Good Morning Ysrayl…

I trust all is well with you this morning. We left off talking about Worship of The Most High and how it applies to the service to your spouse.

One thing that I think we tend to forget, or apply only to one understanding is, The Most High is the SAME yesterday, today and forever more, HE DOES NOT CHANGE. So of course if HE doesn’t change that means that everything that he originally intended for Mankind IN THE GARDEN, IS THE PLAN of The Most High concerning us. When you read about the Mystery of the MessiYAH cleansing his bride with his word and PRESENTING her to himself as a chastened virgin, what do you think you’re seeing  picture of? Well Adom represented the first man and he LOST his woman to lucifer, now the Master comes as the second representative of the LINEAGE of mankind or THE SON OF MAN, and he is come to wash his woman in the word or in the truth as opposed to the lie that she has been living in or the lie presented to her in the garden, AND he is going to present her BACK to himself. See when you let gentiles teach you the understanding of the mind of The Most High, of course you’re gonna get something COMPLETELY opposite of the truth. ESPECIALLY if it ORIGINATED in the mind of gentiles. Many think that’s a hateful statement because these gentiles got you fooled into think that everything is about someones feelings. Check it out, FEELINGS have absolutely NOTHING to do with TRUTH, we have been made overly sensitive and hyper emotional, so truth is WAAAY too offensive to us in many cases so we NEVER gravitate toward LIFE, just comfort and acceptance.

When The Most High created Mankind he created them with EXACTLY what he wanted them to have and he wrote in their genetics EXACTLY what his plan for them was to be, “be fruitful and multiply, replenish the earth and subdue it”. Before the fall EVERYTHING we did brought glory to The Most High, because whatever we did came from WITHIN, no outside influences correcting it and making it better for the purpose of being used for this or that.

When we take a look at Hawah we see a picture of a victim and a villain, and what’s crazy about that is she ALMOST had no choice in the matter. What do I mean? Well we have the man who was given the vision and understanding of the will of The Most High and his job is to MULTIPLY the image of The Most High in his wife and REPLENISH the earth WITH IT. But obviously her being with the serpent and ultimately submitting to him shows us that The Most High was NOT properly established in her. So because the PROPER seeds had NOT been placed in her and and cared for, she fell into the temptation of giving herself to the serpent. The problem with that is ALL her genetics still belong to the Man and The Most High, so technically at this point she has dual citizenship in a sense. Everything about her genetics is STILL responsibility to the man, but her mind or understanding of herself belongs to who now that she has given herself to the serpent? So we see here that the MessiYAH washing her in the word is SUPPOSED to do something for her IDENTITY as it applies to her SPIRITUAL and PSYCHOLOGICAL being, correct? Meaning she was taken and defiled through lies and deception of who she is and the image she was created in. Why do I say that? Well remember she wasn’t built proper so when she was confronted with an IDENTITY outside the one she was created in, this is what she ACCEPTED as her own and that’s what she performed. This is why you see the picture of HER bringing the fruit to the Man, who did she NOW belong to because of her IDENTITY change?

What we HAVE to get into our understanding is that the MessiYAH and his bride IS the picture that YOU men are supposed to be following of WASHING YOUR OWN woman in the word so that YOU complete the image of The Most High. NOT giving her and ALL her spiritual and psychological energy to serve OTHERS with. This is why a lot of men LOSE their women to religion and religious men, they built an IDENTITY for them, and guess who gets to control them because he controls the IDENTITY they possess? Looks like another picture we JUST talked about doesn’t it… Remember me saying that, it really doesn’t matter HOW much shit a woman can talk she’s still a GARDEN. Well brothas Adom didn’t build his woman properly and someone KNEW that and saw it as an opportunity. Now of course Hawah is thinking she just came up because she has an IDENTITY now, or she has added things to her identity that were maybe LACKING, but EVERYTHING is OUTSIDE of her husbands psychological and spiritual genetics and the genetics of The Most High.

So far we have the Man working for his woman, putting all his energy into realizing her, then he gets her and NEGLECTS the aspects of her being that COMPLETE the marriage AND MULTIPLY the image of The Most High. Another IMAGE is introduced to MANKIND to MULTIPLY on the earth, The Most High shows us the IMAGE that MANKIND retained to him after the fall when he put the coats of dead animal skins on them and sent them out of the GARDEN, or out of their MIND. Which ALSO represents psychological and spiritual poverty in the understanding that, the man is going to till the ground of the mind and it will ONLY bear thrones and thistles. Which literally means CRAZY. Only crazy people apply EXTREME amounts of psychological and spiritual energy ONLY to produce bullshit, look like us in every aspect of the word doesn’t it?

So now let’s rewind this picture and look at how things should have looked and turned out with the man and his woman. So Adom finally has the woman and she has been presented to him. Most people would say that he immediately would have start having sex with her, but I COMPLETELY disagree with that. I believe that Hawah and Adom had to court and build a relationship just like ANY two strangers meeting. I believe THIS is where the work started for Adom, I believe he had to WORK to get into the woman’s good graces. Why do I believe that? He had to work for everything else to appreciate it’s VALUE, I don’t believe it’s ANY different when we look at the garden picture. I believe he had to show himself approved to Hawah, even though he was approved to have her that DOES NOT mean he didn’t still have to convince her of that. Why do I say that? Well obviously she wasn’t already PROGRAMMED to just submit and follow the word of her Husband, so this gives us the understanding that she was AWARE OF HERSELF. Meaning she had the ABILITY to reason on her OWN behalf. The understanding of NAKED really has A LOT more implications than just sexual, it means vulnerable as well, or OPEN. So when you read try to understand it from ALL angles. Naked meant vulnerable in the sense that they were completely open and dependent on EACH OTHER for survival. So what that means is, Adom was VULNERABLE to his wife’s lack and she was VULNERABLE to his lack. So what we see is VULNERABILITY/NAKED good and beautiful as long as the IMAGE remained was ACCURATE, but once the image change their is no more vulnerability or they covered themselves having an agenda exclusive to one another.

One thing about VULNERABILITY/NAKEDNESS is, it ALWAYS reminds you of who you are and what you are. My vulnerability to my woman is what KEEPS me in the understanding of WHERE exactly LIFE is for me. What do I mean? All of my psychological and emotional energy being wrapped up into the CARE and increase of my baby’s entire being makes me NAKED or vulnerable to her because I have to pour into her from my depths, so ultimately she IS becoming ME or MY IMAGE. But the beautiful thing about her becoming my IMAGE is, she is becoming the aspect of my IMAGE that The Most High uses to not only help me meet what his plan is on the earth, but ALSO to take care of my needs as a Man and bring me pleasure. So we see that NAKEDNESS or VULNERABILITY was given for INCREASE and MULTIPLYING the image of The Most High, covering themselves did what? We men have been made to understand life and relationship from the mind of the serpent. As big and tough as I may be ALL of that shit go out the door when it comes to my baby, I ain’t crazy, I ain’t got NO kinda defense against that woman. Of course I don’t need one, but my point is I’m WAAAY to vulnerable to her, she can hurt me in ways that I could NEVER recover from, just like Adom and Hawah. The difference is I know a whole better than Adom did, so my NAKEDNESS towards her ALSO is accompanied with a sense of knowing that I HAD BETTER keep her as my number ONE priority in producing LIFE within HER if I am to see LIFE in ANY REAL WAY…

Tomorrow we continue our course


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