Good morning Ysrayl…

I trust all is well with you this morning. Yesterday we left off talking about the woman being tempted with becoming a GOD on the earth and having a race of people of her very own.

One thing that I would like to explain is, before MANKIND and the GENETICS of The Most High being realized on the earth ALL the beings that were here were either the animals that The Most High created AND lucifer along with a THIRD of the heavenly hosts. When we talk about other WORLDS or DIMENSIONS we will go into more detail on HOW they got here. Anyway, So what you had was the INTELLIGENCE that The Most High put into beasts and animals and lucifer along with the fallen ones mixing genetics and coming up with beings that had an ARRAY of different genetics that NEVER were intended to be mixed together. So up until the creation of MANKIND ALL of the intelligent beings were MANIPULATIONS of nature by lucifer. When you study who the heavenly hosts were you get the understanding that they were beings created by The Most High and they were given certain responsibilities in the HEAVENS as pertaining to the GLORIFYING The Most High IN THE HEAVENS in one way or another. So when they along with lucifer were found having EVIL, what you see is evidence of them being created with the SAME gift of free choice as MANKIND was given. So when you splice genetics with beings that were basically GODS with beings that belong to the ANIMAL KINGDOM, what you come up with are beings that are HIGHLY INTELLIGENT, but they LACK the ABILITY to perceive LIFE and they lack the ABILITY to PRODUCE or RETAIN LIFE.

What do I mean by that? When Lucifer was kicked out of the heavenly’s he was in a sense LOCKED into the state of evil that he was found with which was WANTING to be WORSHIPED or SERVED as The Most High. So what that means is, JUST like we were kicked OUT of PARADISE for ALTERING our IMAGE, lucifer and the hosts were kicked out for the VERY same thing. This is HOW they knew what to do to MANKIND. Remember I said that the serpent was there because someone WANTED him there? Well we get the BIGGER picture of EXACTLY what was on the MIND of lucifer. Lucifer and the fallen ones having the ability to manipulate the GENETICS of the animals and MANY of them having the HUMANOID form in their own being were able to create beings that LOOKED like MAN, but everything about them as far as on a psychological and spiritual level were EVIL and ANIMALISTIC. Now let me ask y’all this, if you mix beings that are INNATELY EVIL with the genetics of ANIMALS just how long do you think that race of people would survive before they COMPLETELY kill each other off? Wouldn’t be very long would it… Well this is why RELIGION or an OVERSEER had to be introduced to the mind of these people, this was the ONLY way to control their actions to some degree. See it DOES NOT MATTER at all how INTELLIGENT I am if I CAN NOT CONTROL my urges. This is what I believe was the BIGGEST problems with these races of people, they were COMPLETELY UNSTABLE and there is NOTHING that could be done about it because of the GENE POOL.

This is why HIJACKING the GENETICS of MANKIND was so important, it was not just about controlling MANKIND from COMPLETELY consuming the EARTH and destroying them like The Most High planned, it was about being able to the HARNESS LIFE REGENERATION aspect of our GENETICS for their survival. This is why I believe that Hawah was targeted and sold the ILLUSION that SHE could BE LIKE THE GODS.

So we see that Adom being THE MAN was the target for not ONLY Lucifer, but EVERYONE that decent from him and the fallen ones. This is why you’d have to be a fool to believe that this MAN was not COMPLETELY able to NOT only defend EVERYTHING that he was given, but he ALSO had the ABILITY to INCREASE it and replenish the earth with it. The Most High would have NEVER put him IN THAT situation AND told him to PROTECT the GARDEN if he had NOT equipped him with EVERYTHING NECESSARY to do so. So AGAIN we see that the MAN was NOT CREATED to LOSE SHIT, he GAVE IT UP through his own INABILITY to recognize his responsibility to his woman… Brothas what we HAVE to begin to REPROGRAM our minds according to is, LIFE that we see in the Garden BEFORE the CONFUSION we allowed on ourselves, what do I mean? Adom WORKED HARD for his WOMAN, and not ONLY did he work HARD, but HE WORKED LONG.  The Man had a need a the Father ALLOWED for him to see the need he had so that when the woman was REALIZED, she would be handled with the CARE and ATTENTION to detail to MATCH the LABOR put in for her. Like I said to y’all and YOU can probably begin to see for yourself, Adom was THE SHIT and he knew it, this man HAD ALL the genetics of The Most High AND he stayed in CONSTANT communion with him, so it wasn’t NO QUESTIONS as to WHO and WHAT he was. But as I said to y’all the other day, I believe that the woman posed a DIFFERENT type of CHALLENGE for the man, she CHALLENGED him to HIMSELF. This is the CHALLENGE that so many of us brothas fail to accept today.

