Good Morning Ysrayl…

When I was a young child we moved around a lot, I went to four different Elementary schools. As a child I was really quiet and introverted, I didn’t like talking to people and I didn’t like people talking to me that much, only people that I knew and liked. So with going to a different school what seemed like every year it was kinda like everybody from those years were always strangers to me. I remember my mom marrying my younger brothers dad which was definitely a life changing experience for both of us. My brother’s dad’s  was EXTREMELY abusive to my mom. I remember times that he would hit my mom so hard I could feel it through the walls, it was almost not even real, sometimes it would be so loud you would have to almost question if that was person that just got hit. My mom used to try and keep me from seeing a lot of that stuff, but my brothers dad didn’t care. I remember we lived in a apartment building off of Teutonia and Atkinson for a short while when I was really young, we lived on the third floor. I remember taking a nap on the couch like I usually did and my brothers dad and my mom were into it, or I should say HE was into it. Wasn’t really unusual for me until I woke up and seen my mom hanging out of the window and my brothers dad trying to force her out of it while he was holding her ankles. I remember running over there and seeing the look on my mom’s face outside the window. I’ll tell you what, that shit was real life rite there.

As abusive as he was to my mom the really weird thing was, he was never ever even rude to me. Actually he was really nice to me. Of course I hated him, but it was a little confusion as a child. Seeing someone treat my mom that way then turn around and buy me whatever I wanted or take me places with him. I do remember once when we lived on 39th and Burleigh and he was on his bullshit again, but this time I call myself was gon defend my mom. I KNEW I was only about THIRTY TWO POUNDS and SIX ounces, BUT I had ENOUGH, I was bout to GIVE HIM THIRTY TWO POUNDS WORTH OF HELL. It was FINNA BE COMIN DOWN ON HIM, I WAS BOUT TO MAKE IT REAL UNCOMFORTABLE FOR HIM. “I’m TIED of this shit”… So I ran over there and JUST as I was about to UNLEASH DEATH and DESTRUCTION full steam RITE ON HIS GODDAMN ASS, that big ole nigga fucked around and accidentally stepped on my foot. So I was incapacitated for a little while… When I finally did get my shit together, things cool down enough so I didn’t have to do nothing to nobody, because I was READY… Lol

When my mom finally did start trying to divorce him, that was not an easy process at all. The nigga would follow us around, or when we left the house he would break in and destroy literally EVERYTHING. I remember walking into the house with ALL the chairs cut up, table and chairs broken, all the dishes, TV EVERYTHING. As a young kid I was pretty low maintenance like I said I was an introvert, and believe it or not in MANY ways I still am, so as long as I had me some Hot Wheels, or some He-Man toys or something I was straight. Shit you would probably have to come looking for my ass cuz I would be under the table or behind the couch playing by myself. I remember him breaking into the house while we were there, I was sleep and my mom hiding me in the closet, I remember hearing him trying to hurry up and get out the door when he heard the police sirens coming.

My brothers dad was a Deacon at his Church, but he and his family were REALLY heavy into Voodoo, dark arts, and conjuring spirits. So when my mom was divorcing him, he put a curse on the house. I remember that day LITERALLY like it happened yesterday. He used rotten Chicken eggs to do it, but I remember seeing LITERALLY what looked like a flood of darkness come into that house. By this time my little brother was born, I remember when those spirits came in they were screaming, singing and howling the WHOLE night, and what seemed like EVERY night until we left that house. I remember hearing them discuss what they were going to do to my mom and little brother, and I remember them saying that they knew I could hear them. At the time I didn’t know what that meant cuz I was a kid and I was scared as hell of them, but they NEVER touch me or even came close to me. But the same wasn’t true for my mom and brother. One thing about dark arts and shit like Voodoo that the people that practice it DON’T realize is, that shit is NOT as stable as they think it is. Voodoo is kinda like shooting discs, sometimes you get them BUT every single time a shot is STILL going off.

My brothers dad placed a curse on the whole house but it had no effect on me because of my lineage. But when he did that he cursed his very own seed, which is something that I’m sure he didn’t intend to do, he just didn’t know exactly what he was doing. Technically when you curse your own seed you’re ending your own lineage. My younger brother bears the burden of that very same curse today. There is NOTHING I can do for him because he was cursed by his OWN Father, his Father is still alive and my brother isn’t in his rite mind enough to do what’s necessary to reverse what was done to him, because it IS reversible.

At this time in my life and even before, although I was really young I was extremely spiritual and knew shit that ain’t no kid supposed to be knowing. I remember one night being taken out of my body and taken back a what had to be a couple hundred years. I was taken to a plantation where I watched a man being beaten on the side of a barn, and when I say I was literally there, I felt skin tearing. On this particular night when I was brought back to my body that same man was hanging from my bedroom ceiling. Of course that part was just a vision. I remember telling my mom everything about what I had seen and about the man hanging in my room. I know that shit freaked her out because I was barely able to talk at this age. Some years later in a different vision I seen that very same man before he was killed and I recognized him as someone from my mom’s lineage, I have know idea how I know that or why this particular man stood out but that’s what it is.

This stuff I’m telling y’all I have only shared with my baby before, the only other person that even knows about this stuff is my mom. I don’t know if she reading or not, but this is Top Secret information y’all so let’s just keep this between us… lol

Tomorrow we continue our course


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