Good Morning Ysrayl…

I trust all is well with you this morning. Yesterday we left off talking about the fact that Adom finally got the woman of his dreams but he ULTIMATELY lost her AND HIS PARADISE to another man or the SERPENT.

Yesterday I said to y’all that it seemed a little too easy how the serpent was able to pull up on Hawah, ESPECIALLY when she was HANDCRAFTED for ADOM. One would think that you can get no more commited then coming straight OUT a man’s FLESH correct? Well yesterday I said that I believe that there was some SERIOUS lack on the part of the man concerning his woman. What do I mean? Adom HAD NOT properly established HIMSELF inside his woman… He was commanded to till the GARDEN and PROTECT IT, and as we established already, the garden is MULTI-DIMENSIONAL, correct? So do you think that the need for work STOPPED when the woman was REALIZED? See the bottomline is this, your garden represents what SEEDS you plant and the seeds that YOU allowed to be planted, so when a man takes a woman he HAS to realize that there are SEEDS planted in that ground that DO NOT represent OR benefit HIM, regardless of HOW cold YOU think she is. So what that means is, BRUH you got WORK to do if that’s REALLY your woman. Like I said yesterday we think that GETTING the woman was the accomplishment, NO, getting the woman was the REWARD for the work you put in to HAVE a woman, that DOES NOT take away the WORK to KEEP her.

Because your SEED represents YOU, the ONLY thing you should be able to see when you see your woman and you look into her depths is YOU, because YOU have put in the WORK into her garden to COMPLETELY establish it as YOUR PARADISE. See Adom put the work in to REALIZE the woman, but he OBVIOUSLY DID NOT put the work into the garden of her DEPTHS. EVEN though she was his flesh in ALL aspects of the word, she was STILL a garden that was NOT well kept. As I said before, we don’t know what the hell was going on with Adom, but we know that SHE shouldn’t even been talking to that nigga to begin with on her own REGARDLESS of how cool he MAY have been with her Husband. That’s the FIRST piece of evidence that SHE was NOT taught PROPERLY, SECOND, she was taken by the serpent then she came back and gave her HUSBAND some shit SHE got from the serpent. What does that tell us? Well the way I see it is, if my woman bring me some shit that came from ANOTHER man, I BEEN FUCKIN UP FOR A VERY LONG TIME, PERIOD. And at that point MOST of us would be PISSED at the woman, and you SHOULD be, but WHO’S woman is she and WHO was she given to. See usually we NEVER get to that point of ACCOUNTABILITY and obviously Adom didn’t either because when QUESTIONED he blamed ALL that shit RITE back on the woman.

When she talked to the serpent she OBVIOUSLY had some understanding that SHE wasn’t SUPPOSED to be eating from the tree because SHE told him that. But he was able to CONVINCE her to give HERSELF and HER understanding to HIM regardless of what she KNEW to be true. Brothas let me help you understand something, this is a picture that I think we ALL need to look at a LITTLE more closely. Adom put ALL this work in for this woman and while he was SOMEWHERE else she is being ENTERTAINED by another man. So we have a PICTURE that I’m sure EVERY man reading this rite now is feeling some type of way about, because this MAN put ALL this WORK in for this woman and she off talking to the NEXT nigga about how things should look inside HER depths… Well brothas we can feel some type of way but ONE thing that you NEVER want to forget brothas is, YOUR woman will NEVER really know HOW much work YOU put in for her UNLESS that work makes it to her DEPTHS. What do I mean? The work that Adom put in BEFORE she got there DON’T really count for SHIT as it relates to work that will ACTUALLY benefit the WOMAN, that work was between HIM and The Most High. So we have somewhat of the understanding that, the work put in to actually BUILD PARADISE(tilling the ground), has VERY little to do with KEEPING or PROTECTING PARADISE. I think we brothas OFTEN get this area CONFUSED.

