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I trust all is well with you this morning. Yesterday we left off talking about the fact that Adom had NOT properly built his woman, which is what ULTIMATELY lead to their DEMISE.

Again when we look at this story from the understanding that the GENTILE mind paints for us, we can gravitate towards hatred of the woman. Now don’t get me wrong AT ALL, the WOMAN was foul, PERIOD. She KNEW better than THAT SHIT, FUCK THAT. But we HAVE TO ALWAYS REMEMBER that they were ONE FLESH, so what that means IS, ULTIMATELY we can lead ALL this bullshit RITE BACK to the MAN to some degree. WE have to keep in mind that Hawah regardless of WHAT she was PRESENTED to the world as, she was still ONLY EXACTLY what Adom put in her, and we can see now that that work was DEFINITELY left undone. So looking at the GENTILE mind that SEPARATES the man and woman into TWO separate FORCES, ultimately RELIEVING SOME of the pressure from the ACCOUNTABILITY of the MAN. Which IS NOT the way The Most High seen it. If The Most High would have seen it that way he would have just probably have punished Hawah and made Adom another woman because TECHNICALLY she was the one who BROKE the LAW first. And OBVIOUSLY because of her NOW being one with the SERPENT we can see that THIS was the INTENDED goal, use the WOMAN to KILL MANKIND and the UNDERSTANDING of PARADISE.

Now what I want to touch on rite here is the fact that this is the WOMAN of his dreams and was CREATED PERFECT for him in ALL understanding of the word, and her ONLY reason for being created was to bring INCREASE, BEAUTY, AND PARADISE to the man, correct? But she was the one that ULTIMATELY brought DEATH and DESTRUCTION to the MAN and the PARADISE that he built. Very interesting paradox wouldn’t you say? I mean even though this woman was created to bring this man ALL the PLEASURE and beauty he could EVER need, she BROUGHT him DEATH and DESTRUCTION. What I would like to touch on now is the IDENTITY or the MIND built OUTSIDE the IDENTITY or the mind that was given to the woman that HER GENETICS belonged to. What do I mean? See fact of the matter is THE WOMAN was targeted for a CERTAIN reason, and OBVIOUSLY the OBJECTIVE was the MAN. See brothas this is the PICTURE of the WORLD and RELIGION that WE GIVE OUR WOMEN to, either through IGNORANCE or just flat out LAZINESS. As I said YESTERDAY the woman represents a GARDEN, and one thing about GARDENS that I know is, NO MATTER HOW MUCH SHIT THEY TALK ABOUT BEING THE ONE RESPONSIBLE FOR TILLING ON THEIR OWN, THEY REALLY CAN NEVER BE ANYTHING OTHER THAN THE GARDEN. What do I mean by saying this?

Do y’all remember me saying that because the woman was taken by the serpent that now the WOMAN has that IDENTITY hardwired into their PSYCHOLOGICAL GENETICS? Meaning that because the woman gave HERSELF to the SERPENT or gave herself to ANOTHER image, it’s HARDWIRED into their PSYCHOLOGICAL GENETICS that there can be a LIFE outside of the MAN. So in the garden picture we have an OBVIOUS LACK on the part of the man, JUST LIKE WE SEE TODAY, then we have the SERPENT show up with a SOLUTION for that LACK, and she bought it. So what we see is a picture of TODAY that started in the GARDEN. Remember me saying that ONCE they ate of the tree that their EYES WERE OPEN TO THE POSSIBILITY of sin? Well once the woman’s eyes were OPENED to the POSSIBILITY that she could LIVE INDEPENDENTLY from the man, she REALLY didn’t need him ANYMORE, or so HER NEW IDENTITY allowed her to think. See another issue with ALLOWING gentiles and serpents to teach you is, they have y’all thinking that Adom and Hawah were all innocent and gullible, which is VERY convenient when you want someone to EXCUSE ACCOUNTABILITY. AFTER Hawah gave herself to the SERPENT, WHO THE FUCK DID SHE BELONG TO? We could say the man, but BULLSHIT that woman was FULL of the devil at that point. Not only did she open her mind to the serpent but she opened her body to him, SHE WAS HIM. So when Adom THOUGHT it was his woman bringing him fruit, ULTIMATELY it was WHO bringing him fruit.

