Good Morning Ysrayl…

I trust all is well with you this morning. Yesterday we talked about the races of people on the earth before MANKIND and the PLOT to steal the GENETICS of MANKIND.

What I want us to understand is, when the MIND/SOUL of MANKIND DIED what happened was ABILITY to connect with REALITY died. What do I mean? Well we understand that the Man and his Woman being kicked OUT of the garden ALSO represents them being driven OUTSIDE their MINDS, or driven OUTSIDE of the REALITY they were CREATED in.

REALITY- The world or the STATE of things as THEY ACTUALLY exist, as opposed to an IDEALISTIC or NOTIONAL IDEA of them. -Google

The MASTER talks to us about the TIME OF THE GENTILES, what I want to touch on BRIEFLY is what exactly IS the time of the GENTILES is and HOW it effects REALITY. Lucifer is called the PRINCE of the POWER of the AIR/MIND. So what that means is HE has the POWER to INFLUENCE the MIND or Cause ILLUSIONS or FALSE REALITIES. We have talked a little about the MARK of the beast and how it’s NOT a LITERAL mark on your damn head let some of these goofy ass teachers and preachers telling y’all. It’s talking about the MIND that HAS BEEN MARKED BY THE BEAST. And of course we understand the BEAST to be Lucifer, but are we UNDERSTANDING just WHY he is being called the beast in this understanding? Well we understand that ALL of his authority and KINGDOM was founded on the ANIMAL KINGDOM, so he is being called the beast based on his ASSOCIATION and IDENTITY as it relates to REALITY with MANKIND because he PRESENTS HIMSELF as MANKIND, as opposed to the way HE REALLY should present HIMSELF.

When we look at the fact that the Woman GAVE herself to the beast, meaning she LITERALLY became ONE with him, and we look at the picture of The Most High  bringing judgment against MANKIND and the serpent, what you are seeing is The Most High putting MANKIND BACK into the order that was intended. What do I mean? The Most High told the woman that he would INCREASE her pain in child bearing because she was bearing the seed of the beast, seems like a FITTING punishment to me. She was told that her DESIRE would be for her HUSBAND and HE was to rule over her. What that is saying is, because she had GIVEN HERSELF to the serpent, SHE literally BELONGED to him. So the reason she is being told that her DESIRE is to be for her HUSBAND is because she didn’t WANT him ANYMORE and had given HERSELF to the serpent. So now The Most High is now talking to the serpent and he says that he will go on his BELLY which literally means he would be as ONE who is seen crawling on their BELLY for survival, or ALWAYS having the LOWEST place in EVERYTHING that pertains to life. And he is told that he is going to put ENMITY between his SEED and THE MAN’S SEED, not the woman’s seed like it is written. There is no such thing as the woman having a seed and The Most High would have NEVER said that.

What we see here is The Most High having to come and set the course for their REALITY again. Why do I say that? Well they ALTERED their IDENTITY remember? So what that means is they ALTERED their REALITY to that which looks like the REALITY of the serpent or the REALITY that belongs to the ANIMAL KINGDOM. So what we see here is a BEHAVIOR that is connected to the REALITY that someone has given themselves to, or someone CAUSING their OWN REALITY by their BEHAVIOR. The woman gave herself to the serpent so now her REALITY is controlled by his UNDERSTANDING or the ILLUSIONS that he provides for her.

When we talk about being MARKED by the BEAST what we are talking about is a REALITY that someone LIVES IN and APPLIES themselves to. And of course with us being DRIVEN out of our psychological GARDEN or being DRIVEN outside of OUR REALITY or the REALITY we were created in, and the PRINCE of the Power of the AIR/MIND having authority on EARTH to control MINDS, we would have to say that the CURRENT REALITY that is on the earth now is a REALITY that belongs to GENTILES or the children of those that DO NOT bear the GENETICS of The Most High… Remember yesterday we talked about the races of people that came from Lucifer and the Fallen ones and how that their GENETICS only witnessed to WHAT they came from, which was devils and animals. We also talked about there needing to be an OVERSEER introduced to their MIND for the purpose of CONTROLLING their urges to some degree, which is were MIND CONTROL started and is were we get the UNDERSTANDING of RELIGION that we have TODAY?

See what we HAVE to understand is, WHATEVER you receive as FACT becomes part of YOUR reality, regardless of HOW stupid or foolish it may seem to others. And the way that works is, IF YOU can PRESENT ENOUGH false evidence to give FOUNDATION to the LIE that you want people to believe, you JUST created a REALITY for people to OPERATE in with the FALSE evidence you gave them. So if I tell you the REDEEMER is a White man named Jesus who’s genetics DO NOT come from The Most High, and I present you with books and writings to give validity to that lie, and I give you ALL of the NECESSARY ILLUSIONS to BACK my claim. What did I just do USING ALL OF YOUR FACULTIES. I just created a REALITY for YOU to DWELL in because I provided ALL the NECESSARY TOOLS for YOU to receive it as YOUR REALITY or the REALITY YOU were created in. So ALL of your FACULTIES SPIRITUAL, PSYCHOLOGICAL and PHYSICAL are a WITNESS against you and the TOOLS used to ESTABLISH the LIE that YOU gave YOURSELF to. Hawah was sold an ILLUSION or she was TEMPTED with a REALITY OUTSIDE of the one she was created IN AND FOR, and because SHE GAVE HERSELF to that ILLUSION it became HER REALITY. The problem with that is SHE didn’t OWN rites to the GENETICS she THOUGHT she was about to STEAL and give to the serpent, so ultimately what we see is the serpent CREATED a REALITY with Hawah OTHER than the ONE she was CREATED in and he got her to react TO IT and DESTROY her LIFE and the LIFE of her Husband with it. So what ended up happening was, the serpent DID get his LINEAGE having the GENETICS of MANKIND fueling it, but what did she get out of the deal other than the REALITY that she BELONGED to establishing her in an understanding of herself she was not created in? This is the way reality work this is why it’s so important for us to COMPLETELY understand that WHAT we were created IN, HAS to be what we BUILD our LIFE and MARRIAGES around. ANYTHING else is just an ILLUSION that you WILL eventually get CORRECTED on…

Tomorrow we continue our course



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