Good Morning Ysrayl…

I trust all is well with you this morning. Yesterday we left off talking about Hawah’s responsibility to her Husband and ULTIMATELY HERSELF and her CROWN.

We have an understanding that Hawah had her ignorances and short comings obviously just like Adom, but to give you a LITTLE bit clearer picture of the INTELLIGENCE level of this woman and EXACTLY where her mind was at the time she was with serpent. Again, this was NOT just a woman who fell into the VICTIM’S position.

The serpent said to the woman that she would be like the GODS knowing BOTH good and evil. Well when you study EXACTLY who the GODS were or they are ALSO referred to them as the ANCIENT ONES or THE ANCIENTS, you will understand EXACTLY what the serpent as saying to her and EXACTLY what she KNEW she was signing up for. Well the ANCIENTS or the GODS were the DIRECT descendants of LUCIFER and the FALLEN ONES, they were an intelligent alien, reptile, humanoid hybrid races of beings that were responsible for creating the ANCIENT races of people that were present on the earth at the time that Adom and Hawah were here. So ULTIMATELY what the serpent was telling the woman was, if she ate of the tree she would be like those that BUILT the ANCIENT CIVILIZATIONS knowing good and evil as it PERTAINS TO CONTROLLING PEOPLE. So when Hawah brought the fruit to Adom of course she was ONE with the serpent by this time, but she ALSO had the AGENDA of CONTROLLING the MAN rite along with the serpent. Of course most of us know and understand the SPIRIT of WITCHCRAFT and how it becomes ONE with the woman for the purpose of CONTROLLING the Man and EVERYTHING ELSE. Well this is the VERY FIRST picture of that in the garden. Like I said to you yesterday and the day before, the woman KNEW full well what she was doing, and her being left UNCOVERED and alone with the serpent allowed for those things to be used against us.

See when you study and you understand the GODS and JUST how they RULED over their people you ONLY get the PICTURE of RELIGION and taboos. See a lot of people reading these ancient hieroglyphs think that these races of people were INTELLIGENT highly advanced races of people and THAT IS COMPLETELY UNTRUE. Those races of people were designed as slave or worker races, meaning THEY WERE CLONES. All of there intelligence was manipulated and programmed either through breeding different beings and genetics or DIRECT manipulation of the genetics themselves by WHATEVER alien GOD created that people. So when Hawah was being told she would be like the GODS, she was being GASSED UP on an ILLUSION just like MANY of my beautiful sisters have the tendency to do today. So ULTIMATELY what Hawah was being tempted with was CONTROL, she wanted to have CONTROL or FEEL like she was in CONTROL. And what I believe is, after she given herself to the serpent of course she is now one with him, so the plan was to DESTROY the man and start their VERY OWN race of beings outside the Man but using ALL of his genetics PSYCHOLOGICAL, PHYSICAL and SPIRITUAL. Why do I believe that? Because that’s exactly what they started out to do. Remember we talked about when The Most High came to hand out the punishments for their evils and he said to the serpent “I will put enmity between your seed and the woman’s seed”, how that there IS NO SUCH THING AS THE WOMAN HAVING A SEED and The Most High DEFINITELY would NOT have made an error. So WITHOUT a doubt QAYIN/CAIN was the seed of the serpent and Hawah was PREGNANT at the time The Most High is talking to them, that is why he slew ABEL, the CLEAREST picture of ENMITY you could EVER get.

So THIS is the FULL picture behind what we see in A LOT of our sisters today when the Man won’t act rite, this is why you sisters following the ways of the world is COMPLETELY EVIL in the sight of The Most High. Everything that is given to you as a case AGAINST the Man or MANKIND, strengthens your bond WITH the serpent and against your OWN design AND against The Most High HIMSELF. This is how clever it was for the serpent to do what he did, he knew not ONLY would he be DESTROYING the IMAGE of The Most High, but also he would be CONTROLLING the woman against the REMAINING aspects of MANKIND that were NOT destroyed.

So do you understand WHY I say that I believe they TOGETHER were set out to start their own RACE of people? See we have to remember “BE fruitful and MULTIPLY” is still written in the GENETICS of the woman, so SHE WANTS CHILDREN and LINEAGE. That being harnessed by the serpent is what gives me the understanding that this is EXACTLY what her ass was on. AND this is why The Most High had to come and stop the madness. If you begin to study ANY of the ANCIENT alien races you will see CLEAR as day that ALL of the oldest ones were BLACK SKINNED HUMANOID races. And when you see them on hieroglyphs and it looks like they are ALL worshiping their creator in unison, ACTUALLY what you are seeing is MIND CONTROLLED beings, which is EXACTLY what you see in RELIGION. These beings were ONE with their CREATOR JUST like we were ONE in the GARDEN with The Most High. So what you are seeing is a picture of how their GODS communicated with them because they had the SAME GENETICS. This is EXACTLY the way The Most High communicated with the Man, because the was him he spoke to HIMSELF in a sense but it showed up in the GENETICS of the Man. So TECHNICALLY the woman was given the ILLUSION that SHE WOULD BE A GOD ON THE EARTH…

Tomorrow we continue our course


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