Good Morning Ysrayl…

I trust all is well with you this morning. Yesterday we left off talking about the understanding of perfection that MOST think is the case in the garden picture and HOW destructive it can be to your TRUE identity and the mind.

We were created with the SAME PSYCHOLOGICAL, SPIRITUAL and PHYSICAL genetics as The Most High so what that means is, the misunderstandings and concerns that would have generated themselves between the Man and the Woman were COMPLETELY solvable between the two. But once the IDENTITY and IMAGE change happened it started a downward spiral that The Most High had to address because NOT only is the IMAGE gone, but now they are using the GENETICS of The Most High PSYCHOLOGICALLY, SPIRITUALLY, and his PHYSICAL image to serve ANOTHER IMAGE and are set to REPLENISH the earth with it. We don’t SEE what we look like until we COMPLETELY understand the IMAGE we were created in. What do I mean? Does a dog KNOW he’s a dog and his IDENTITY on ALL levels witness a certain thing and it puts him in a certain PLACE with The Most High? Of course NOT for a few reasons. One, he DOES NOT POSSESS the capacity to understand HIMSELF outside of what he was CREATED as, meaning, he ain’t DESIGNED to have an AWARENESS of himself on that level because ALL his faculties on ALL levels belong to the ANIMAL KINGDOM. So technically, HE AIN’T GOT NO BUSINESS EVEN THINKING LIKE THAT about himself. Two, because ALL his genetics belong to the ANIMAL KINGDOM, ALL of the ENERGY in the world no matter HOW hard he tries will ONLY elevate him to the top of the food chain in the ANIMAL KINGDOM in the SIGHT of The Most High. So technically because of WHAT he was created as there is only a certain thing that can be produced.

Now let’s look at the coats of skins that The Most High made from DEAD ANIMALS and he placed on The Man and his Woman. As we said while we were talking about sex and sexuality that the coats represent the STATE of being that MANKIND held in the sight of The Most High. They allowed the serpent who genetics only witness to the ANIMAL KINGDOM to witness AGAINST their design AND IDENTITY, so ULTIMATELY by DEFAULT that would make them behave in an understanding of themselves that belongs to the ANIMAL KINGDOM. See just like a dog ONLY operates in the UNDERSTANDING of himself that ALL of his faculties were designed to, ALL things created were DESIGNED to do that. But here we have MANKIND created in the IMAGE of The Most High and they are getting INSTRUCTIONS on HOW to live unto The Most High from a being who’s genetics can only witness to a certain understanding. See when they tell this story the fact that they PURPOSELY left so many holes that ALLOW so much bullshit to be added, you don’t really get a CLEAR picture of what’s happening and WHAT The Most High is saying to us in this picture. These were people that JUST like EVERYTHING else The Most High created, was designed to perform with COMPLETE awareness on ALL levels of NOT only of a certain CREATURE, but also JUST WHERE that creature stands as in relation to MANKIND. Remember Adom had the responsibility of naming ALL the animals, and when the serpent was introduced into the story it says that HE was MORE SUBTLE then ANY other creature The Most High created. So we OBVIOUSLY have the UNDERSTANDING that HE was NOT created by The Most High if he was MORE SUBTLE then the animals created by him.

So now let’s look at that, EVERYTHING The Most High created had a PLACE BENEATH MANKIND, why do I say that? Adom named ALL the animals HIMSELF, so this shows you the AUTHORITY that HE was given. Not ONLY were ALL the animals created BEFORE the MAN, but by this time there is a MULTIPLICITY of them. So we see that MANKIND was created FAR ABOVE any understanding that ANY animal would have, correct? So when you have the serpent who is obviously a genetic hybrid come and talk to the woman, ALL of his understanding can ONLY witness to the Kingdom he belongs to. So technically what happened is the serpent turned MANKIND it HIMSELF, a genetic hybrid so that the earth would be replenished with HIS KINGDOM and understanding.

