Good Morning Ysrayl…

I trust all is well with you this morning. Today I would like to begin to talk to you about exactly what The Most High sees you when he sees himself in you.

One very important thing that we always have to keep in the front of our minds is that, The Most High created Mankind to mirror his image because his image is the only thing that he responds to. So we have to say that it brings him joy when he sees himself in us especially when he gave Mankind the ability to choose to retain that image or embrace  another. This is what we see in ourselves when we receive joy from our own children when they choose to retain the image that they were created in. As we now understand from the picture of creation, Mankind had to be built, or there had to be energy applied to retain the image of The Most High. So when you have the picture of Adom working, this can be looked at as the work that man had to put in for his woman, but also to complete the image of The Most High so that he could receive pleasure. So the work toward embracing the image would also have to be looked at as worship to The Most High. The man is giving of his energy to build an image that The Most High gets pleasure from. This would give us the understanding that The Most High gets pleasure from seeing the actual work. How do we know that, well he gave the man more work when he gave him the woman.

Of course this would be a different kind of work, this work serves a dual purpose and that is to reward the man for the labor that he put in, but also give him pleasure and comfort for the rest of the work that he is expecting to receive from the man. That is the true understanding of a helpmate. When your children get good marks in school, you might reward them because it encourages the behavior and energy applied to receive the good marks. So it’s easy to say that with the operation of building Paradise, there is the beauty of experiencing Paradise as you are building, correct? Well from reading scripture we understand that Adom was not where he should have been and his work was left undone. So we would have to say that at some point Adom was not receiving the pleasure that he was expecting from the experience of building Paradise, therefore it had to feel more like the garden then Paradise. One very important thing that we have to keep in mind is that Paradise as a whole, meaning the totality of the vision of Paradise did not start with Adom. Why is that important to understand? Well because it didn’t start with Adom, the vision could only make sense from what he could see and understand with his own physical, psychological and spiritual faculties, correct?

Well remember we talked about the way that the woman presents herself often times determines whether she is interpreted as Paradise or the Garden(work)? Well I believe that this is were The Most High gets the most of his Glory. Let me explain. The man was given the ability to choose his own path, so the work that the man did to receive the woman was a choice to serve The Most High to give him pleasure and increase(worship). So when the man chose to commit himself to the work of bringing him pleasure, The Most High rewarded the man with the desire of his heart correct? But when he rewarded him he rewarded him with the pleasure of the woman, but there was also work involved with that. He had to build the woman into the proper image. So what are we seeing here? The Most High was looking to receive pleasure from the work that the man was putting into building his woman just like he was receiving pleasure from building the physical Paradise, correct? So we would have to say that the man seeing his pleasure as work was a paradigm issues, but it effected to man and his ability to please(worship) The Most High, correct? So ultimately what happened was, whatever had Adom distracted it’s only purpose for being there was to get him to see work as work as opposed to Paradise building, and draw him away from his actual Paradise, or the Paradise that was built by him and The Most High. So we get the understanding that there had to be something in place to distract the man that mimics Paradise without the work, or the illusion that he would be able to put down the work for a spell to recharge his batteries elsewhere other than his garden. This would be the beginning of the deception with mankind, that the Paradise that was put on the inside of the man during creation could be realized through any other method than the one and the way he was created to experience Paradise…

Tomorrow we continue our course


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