What do I mean by accept the CHALLENGE? The CHALLENGE to be the MAN that will SACRIFICE ALL to PROTECT and NOURISH your woman and Y’alls PARADISE. See what I also believe happened with Adom was, he didn’t RECOGNIZE PARADISE being for his WOMAN as well. What do I mean? They were one flesh, so EVERYTHING that was Adom’s BELONGED to is woman as well, he being the MAN ONLY puts him over the order and distribution, IT DOES NOT have ANYTHING TO DO WITH RITES TO LIFE and PARADISE. Hawah had rites that I believe were being NEGLECTED because of Adom NOT recognizing his responsibility to CREATE PARADISE for his woman, just like SHE was designed to create for him. And we brothas ALL know that A WOMAN’S PARADISE IS DEFINITELY GON MAKE YO BLACK ASS WORK. And if the MAN is NOT recognizing his RESPONSIBILITY to CREATE that for his woman, MOST of her demands will seems STUPID, CHILDISH or a WASTE of time. This is ANOTHER reason I believe Adom was distracted by something… We brothas have the things we enjoy doing that we OFTEN see as just for men, which is not a problem if it’s not a threat to your marriage, but the balance brothas is, YOU have to CREATE LIFE with your woman and turn DOWN some of those things that MINISTER to the MIND of a SINGLE man, or LIFE before Hawah.

Brothas, there HAS to be a CONSCIOUS EFFORT of BULIDING PARADISE with your woman. FIRST, you HAVE to UNDERSTAND you are building the IMAGE of The Most High and HE WILL HELP YOU, just like he did with Adom. But we have to understand that a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT type of ENERGY was used to REALIZE PARADISE as opposed to tilling the GARDEN to MAKE A PLACE FOR PARADISE. See the ENERGY used to REALIZE PARADISE is the ENERGY that manifests ITSELF through YOUR BEHAVIOR and ATTITUDE towards building with your woman, what do I mean? EXAMPLE, While Adom was tilling the ground it would be safe to say that he was ON HIS GRIND. What do I mean? Many brothas may already know this that had to get it out the mud like myself. YOU ain’t hustlin good until you done had to miss some meals, some sleep and even some showers at times, when you on yo grind that’s ALL you see. But the problem with that is MANY of us brothas get STUCK in that understanding of SURVIVAL and it causes for us to approach LIFE the same way I believe Adom did, with a ONE SIDED understanding of HOW to BUILD a PARADISE. What do I mean? Of course Hawah can’t tell him shit about how hard the work was to make PARADISE possible, but she WAS GIVEN TO REALIZE PARADISE. So what that means is, the ACTUAL WORK put into HER is what ENERGIZES PARADISE for the BOTH of them. Brothas of course y’all know this but, when yo woman is happy, YOU happy. Now just think of the possibilities YOU create WITHIN THE BOTH OF YOU when you APPLY the SAME ENERGY to GET the woman, into BUILDING her into the IMAGE of BEAUTY and PARADISE that only YOU RESPOND TO. Again I believe THIS is where Adom lacked depth and DID NOT force the TILLING work to HIMSELF because he was USED to WORKING from a PLACE of SOVEREIGNTY…

Tomorrow we continue our course


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