Good Morning Ysrayl…

I trust all is well with you this morning. Yesterday left off talking about Adom’s work for his wife actually being what brings The Most High pleasure and is to be looked at as Worship.

See we have to understand that before the fall, Mankind was the only creation of The Most High that retained his image. How pleasing is/was it when your first born son applied himself to the work that brings life to all that are involved? You would even say that it made you proud enough to reward him with the desire of his heart, correct? Now what happens if he takes what you give him and chooses to serve the plan that increases the gift and brings glory to your image as a parent and your family? See because we don’t see The Most High as our Father, just like Adom didn’t in the garden, we can’t connect the proper attributes to the person of The Most High. Remember we said that because of the image change to himself Adom did not recognize The Most High as his Father, he only recognized him as the Creator. Well because Adom no longer bore his image he had no ability to see himself as belonging to the Father, this was the death of the mind/soul that we talked about. Meaning it has no ability to perceive life anymore.

We all know that Worship is brings pleasure to The Most High and it is what allows for his presence to have a place with you if you retain his image in truth. So if I change my image and I can no longer identify with the Father, not only do I change the understanding in which I was creating in which effects the work that I am doing for The Most High, what happened to The Most High’s worship that brings him pleasure and allows for his presence to dwell with me? What I believe is Adom had been distracted from his duties for quite some time, from scripture we don’t know, but we do know the work of creating the image of The Most High in his woman was left undone. So technically The Most High had not been multiplied, glorified and worshiped like he was accustomed to. Why do I say that? Him calling for Adom and asking “where are you” gives us the understanding that not only had the Man been hiding for some time, but also concern? So obviously the calling for the man had to be sparked by a disconnect in communication of some sort because it was out of the ordinary. So we would have to say that the image change to the Man or him embracing a different understanding of his garden then the one he was created to have, is what caused for the man’s behavior toward the work he was given to change, correct? Now with the perception change it effected his commitment to the building process in his woman, or completing the image of The Most High in his woman, so we would have to say that at this point is when the Man began to fall from the image he was created in. So him falling from the image, what does that do to his worship, or his ability to bring pleasure to The Most High?

What we have to understand is, worship never had anything to do with someone else telling you how to worship The Most High, you don’t think that your children’s obedience to you and the energy they put into it to do so is enough to bring you pleasure? Do you not enjoy rewarding them? So since we can see that worship of The Most High is something that is hardwired into our genetics, which causes him to dwell with us. It would be very clever to just get the Man to see himself in another image and cause the new image or understanding of himself to destroy the old one, in doing so you cause the man to destroy his very own garden and the relationship he has with his woman and The Most High. So we see that this had to be somewhat thought out and designed for the Man to fall in to. See what comes with The Most High is life, what does that mean. That means that life flows through you and gives you his understanding of your course as opposed to the course that was planned out for you by lucifer. The plan for Mankind was for them to multiply the image of The Most High and replenish the earth with it, and all we needed to do to do that was till the ground and keep the garden, that was it. Everything else was hardwired into our genetics, it was what we were created to do. So if it is what we were created to do, it was something that couldn’t be turned off like other things, sexual energy, love, the desire to increase, the desire for a family etc. All of these things were the tools given to Adom to build Paradise for himself and his woman, but once he lost the image, he lost the proper application of those tools. And once he ate off the tree and his eyes were opened to the possibilities of sin, he has the ability to be deceived on an infinite amount of levels because he already lost understanding of who he is and the image he was created in. So now all those tools and energy that the man was created with are fair game for any spirit, god or entity to deceive the man and use him as their very own energy source…

Tomorrow we continue our course


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