Good Morning Ysrayl…

I trust all is well with you this morning. Yesterday we left off talking about Nakedness meaning VULNERABILITY in the understanding that the man and woman are open to one another and they depend on one another for survival.

We have been talking about Hawah not being built properly or the work being left undone and because the IMAGE of the Man was not established properly in her, which is the IMAGE of The Most High, she had NO IDENTITY that laid CLAIM to her PSYCHOLOGICAL GARDEN. See brothas all while we were talking about sex and sexuality and building an IMAGE in your woman is ALL about giving her PROPER IDENTITY. What do I mean by PROPER IDENTITY? This is the MOTHER of MANKIND given to the Man ONLY through his LABOR and sweat, his HELPMATE, the woman designed to COMPLETE the IMAGE of The Most High FOR HIM. So it would be pretty safe to say that her IDENTITY if it’s aligned with the TRUTH of her design, SHOULD be an IDENTITY of VALUE. What do I mean by VALUE?

Y’all KNOW my baby is THE SHIT to me, QUEEN ALONE, and I tell her this EVERY SINGLE DAY. Why is this so important to me? IDENTITY… I need for her to ONLY IDENTIFY with WHO and WHAT she was created as because THAT’S ONLY where both our LIFE is held. I need for her to KNOW that EVERYTHING about her MATTERS to not just me but to The Most High and the CAUSE. Why is that important? Because THAT’S the way she was designed to produce. See brothas when you have a woman of good stock, when you teach her her VALUE through the IDENTITY that you place on her and IN her, then she will GRAVITATE towards OUT performing that IDENTITY or MULTIPLYING IT. Meaning she’s wants to knock that shit OUT THE PARK. So when you teach her her IDENTITY, not just by your words of teaching her, but by your ACTIONS and responses to her being, YOU are NOT ONLY CREATING the IMAGE of The Most High by BUILDING HER, but you are serving The Most High directly by MULTIPLYING his IMAGE and you are giving him worship. But what’s so BEAUTIFUL about that is, YOU get a QUEEN out the deal that ONLY responds to YOU and YOUR IMAGE.

This is where I believe Adom was lacking and A LOT of us brothas are lacking today. I believe that Adom wanted a Queen just like most REAL men, but I think he wasn’t COMPLETELY understanding the work involved to ACTUALLY build one. We can say that’s a stretch but I believe it’s COMPLETELY ACCURATE. Hawah was CREATED with a STANDARD, YOU have to believe that y’all. This is THE MOTHER of MANKIND and she was HANDCRAFTED by The Most High, the woman had STANDARDS. This is another reason I believe Adom had to ACTUALLY court her and get in her good graces before he was to have her, he hadn’t put ANY work in to her PERSONALLY. But what’s scary about that is, WHO is the ONLY one putting work into Hawah from what we can see? Pay attention brothas… See from scripture all we KNOW is Adom is SOMEWHERE ELSE and his woman is having her IDENTITY built by the serpent, so at LEAST HE KNEW her value and was WILLING to put the work in to ESTABLISH himself inside her. For all we know, it could of been a bunch of thots running around that had the Man distracted, we don’t KNOW, but what we do KNOW is the WORK of building his woman is being taken care of by another man.

The picture that MOST people paint when they teach scripture is that MANKIND originated from a place of ALL WONDERFULNESS and PEACEFULNESS, but that’s COMPLETE bullshit. The EARTH was already fucked up with devils, the man AND his woman WERE NOT PERFECT in the understanding that they couldn’t make mistakes AND have misunderstandings, they had to WORK for EVERYTHING so this gives you the understanding that they had to be able to feel lack or something ELSE that would motivate them to want to INCREASE through the OBVIOUS adversity that they faced. My point is, we have to TRAIN our MINDS to understand that PERFECT is NOT what The Most High intended for Mankind, we were created to ADVANCE and GROW TOWARDS the IMAGE we were created in. Meaning we were designed to FIGHT to RETAIN the IMAGE and we were designed to INCREASE the IMAGE on the earth. So what that means is YOU weren’t created to lose… If the WORD written in the GENETICS of MANKIND call for him to “Be FRUITFUL and MULTIPLY, REPLENISH the earth and SUBDUE IT”, what that means is YOU DO NOT POSSES the GENETICS to LOSE. This is why the serpent had to steal the woman, he KNEW that HE had to get control SOME type of way BEFORE the IMAGE was COMPLETE in HER. Reason being, IF Adom had been able to pull off COMPLETING that IMAGE in Hawah the WORD of The Most High written in their GENETICS would have SEALED the serpents fate for certain. So I believe the serpent KNEW he only had that SMALL window of time to get the woman before her IDENTITY had been ESTABLISHED PROPERLY and the IMAGE of The Most High had been completed.

Why do I think teaching perfection in the garden picture is so evil? Because you are being taught an Image that’s NOT correct first of all, secondly, it gives RELIGION and taboos strength. What do I mean? If you are taught that YOU are supposed to be PERFECT because you were CREATED perfect, then EVERYTHING that I make you think IS NOT perfect is a WITNESS against YOUR ENTIRE BEING, and it gives me leverage to create a VICE within your PSYCHE(taboo) to ALWAYS witness to you that YOU are NOT perfect and probably will NEVER be. Ysrayl, YOU DO NOT have to be PERFECT for The Most High, there is NO SUCH THING FOR YOU, you were created to serve The Most High with EVERYTHING he put in you that INCREASES his IMAGE on the earth. We talked only about a few of those things as concerning marriage, BUT if you open your mind I’m sure you could see ways to SERVE and WORSHIP The Most High in your family, in your children, in YOURSELF. THIS is INCREASING the IMAGE of The Most High, not HOW MUCH money you can give to someone who is telling you there is ONLY a certain way to serve The Most High and YOU have to come to their Church to teach YOU. You have JUST as much rites to serve and worship the TRUE CREATOR and FATHER of us Hebrews in your service to BUILDING YOURSELVES in his truth as Adom and Hawah did in the garden.

Tomorrow we continue our course


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