See what we HAVE to keep in mind is that WHATEVER the problem was with Adom, NOT only did it take him OUT of the awareness and AUTHORITY of the IMAGE he was created in, but it ALSO caused for him to allow the GIFT of The Most High to be seen a certain way. What is that telling us, AUTHORITY and RESPONSIBILITY CAN NOT be separate or shall I say AUTHORITY creates RESPONSIBILITY. Adom was given AUTHORITY over EVERYTHING, this is ALSO why I believe the serpent befriended him, Adom had COMPLETE AUTHORITY over him in the understanding that the earth was given to HIM. But anyway, I believe that Adom’s understanding of AUTHORITY began to be CHALLENGED by the Woman’s arrival. Why do I say that? Until she got there HE WAS IT, if he called a Lion a Lion, no matter HOW loud he roared against that name, that’s what the hell EVERYBODY called him, if he called an Eagle an Eagle, no matter HOW high he flies he still a damn Eagle. No one CHALLENGED Adom’s AUTHORITY or his DEPTH OF CHARACTER. See this is the problem with AUTHORITY, AUTHORITY DOES NOT make the person with it A STRONG PERSON or even a good person, AUTHORITY speaks for itself. Now with the woman being created and NOW he got someone that HE has OBLIGATIONS to that can ACTUALLY CHALLENGE his DEPTH of CHARACTER and his UNDERSTANDING of AUTHORITY that he was given to him, this is where the TRUE WORK comes in. Now he has to work on HIMSELF in a way that he NEVER had to face, this woman has STANDARDS that HE AND HIS AUTHORITY have responsibility to, so ain’t none of that just barking out orders and names and shit he was used to as a bachelor.

Brothas THIS is were MOST of us LOSE it and this is where I believe that Adom lost it. See being King doesn’t mean shit if the woman given to you can’t or won’t be seen in YOU as well as yourself in her. What do I mean? I know there are certain aspects of my being that DO NOT have because it was given to my baby, SO that US TOGETHER complete the IMAGE of The Most High. Meaning, the INCREASE that is to come from her the way The Most High INTENDED, has to be cared for BY HER. So what that means is, SHE is the SPECIALIST concerning those aspects of our LIFE, my AUTHORITY ain’t got SHIT TO DO WITH that that’s the design of The Most High. See the woman came OUT of the Man so this makes her the FEMININE version of the man, so even though SHE belongs to him, SHE has AUTHORITY given to her as well concerning the things SHE was designed to help with (let THEM have dominion). So ULTIMATELY what the serpent was able to harness was the woman’s awareness and understanding of HERSELF as a force and he SEPARATED it from the IMAGE of her Husband AND of The Most High so HE could mold it in a way that was BENEFICIAL to HIS image and purpose.

So we see that the understanding of PERFECT could NOT be true, what we CAN see is the Man and the Woman having to GROW TOGETHER and for ONE ANOTHER. What do I mean? Well obviously the Woman is of NO use to the Man AND The Most High since she give herself to the serpent. And because of WHATEVER Adom’s issue, his AUTHORITY probably distorted his PERCEPTION and OBLIGATION to his woman. The ONLY thing we REALLY see as the problem in this picture that we see TODAY is, NO ONE is looking at the DESIGN they were created with to give them understanding of the ENERGY that needs to be applied where. If Adom would have UNDERSTOOD that being the MAN and having the IMAGE don’t mean SHIT IF YOU CAN’T MULTIPLY IT, and of course he needs the woman created for him to do that. So ultimately we have a MAN who is ONLY a man in a SINGULAR DIMENSION of the word, meaning he is ONLY A MAN TO HIMSELF. Then we have the woman who was created FOR THE MAN FOR HIS PURPOSE AND PLEASURE give HERSELF to another man because she recognizes HERSELF as a force that’s NOT being properly tended to. Now most would feel compassion toward Hawah because she can be seen as a victim, but we have to understand, SHE was completely AWARE of WHAT she was doing she told the serpent she knew she didn’t have no business doing that shit. But because SHE IS A FORCE just like her Man she going handle business the way SHE see fit. And what’s crazy about this is, The Most High LET THEM DO IT. Why do you think that is? Because they were created with FREE choice AND they were created to GROW TOGETHER, or GROW PAST the tilling and SEEDING phase of LIFE, which is the MOST CHALLENGING part of the whole situation. Just think of the HARVEST they would have reaped if they had been understanding of these VERY same things we are aware of today…

Tomorrow we continue our course


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