Good Morning Ysrayl…

I trust all is well with you this morning. Yesterday we left off talking about Hawah and the fact that she was created to bring beauty, pleasure and increase, but she ended up bringing him death and destruction.

Brothas what we talked about yesterday is a PRIME example of, if you DON’T take care of your business, your business WILL take care of you. Of course Hawah probably had no REAL hatred for her Husband and of course she didn’t KNOW ultimately she would be killing HERSELF with her actions, but HOW many men see this in WOMEN all day EVERY SINGLE DAMN DAY. Because SOMEBODY told her she can DO IT BETTER, or that MEN ARE STUPID, or NEVER WOULD A MAN BE ABLE TO TELL THEM SHIT, and you shakin your head because YOU know she bout to FUCK EVERYTHING UP, gassed up on an ILLUSION. See ladies brothas can be stupid, dogs, slow, WHATEVER, but the bottomline is, YOU WILL NEVER BEAT US no matter HOW hard you TRY. That’s NOT because we are MEN, it’s because we are ONE. And that my beautiful sisters is the ILLUSION that was bought. Lucifer is called the ACCUSER of MANKIND, correct? Does this FIT anyone else’s way of addressing MANKIND? So do y’all see EXACTLY what Adom and Hawah did for ALL of us, they gave us an ENEMY that has KEYS TO THE PALACE. But what are we STILL doing that we been doing SINCE the garden? Blaming the NEXT person for the shit that WE DID OR DID NOT DO.

We HAVE to understand that when Hawah was taken by the SERPENT, technically what was taken WAS OUR SEXUALITY and SEXUAL IDENTITY. And of course the serpent’s version of SEXUALITY is ALL PERVERSION. Why do I say that? Well the woman represented sexuality in the understanding that the MAN wasn’t having no sex til she got there. So technically when she was given to the man, SEXUALITY was given to MANKIND. So with the serpent TAKING the woman, he TOOK sexuality from MANKIND the way it was created and a DIFFERENT understanding was given. And that’s MOSTLY what we see with them covering themselves and what you see today. Of course by now MOST see that LIFE WAS and IS to come through SEX, but no one REALLY wants to accept the fact that DEATH comes through sex THE VERY SAME WAY. And of course that’s what the serpent represents is death, or the option OUTSIDE of MANKIND. Y’all remember we talked about the TARES among the WHEAT and how that not until the TARES and the WHEAT are so interconnected do you see the TRUE genetics of the TARES? Of course we understand the TARES to be the SEED of the SERPENT, but are we REALIZING that their TARGET is the WHEAT? What do I mean? The SERPENT TARGETED Hawah and the man, the TARES were sow PURPOSELY into the WHEAT, what am I saying? I’m saying NONE of this is happenstance, even though we ALL look the same there is something VERY evil lurking beneath the surface of MANY that are among us, and it’s written in their GENETICS. So what does that mean? Well let me ask you WHERE does the CHRISTIAN doctrine of LOVE EVERYBODY fit into this? Or this FREE LOVE that EVERYBODY is pushing on the world? Did ANYONE remember to INFUSE to the GENETICS of the SERPENT and his CHILDREN with LOVE since there is so much FREE LOVE going around? Of course NOT because if they did they WOULDN’T still lying to you about WHO you are and doing EVERYTHING in their POWER to KEEP you from knowing that. Who do you think is behind all this BLIND FREE LOVE that EVERYBODY THINKS is gonna save the world?

Just like EVERYTHING else with The Most High, LOVE has an ORDER, and JUST like EVERYTHING else with lucifer he is doing EVERYTHING possible to CONFUSE that ORDER. It is written that YAH so loved the world he gave his ONLY son(born of the flesh of mankind), that those who would believe in him should have LIFE everlasting. Well just so you COMPLETELY understand what’s being said, a BETTER way to say it would be, YAH had SO MUCH LOVE FOR THOSE THAT WERE ((IN THE WORLD)) THAT HE GAVE HIS ONLY BEGOTTEN SON. Meaning his INTENTION was to save people OUT of the WORLD that BELIEVED on the TRUTH that his son represented, as opposed to the LIE that the WORLD represents. We ALL know that The Most High DOES NOT LOVE the WORLD NOR the THINGS OF THE WORLD. But of course your religion and the world will NEVER teach you that PROPERLY because the PURPOSE was for YOU to CONTINUOUSLY be USED by the very same SLAVE MASTERS who FORCED that understanding AND religion in you and on you. Why is this so important here? Ysrayl, loving a LIE makes YOU a LIE, PERIOD. We think that our faculties and energy are just to be USED for whatever we are TOLD they are used for. ALL of this comes from the MIND of the serpent and it’s for the purpose of EVERYONE being whores to him, his people and his plan. NONE of this BEHAVIOR is found in scripture and THIS is ONE of the reasons WE are dying, we as a people GIVE ALL of OUR energy and understanding to the SERPENT and his children, this is why WE have NOTHING.