See I can’t look at my baby like she’s lacking something for not COMPLETELY understanding what it took to BUILD a PARADISE for her to live and operate in, I have to understand that I wanted HER so that was MY burden to bear. Many of us brothas think the work is FINISHED because we have provided the PHYSICAL aspects to create a paradise, but NOT understanding that NOW she needs a PARADISE on the INSIDE of her if she it to CONNECT with the PARADISE YOU created for her on the PHYSICAL level. It cost to be the boss brothas, seriously… We like to think that the women is a self regenerating system of their own because they USUALLY talk ENOUGH shit to be, but it’s just NOT true. This is why it’s so beautiful when you see a PARADISE built PROPERLY by a man AND his woman, it’s the REALIZATION of their EFFORT and UNDERSTANDING together, but what’s the TRULY amazing thing is THEY DID IT TOGETHER. So brothas we see that Hawah is YOU, but UNTIL YOU plant YOURSELF into the garden of her depths, she is only YOU because YOU put the WORK in for her, but that means NOTHING if ANOTHER man comes to STEAL that WORK.

So let’s talk about the GARDEN of HER DEPTHS and what EXACTLY it is. Well the garden of her depths would be the garden of her mind, but that’s not the COMPLETE picture. What do I mean? My planting MYSELF in the garden of my baby’s soul does what? It turns her into MYSELF or the feminine VERSION of MYSELF, correct? So ULTIMATELY I’m doing EXACTLY what The Most High did when he created ADOM, correct, meaning I AM CREATING MY OWN IMAGE. And obviously THAT IMAGE is gonna look like WHO ULTIMATELY because of WHO’S IMAGE I was created in? So when I am putting the WORK in to RECREATE MYSELF I am completing WHO’S ULTIMATE plan for MULTIPLYING and REPLENISHING the earth? So because I have put the WORK into my baby, when she open her mouth to respond to the SERPENT, who do you think is gon come out that mfka, RITE ON HIS GODDAMN ASS. But see brothas THIS only comes with there being WORK put into her depths. Remember me saying that Adom was given a blank canvas with Hawah, so WHATEVER he put INTO her is what is there, and what WAS NOT put into her JUST WAS NOT THERE. THIS is why I can say that there is NO WAY in HELL Adom was on point like he should have been with his woman and probably in more areas than that, but that’s a DIFFERENT discussion.

Now we understand that the garden of the woman’s DEPTHS is the garden of her mind, but how does one ACCESS this garden and plant SEEDS of HIMSELF there. Well since this particular garden is in the MIND/SOUL, what are the ways you ACCESS your woman’s SOUL? EVERYTHING YOU DO CONCERNING YOUR WOMAN accesses her SOUL, but what we want is to INTENTIONALLY access it with the INTENTION of planting our SEEDS, correct? Well brothas during SEXUAL AROUSE is when your woman’s DEPTHS are the MOST OPEN. What do I mean? Do y’all remember me saying a while back that when a woman is SEXUALLY AROUSE she is looking to RECEIVE something on ALL levels? Well that’s the WAY she is designed, VERY beautiful design and you can see CLEAR as day the WAY he Most High INTENDED for LIFE to flow THROUGH, JUST on that DESIGN ALONE. Anyway, the woman when she is SEXUALLY excited is when she is fertile for SEEDS of YOURSELF to planted within her depths. But course she shouldn’t ALWAYS have to be sexually excited to receive from you correct? Well this is why sexual openness and expression is SOOO IMPORTANT in marriage, it is what ALLOWS for the FREE FLOW of ENERGY of course, but it keeps EVERYBODY FERTILE and OPEN to receive. Many brothas don’t take the time to realize this because we usually settle for some quick sex as OPPOSED to taking OUR TIME and MANIPULATING the ENERGY that we have. I believe that Adom was lacking in this area for one reason or another, the DEPTHS of his woman had NOT been properly tended to, which is what ALLOWED for SEEDS of ANOTHER IMAGE to be planted in his garden which ULTIMATELY cost him his LIFE and HIS woman’s LIFE…

Tomorrow we continue our course


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