Good Morning Ysrayl…

I trust all is well with you this morning. Yesterday we left off talking about there being an ORDER to LOVE just like everything else with The Most High, and just like EVERYTHING else that order has to be realized on all levels before it can ALLOW for any light into LIFE.

Since we have talked about sex and sexuality in marriage, I would like to talk about EXACTLY how The Most High manifests himself IN our marriage when he sees himself. But before we begin our discussion with that there is something else that I would like to take a moment to talk about. What I would like to talk about is LOVE itself. Ysrayl, LOVE is one of those things along with MANY others has the ability to manifest itself in ways that it appears to take a shape of it’s very OWN when being interpreted. What do I mean? Love REALLY can ONLY be useful if it is UNDERSTOOD in the same capacity that generated it’s existence. So what that means is, LOVE can ONLY be understood as LOVE if it’s RECOGNIZABLE, and if it’s NOT RECOGNIZABLE it is often mistaken for other things. Love will make you understand LIFE in a way that makes EVERYTHING come ALIVE and voice their position. Love will also silence all those affected by it. So it’s pretty safe to say that LOVE itself ONLY has ONE objective, but MANIFESTS itself in many different ways.

As most of you probably know that read these writings that ONE of the reasons for these writings is because of the love I have for my family and my hearts desire to SEE them perform in the capacity that THEY were created to perform in. One thing about The Most High that we find in ALL of our genetics is YOU TAKE CARE OF YOUR OWN FIRST. Meaning WHERE you come from gets the first fruits of your labor if you are to call yourself a man to ANY degree. But what’s even more BEAUTIFUL is when you read scripture, WHENEVER The Most High wanted to do something with his PEOPLE he would target those PEOPLE THROUGH one of their OWN. And of course in order to know whether or not the person who is presenting themselves before you is AUTHENTIC, you’d have to compare the message AND the spirit in which it is delivered to the UNDERSTANDING of TRUTH as it applies to the word. I know many can only study for what they have time for to really UNDERSTAND scripture and the WAY that is SUPPOSED to be taught and UNDERSTOOD. This is one of the reasons why I believe The Most High chooses those that are of the PEOPLE he is targeting, usually a person who has struggled with those people understand them in and the way that the MIND of those people operate.

To my personal family I would like to share something with you all. There has been a multiplicity of sacrifices made with you in mind, and of course I don’t say ANY of this to gain ANY credit from you. Some of them were required and some of them I volunteered, none of this is my issue. For months I have sacrificed to bring you truth whether my attempts were seen for what they were or not, THAT was my intention. Most of the way I have either gotten shot at by MANY of you, or flat out disrespected. Which is not something that is not new for me, actually it’s something that I expected. But there is another aspect to this and what that is is WHAT is actually being gained. Regardless of what MANY may believe there are VERY REAL reasons for the ENERGY put into this. Let me Explain.

Every single one of you men in my family are bound under a curse that has had our family in chains for A VERY LONG TIME. This is NOT something that is uncommon, we as a PEOPLE are currently under a curse. This was PARTIALLY why I was sent to YOU, YOU REALLY ARE the SEED of ABBA AVRAHEM IN EVERY SINGLE ASPECT OF THE WORD. This is the REASON your lineage was bound up. This is what I have been trying to convince YOU of for these months. And YOU in particular was given something that NOT many other people have been given, and MANY of you KNOW this. YOUR LINEAGE was bound by lucifer through DECEPTION and FORCE, IT WAS NOT GIVEN WILLINGLY, this is why you were given a CHOICE and a certain window of time was given for that CHOICE to be realized with you. This curse that I’m speaking to you about has LITERALLY stolen your RITE to LIFE. What rite to life means is, LITERALLY you HAVE to stay on the OUTSIDE of the LIFE that was given to YOUR LINEAGE. One of the REASONS I fought SOOO hard is because YOU DON’T KNOW and YOU CAN’T SEE who you are.

Let me EXPLAIN this to you. The way things work in THE REAL SPIRIT REALM is, EVERY SINGLE lineage has an OVERSEER. What that means is REGARDLESS if you realize it or NOT, the SPIRIT that you give yourselves to, or the POWER you give yourselves to SPEAKS for YOUR LINEAGE. So if the spirit overseeing that lineage is a spirit of LIGHT, this allows for WHATEVER that lineage has held in the HEAVENLY’S to flow THROUGH it to the people it belongs to. If the spirit that is overseeing that lineage is a spirit of DARKNESS, NOTHING flows THROUGH to that LINEAGE. Literally that’s the WAY it works. This is NOT about any ONE person, this is about a LINEAGE. What that means is, YOU can think it DOES NOT apply to you, and it doesn’t, IF, YOU can take yourself OUT of your LINEAGE. Just so I’m clear, NONE of what you read was about ANYTHING PERSONAL with ANYONE, but you are being ROBBED and stolen from. And even though MUCH of what I am saying to you about the way these curses work may sound like a MYSTERY, what IS NOT a MYSTERY is the FRAUD that’s been LYING to YOU. I could give two fucks about a LIAR, BUT I can’t feel the same way about people who JUST DON’T KNOW. There is a reason we ARE NOT allowed to have an enemy in the gates. What do I mean by ENEMY? In this understanding what I mean is a person that will FUCKIN LIE TO YOUR FUCKIN FACE AND THEY KNOW YOU ARE PUTTING YOUR WHOLE ENTIRE FUCKIN LIFE INTO THIS. If nothing else, YOU KNOW THAT TO BE TRUE. If I didn’t give a fuck it WOULD be a WHOLE lot easier for me to deal with, but the LIFE you KNOW you are SUPPOSED to have is being STOLEN from you. That’s the reason for so much energy, and that’s it…

I am NOT the overseer of THIS particular lineage, I have my own lineage. So this would have NEVER effected me in ANY way, my job was to bring YOU truth in HOPES that you would allow LIGHT to bring in YOUR true overseer. I said to y’all a few times that this was a WHOLE lot bigger than you think or can see, and it really is. There is SOOO much that CAN NOT be manifested in you, not because the power or ability isn’t there, you are in a place where that is LITERALLY impossible. Also let me be clear about something else, NEVER would my intention be to bring division between my family, but I AM A FIRM BELIEVER in separating the sheep from the goats. This is NOT about hatred of ANY person, it’s about being TRUE to what you claim you represent. Leaders SHOULD and NEED to be held to a STANDARD, and if they come up short they should be removed. I hold MYSELF accountable to this standard, if we CAN’T do that, what the hell ARE we doing? ALL the love in the world IS NOT gonna change ANYONE’S spiritual state. And of course MY intention would NEVER be to DICTATE WHO SOMEONE LOVES, but if LOVE is blinding YOU from seeing that your LIFE is being held from you, I’m not familiar with that version. So it was all about YOU from the beginning. Of course you are my family and there can only be nothing but love, but I have to focus my spirit and energy in another direction, I can no longer center my attack with primarily you in mind. This DOES NOT mean that YOU ALL can’t HAVE EVERYTHING that YOU have coming for you, it means as a collective I am no longer allowed to war in the spirit for you. Y’all HAVE to get the ENEMY out of your gates, literally that’s THE ONLY WAY you will see The Most High, all you have to do is read, it’s ALWAYS been that way I didn’t just come up with this. Whatever and whoever spirit you allow in and you submit to you become ONE with that spirit. And as long as you KNOWINGLY allow those to dwell among you that DO NOT BEAR the seal but REPRESENT YOU, you will never see ANYTHING from The Most High, just read…

Tomorrow we continue our course



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