A man that is unknowing his TRUE IDENTITY and purpose LOVES his religion, money, material possessions, HIS own IMAGE, women, liquor, lies, sex, Illusion of life, EVERYBODY etc, THEN he loves his woman and children also. Now how much of this LOVE is ACTUALLY in line with the WORD of The Most High and how much of this is ACTUALLY beneficial to the IMAGE and the cause? Now since YOU LOVE all these things let me ask you this, HOW much of these things DO YOU CONTROL? Since the MAJORITY of them YOU DON’T control but YOU LOVE them, it’s safe to say that the ONES controlling these things TECHNICALLY are controlling YOU? So we have a CLEAR picture that LOVE can somewhat be USED as a device of CONTROL and death if it’s connected to something, someone, or an UNDERSTANDING that we were NOT commanded to, correct? Well remember that MANKIND was designed as closed circuit, multi-dimensional, LIFE regenerating beings, so this gives you the picture that WHATEVER we GIVE OUT is SUPPOSED to be REPLENISHED if it’s to be LIFE giving OR if it benefits YOU in ANY way. Well THIS is why we CAN NOT and DO NOT love properly Ysrayl, we love and BEHAVE JUST LIKE GENTILES. This is why MEN love themselves and PLEASURE MORE then their OWN wives, and this is why WOMEN respect MONEY and what a man can PROVIDE for them more than the ACTUAL MAN. We have been given the MIND of the SERPENT, so we ONLY perceive LIFE the way the SERPENT and his children perceive LIFE and OBVIOUSLY this LIFE is NOT one at ALL.

Adom was given Hawah, but SOMETHING pulled ENOUGH ENERGY from his EMOTIONAL and PSYCHOLOGICAL faculties to ALLOW for his understanding AND display to be distorted to the point that, MANHOOD as concerning the DUTIES to his WOMAN and his GARDEN were LEFT OPEN for the SERPENT. To NOT only convince his woman to give herself to him, but also SOW TARES within her garden to the point that SHE became the serpent because she was one with him. So we see that it is very well possible that WHATEVER that had Adom distracted, MOST LIKELY was placed there for that VERY PURPOSE. INCLUDING the FRIENDSHIP and LOVE he may have had for the serpent.

The woman, who KNEW full well what she was doing WAS NOT IGNORANT like people paint her out to be, became the AGENT of DEATH for mankind, but I’m pretty sure she HERSELF thought she was doing what WAS BEST FOR HER OWN NEEDS. The problem with that is, there was NO ONE else that was designed to provide for her needs OTHER than the man, correct? So what we have is, a TOTAL breakdown in the MIND of MANKIND as a whole. Adom is distracted and the woman being neglected is tempted to handle things the ONLY WAY she WAS designed to RECEIVE LIFE and that’s to BECOME ONE with someone or something that LOOKS like it provides what she wants and needs. Are we SEEING ALL the ILLUSIONS of LIFE in this picture? What do I mean? EVERYBODY is chasing SOMETHING other than what was GIVEN to them for the PURPOSE of LIFE and ALL their ENERGY and LOVE is wrapped up in it. But ALL this energy is being HARNESSED by the serpent and HIS children, they CONTROL EVERYTHING that they fell in love with then AND what we fallin in love with NOW.

The bottomline to ALL this is, THERE IS NO NEW SIN KNOWN TO MAN, this has been going on since the BEGINNING and we are still falling for it. We were EXILED OUT of the garden, which TECHNICALLY means we been DRIVEN CRAZY or OUT of OUR MINDS or PSYCHOLOGICAL GARDEN. The woman who is ONE with the SERPENT still belongs to the man, but HE can’t get her back because HE doesn’t KNOW WHO he is, NEITHER one of them have the ABILITY to recognize LIFE so, the WOMAN will still chase the ILLUSIONS she gave HERSELF to them, and the MAN is still distracted by WHATEVER was given for him to be distracted by. And guess who’s going to the bank on the WHOLE thing on ALL levels? I said to y’all the other day that, the garden is STILL happening, the reason for that is because we DIED in that STATE, so we get to REPEAT it until we BEAT it. This whole time we have been talking about sex and sexuality in marriage has ALL been about LEARNING what Adom should have been doing to KEEP the woman he worked so hard for. LIFE, LOVE, SEX, and SEXUALITY are all gifts that we have been redeemed to as a people, but of course lucifer and his children ain’t tryna hear that shit, YOU and YOUR energy is WAAAY too valuable to their survival. This is why we have to FORCE ACCOUNTABILITY and MATURITY, we have to grow past Adom being ABSENT to his responsibilities and Hawah thinking she gon save HERSELF. All of the distractions that are in place are ONLY there to steal your LIFE, LOVE and PARADISE. This is the ONLY way we will see STRENGTH YSRAYL, we HAVE to bring ORDER and LOVE BACK to our marriages. As we can see THIS is the BEGINNING of LIFE, The Most High MAKES this VERY CLEAR, and as y’all can see from looking around you, THERE IS NO LIFE. We can continue to play the role of IGNORANCE and CONFUSION, but THIS is REALLY happening and it ALWAYS HAS BEEN, and if YOU didn’t know, NOW you do. Those who have the MIND to understand these writings, certain truths have been OPENED to you for a certain reason and we ALL are accountable to truth. Brothas I urge you to CHALLENGE YOURSELF to the level of MANHOOD that causes UNCOMFORT and UNREST, but creates STRENGTH and PEACE. We were CREATED with a DESIGN of MANHOOD and this is the ONLY way WE will receive LIFE. Sisters I urge you to CHALLENGE YOURSELF to a level of BEAUTY and PURITY that can ONLY come through UNDERSTANDING YOURSELF and  the BEAUTY were CREATED in, NOT the ILLUSION of beauty that the WORLD is selling you. The type of BEAUTY that REMINDS Adom the PRICE he paid was an INVESTMENT on Y’alls PARADISE and that HIS REST, PLEASURE and NOURISHMENT can ONLY be FOUND with YOU. Every SINGLE one of y’all reading this CAN BUILD your very own PARADISE, you have ALL the tools, you just needed to be reminded WHAT they were CREATED for…

Tomorrow we continue our course



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