Good Morning Ysrayl…

I trust all is well with you this morning. Yesterday we left off talking about Adom possibly having been challenged in a way that would cause him to see the GIFT of The Most High as a problem OR a burden.

One VERY important thing that I want us all to remember is, Adom was COMPLETELY aware of himself as far as understanding HE is THE IMAGE of The Most High. Again when we listen to the POPULAR way this story is told it gives you the understanding that Adom was halfway stupid and incapable of maintaining order in the garden AND replenishing the earth with the IMAGE of The Most High like he was created to do. Now if we REALLY just take some time to think about that picture we would have to say it’s inaccurate SOLELY based on the fact that there is no sin UNTIL there is KNOWLEDGE of sin. Meaning if the man was stupid or weak then HE is NOT the IMAGE of The Most High, but what’s even more important is if that were the case there would have been NO sin for him to be punished, for he was ILL EQUIPPED for the job he was given. He was COMPLETELY aware of who he belonged to and the IMAGE he was to retain because he was told that he would DIE if he didn’t. Again the reason gentiles paint you a picture like that is because it EXCUSES ACCOUNTABILITY. Adom was given a CHOICE, just like he had a CHOICE to cover the woman he was given properly. So what we see in the garden picture is NOT evil over powering Adom, you see Adom CHOOSING to apply himself in the wrong way. See from the garden picture we don’t have an understanding of EXACTLY what his living situation is, but what we have to keep in mind is that there were FULL BLOWN CIVILIZATIONS in operation at the time the man was created, so there WAS an understanding of STRUCTURE and LAW(Tree of ALL KNOWLEDGE, RELIGION and TABOOS) on the earth ALREADY. It just DID NOT have ANY authority over Adom, nor was he to ALLOW it to have any effect on the IMAGE and the plan of The Most High written in his genetics.

As I said yesterday Adom was THE MAN, PERIOD. And from scripture we don’t KNOW how long he was on earth BEFORE Hawah was created, but as I said before it had to be long enough for him to build a longing or become AWARE of the fact that he NEEDED a woman HANDCRAFTED for him, sumthin nice and “Chocolate”… So with time being an issue we ALSO have to look at what TIME and AUTHORITY have the TENDENCY to do. What may be very well possible is Adom MAY have NOT understood EXACTLY what a HELPMATE would look like with his OWN GENETICS. What do I mean? Yesterday I said that Hawah was AWARE of HERSELF, meaning she was AWARE she was created for the Man, but she was ALSO a woman with standards why do I say that? Well she being built by The Most High is ENOUGH, but she came DIRECTLY OUT of the Man that was created in the IMAGE of The Most High, so IMAGE means STANDARD. With her being the FEMININE VERSION of Adom she was EVERY bit Queen as he was King. So it’s very possibly that the King was used to being the King UNCHALLENGED and needing to CARE for no one’s needs but his own. This is what I believe to be closer to accurate, I believe that the Man AFTER receiving the woman had ENOUGH of tilling the ground, and the fact that the woman HAS RITES that HE has responsibility to, and she MAYBE wasn’t OK with NOT being SEEN in the IMAGE SHE WAS CREATED in. I believe THIS is what caused him to NEGLECT his work as concerning building his woman properly. Why do I say that? Well the woman is ALONE with the serpent talking about shit she didn’t have ANY business talking to him about, again she even told him that. I believe that woman was hurt, neglected and halfway bitter. Why do I say all that? The serpent turned her AWAY from the TRUTH that she KNEW to be true and the IMAGE of Queen and MOTHER OF MANKIND, so what that is saying is, just like with Adom she had gotten to a certain point that LEAD her in the DIRECTION of the serpent as opposed to the DIRECTION of her Husband and The Most High.