See Brothas we HAVE to understand ILLUSIONS and DECEPTIONS that have BEEN in place so long that we don’t UNDERSTAND ANYTHING ELSE. Brothas your woman IS YOU, so if SHE is had by the serpent, YOU in the bag too. THIS is why I ALWAYS tell GOOD men that are looking for a WIFE, to ALWAYS look for traits of SUBMISSION and understanding of ORDER. The bottomline is this, if YOU can’t teach her the IMPORTANCE of SUBMISSION and recognizing ORDER, SHE WILL KILL YO ASS, it’s just a matter of time. Brothas this is why we HAVE to do what is necessary to CHALLENGE OURSELVES to GROWTH, as opposed to the CONVENIENCE that IMMATURITY provides. Why am I saying that? Well it’s simple, when you challenge YOURSELF to GROWTH and MATURITY you hold YOURSELF to a level of ACCOUNTABILITY that forms an IDENTITY that witnesses to your genetics. Adom DID NOT hold himself to a certain STANDARD which ALLOWED for him to make some VERY poor decisions concerning the STRUCTURE he was CREATED to have DOMINION OVER, and ULTIMATELY lost it ALL. See when YOU understand who YOU are COMPLETELY, YOU don’t make decision that fit OTHER people’s genetics and UNDERSTANDING of LIFE, you make decisions that BENEFIT YOUR GARDEN. And the catch to that is, NOT all those decisions are COMFORTABLE and easy to make. Like I said before, we don’t know what Adom was distracted by, but it HAD to be HUGE.

Still today we see the MIND of the serpent teaching us HOW to live JUST like him and HIS kind live, correct? But what YOU don’t see is PARADISE or even LIFE, do you? Just a bunch of people HOPING shit work out ENOUGH so that it DOESN’T fuck up their ILLUSION of peace and safety. Part of the CURSE that MANKIND is under is that “WOMEN SHALL RULE OVER YOU”, so when you see ALL these women that are COMPLETELY out of control and can’t NOBODY tell them shit because they a force of their OWN. Not only is this the MIND of the SERPENT in it’s FULL GLORY, but it’s ALSO a VERY clear picture of JUST WHO has the MIND of the woman if she is NOW ruling over you. WHO’s Goal was that in the BEGINNING. THIS brothas, is why YOU can’t put SEEDS of YOURSELF into ANYONE, you need to be COMPLETELY sure WHO has that woman’s MIND, and JUST what has been planted in her garden, because ONCE YOU buy it it’s YOUR garden.

My baby IS me, we have the SAME genetics, BUT what makes her COMPLETELY me is my ability to teach her AND her ability to receive that teaching and apply it. One thing that I want brothas to understand as well, even though y’all ALREADY know. There are JUST as many women that descend from that LINEAGE of the serpent as there are MEN, and just like we looked at some the traits of the serpent that show up in men to HELP accomplish the plan of the serpent, WE HAVE to look at the TRAITS that show up in the WOMAN that HELP accomplish the plan of the serpent. But the problem that we MEN have in doing this is, WE don’t know what’s of the SERPENT and what’s just DAMAGE because we been INEFFECTIVE for so long. THIS is why it’s important to FORCE YOURSELF into GROWTH and MATURITY in ALL areas, ONLY them will we be ABLE to HEAL our women. ONLY then will we be able to see WHAT is the MIND of the SERPENT and WHAT is their VALID case against us and our LACK of MANHOOD. Often times we brothas FORGET that the WOMAN WAS NEGLECTED, this is what ALLOWED for the serpent to come in and STEAL the work that the MAN put into her. So we HAVE to say that ALTHOUGH GUILTY, the WOMAN is NO MORE guilty than the MAN was, she was a garden left UNKEPT.

I said a little bit ago that a sign of MATURITY is when YOU make decisions that benefit YOU, YOUR LIFE, YOUR GARDEN and YOUR GENETICS, as opposed to making decisions about YOUR LIFE based on the requirements and understandings in the GENETICS of others. Well ONE way of doing that brothas IS to embrace the IDENTITY that is WRITTEN in your GENETICS that call for a STANDARD of MANHOOD that this world HAS NOT seen in a VERY LONG TIME. The Standard of MANHOOD that CALLS YOU on your OWN BULLSHIT and forces YOU BACK INTO THE UNDERSTANDING OF YOUR OWN GARDEN AND YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO IT. See Adom blamed his woman for his fall from the IMAGE HE WAS CREATED in, but what MANY fail to realize is BECAUSE OF THAT fall is why he BLAMED the WOMAN for his DISPLAY OF MANHOOD. This man is talking TO THE MOST HIGH, CREATOR of ALL and he DOES NOT RECOGNIZE THAT THE MOST HIGH IS TALKING TO HIM BECAUSE HE IS THE ONE THAT BEARS HIS IMAGE. This is the situation we have today, the MAN blaming the woman for his LACK of being able the RECOGNIZE WHO HE IS…

Tomorrow we continue our course



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