not ONLY what HE said, but she KNOWS it’s coming from The Most High. I believe that this is EVIDENCE that Adom had NOT built HAWAH properly, AND he was slippin as the MAN HARD.

He was given the responsibility of PROTECTING the garden, correct? Well we understand by now that the GARDEN is MULTI-DIMENSIONAL, so there was a garden within his WOMAN that HAD NOT BEEN PROPERLY KEPT. This is why it was SOOO easy for HAWAH to accept ANOTHER IDENTITY from a DIFFERENT IMAGE then the ONE SHE was created FOR and FROM. The MAN had NOT properly established the IMAGE into her depths to the point that she would have RECOGNIZED the serpent as the SERPENT soon as he OFFERED her something OUTSIDE of the IMAGE she belonged to. So we see that in their INTIMATE time and dealings with one another is what determined the DISPLAY of WOMANHOOD and commitment to NOT only HERSELF but to her Husband AND The Most High. So we get the understanding that the TWO BECOMING one FLESH is a PROCESS that needs energy CONTINUALLY applied to it in truth. ONLY then brothas will your woman become THE PERFECT IMAGE of you and THAT ONLY produces for you…


Tomorrow we continue our course


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