So technically what we see is the ONE flesh DESIGN destroy ITSELF, or SELF DESTRUCT. I believe that Adom’s leadership, behavior and ACTIONS towards his woman CAUSED an EQUAL and OPPOSITE REACTION in her that put her on the course that HE had ALREADY started them on with NEGLECT to his responsibility to his WOMAN and to the IMAGE he was created in. Brothas what we have to keep in mind as the IMAGE of The Most High is, if your woman is of GOOD STOCK, WHATEVER you see in her that is destroying the IMAGE, IS a lack on YOUR part somewhere even if YOU didn’t create it. What do I mean? Hawah didn’t have an IMAGE other than the one she was created in, so what that means is WHATEVER was in her that didn’t fit the IMAGE was there through AWARENESS of herself, but IGNORANCE of the order. What do I mean? Hawah KNEW she was the shit just like Adom did, it was NOT a MYSTERY to them, but OBVIOUSLY ORDER WAS NOT PROPERLY ESTABLISHED IN HER. What do I mean by order? She knew who she was, but what she DIDN’T COMPLETELY understand is, she was ONLY that within the CONFINES of the IMAGE she was created in. See you sistas KNOW y’all a force, BUT that force can ONLY be ENERGIZED by your HUSBAND. YOU ARE NOT GON ENERGIZE ANYTHING OUTSIDE OF YOUR HUSBAND BUT DEATH, I don’t care WHAT you see on TV and what yo friends LYIN to you about. This is the IGNORANCE that MANY woman allow to lead there lives in a marriage. I don’t care HOW many serpents at yo job telling you you the shit and you shall NOT surely die, TRUST ME you will.

See the responsibility of Hawah BECAUSE she knew ENOUGH than to be on the bullshit she was on, was to apply her AUTHORITY and strength as the WOMAN and create an ATMOSPHERE that would have ALLOWED for her Husband to not ONLY recognize her as the GIFT of The Most High, but ALSO recognize the work that was given to him is ALL part of the PARADISE they were building. See what happens when AUTHORITY is what a Man is lead by is, HE becomes DISCONNECTED to the ones that are subject to that AUTHORITY. What do I mean? Do y’all remember me saying a while back that a woman that’s ALWAYS gotta state her POSITION as the woman is someone that is set to destroy EVERYTHING? Well the way it works is, when someone is MORE concerned about the POSITION they hold as opposed to the PEOPLE that are SUBJECT to that position, what happens is the PEOPLE and there NEEDS become SECOND to YOU and YOUR POSITION. So you get MORE consumed with PROVING you are the King or Queen, as opposed to be consumed with BUILDING your Husband or Wife into the King or Queen that YOU NEED. As I said yesterday, my authority concerning my woman ain’t got shit to do with her NOT being the Queen, so since it’s ALREADY established WHO and WHAT she is, ALL of my energy needs to go into building the PROPER IMAGE of a Queen that I need. Her being a Queen means NOTHING if she isn’t TAILORED for her King… I believe it was Hawah’s duty AS THE MOTHER of MANKIND, to LEAD her Husband BACK into the IMAGE he was created in concerning her well being THROUGH her DISPLAY and BEHAVIOR. Which in my opinion is something that would have been easier than ANYTHING in the world. This woman was handcrafted for him, HE had NO defense against HER, and GUESS WHO knew that and used it to capitalize on MANKIND?

See the very same way she was able to bring Adom some BULLSHIT, with EASE and NO questions, why wasn’t this application of ENERGY used to bring the Man LIFE? Because she didn’t have LIFE anymore at that point, she was being lead by a COMPLETELY different source of energy at this time. THIS is why the woman was handled so harshly, SHE was aware of HERSELF, AND she was aware of the OPTIONS. I believe the Man was a victim of his OWN neglect and IGNORANCE of responsibility. Hawah ONCE she was aware of TRUTH AND the position she was in and the AUTHORITY with the man she was given had an OBLIGATIONS to KEEP his garden just as much as he had to keep hers. This is where I see A LOT of sistas lack today. If that Man don’t act rite, “fuck it somebody else will”, NO they won’t because YOU ain’t rite more than likely if that’s your attitude and understanding of LIFE, YOU obviously are UNAWARE of just WHAT your BEAUTY, INTELLIGENCE, OBEDIENCE, GRACEFULNESS etc was given to you for. As I said before ladies when you retain a CERTAIN IMAGE in the sight of YOUR Husband, the IMAGE of HIMSELF responding to HIMSELF, NO MAN HAS ANY RESISTANCE to that, TRUST ME. I KNOW some of y’all probably be laughing at my ass when I write about my baby, cause y’all can see from what I say WHO REALLY HALFWAY running shit even though I’m the King. That woman can get a “HELL YEAH” outta me BEFORE I even KNOW exactly what the hell I’m signing up for. Beautiful sistas if he is a man of GOOD STOCK, YOU have that VERY SAME AUTHORITY and ABILITY with YOUR Husband. This is the WAY it was DESIGNED to work, the man has the AUTHORITY, but that AUTHORITY ain’t shit if he ain’t serving his Queen with it, and of course Y’ALL know that, but the ONLY way to make HIM see THAT is to MAKE HIM SEE THAT…

Tomorrow we continue our course


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