Good Morning Ysrayl…

I trust all is well with you this morning. Yesterday we left off talking about the REALITY change that happened once ANOTHER IMAGE was embraced by the Man and his Woman.

See one thing that I want us to ALL be mindful of which is a VERY clever device of Lucifer is, the ILLUSION of FREE CHOICE that HE presents to the world. Of course HIS ILLUSION of free choice is EVERYTHING that you WERE NEVER CREATED to do, PRESENTED to you in a way that makes it UNDERSTANDABLE to the MIND and IDENTITY that he PROVIDED for you. What do I mean? Well In the garden his goal was to STEAL the LIFE regenerating aspects of MANKIND’S genetics because they had NO WAY to sustain LIFE, or they had no way for LIFE to be regenerated in them. All of their genetics on all levels were ILLEGAL and FOREIGN to the earth, THEY DID NOT BELONG because the EARTH was NEVER created for them, nor were there ANY LAWS in NATURE that SPOKE ON THEIR BEHALF. So they HAD to find a way to make themselves ESTABLISHED here, and the ONLY way to do that is to STEAL genetics and UNDERSTANDING of those GENETICS from MANKIND. But what we want to talk about is the FREE CHOICE ILLUSION that he gives to the world being God of this world.

See what we HAVE to understand is with your GENETICS comes ALL the INFORMATION that came with and from your LINEAGE. So what that means is, if it’s in ANY of your GENETICS PHYSICAL, PSYCHOLOGICAL and SPIRITUAL, it’s either there because YOU put it there, or it was passed to you through you genetics. Many people don’t realize JUST HOW serious that is because the WORLD and the REALITY that’s being presented to you gives EVERYONE the understanding that they are their OWN FORCE and they ARRIVED where they are by their OWN power. The way it works is like this. You had MANKIND that had ALL of the UNDERSTANDING and URGES of The Most High, but because he was given FREE CHOICE, he had a choice to FOLLOW that understanding and those urges to FULFILL the will of The Most High, or he could have CHOSEN OTHERWISE obviously… So when the woman slept with the serpent and gave away ALL our genetics to the Kingdom of Darkness, what she did was give them INSIGHT into the MIND of The Most High and the UNDERSTANDING of just HOW our GENETICS work and how our MIND works. But also what she did was she created a HYBRID being, he is ALSO called “The Man of Sin”. Now this HYBRID being has ALL of the GENETICS of MANKIND and the GENETICS of the serpent or the ANIMAL KINGDOM AND DEVILS/GODS, so what HE has the ABILITY to do is CREATE a REALITY that BRIDGES TWO WORLDS TOGETHER, or TWO COMPLETELY DIFFERENT UNDERSTANDINGS of LIFE. What do I mean? Well he has the UNDERSTANDING of LIFE and LOVE that originates from The Most High that came from MANKIND, then you have the MIND and URGES that are ASSOCIATED with DEVILS and the ANIMAL KINGDOM. So basically what the serpent and the woman created was a SUPER WEAPON against MANKIND itself. So not ONLY do you have the GENETICS of the Man that gave the ILLUSION of KINDREDNESS, but you have the GENETICS of devils and animals FUELING the REALITY that he creates for everyone.

So when there would have been NO problem for us to “be fruitful and MULTIPLY, REPLENISH the earth and SUBDUE IT” because it wasn’t NOBODY fuckin with us on NO LEVELS, NOW it’s a problem because the woman gave away all the secrets. This is why The Most High said “what have you done”, because LITERALLY with this adultery THE WHOLE ENTIRE WORLD WAS CHANGED. So now we have “The Man of Sin” or “The Beast” that has the GENETICS of MANKIND but his Father is WHO? So with his FATHER being WHO, WHO do you think is CONTROLLING his MIND and the REALITY that he creates and operates in?

Another thing I would like to touch on is exactly HOW these genetics work. The Most High created MANKIND with HIS understanding of LIFE, LOVE and BEAUTY, so Adom was CREATING The Most High’s UNDERSTANDING of PARADISE NOT his own, everything he had came from the Father. So had Adom CHOSEN to cover his woman properly the MANIFESTATION of LIFE, LOVE and BEAUTY that WOULD have BEEN THEIR REALITY would have ALL been the WILL of The Most High. It was what he was CREATED to do on the EARTH, NOT get SOMEONE ELSE’S understanding and FORSAKE his own for theirs. So now we have the MAN OF SIN on the earth, what do you think his father put in HIS GENETICS to create HIS REALITY into and REPLENISH the EARTH WITH? See Lucifer wants EVERYONE to BELIEVE they have FREE CHOICE and IT’S OK to do WHATEVER you want because he PROVIDED a REALITY for you to OPERATE IN that ONLY witnesses to the ANIMAL KINGDOM and the KINGDOM of DARKNESS. This is why YOU can go to church till you are COMPLETELY OUTSIDE OF YO DAMN MIND, but they WILL NEVER teach you the truth about YOURSELF while you having ALL that good christian fun, it’s COUNTERPRODUCTIVE. One thing that y’all ALWAYS should remember, when someone who DOES NOT share ANY of your GENETICS on ANY LEVELS presents you with OPTIONS about YOUR LIFE that were formulated in THEIR MIND, they are HIJACKING your GENETICS and CREATED THEIR REALITY and world WITHIN YOU. It’s that simple and ALWAYS has been(you shall not SURELY DIE).

See the bottomline to this is, there is a REASON you are NOT being taught like this in your Churches and in the WORLD in general and it has A LOT to do with the God of this world NOT APPROVING so much because it’s the TRUTH. And we ALL know what the TRUTH does for those that are of the TRUTH, it sets us FREE. As long as someone DOES NOT know the TRUTH as it applies to the ORIGIN of their IDENTITY and the REALITY they OPERATE in, or even that there IS A SUCH THING, they are JUST an ENERGY source ready and willing to be used in WHATEVER way the SPIRIT of the BEING in control is willing they go. Many of us today find OURSELVES gassed up on ILLUSIONS of ourselves that were PROVIDED VIA the serpent, just like Hawah did. But the conclusion of that was obvious, the REALITY that we were CREATED IN is the ONLY REALITY we have LIFE in and it’s JUST THAT SIMPLE. The serpent changed the REALITY for MANKIND to the REALITY that belongs to DEVILS and ANIMALS, and because WE changed our IDENTITY to that which MIMICS beings from the Animal Kingdom in the sight of The Most High, we have NO ABILITY to pursuit LIFE or even see often times EXACTLY what our ACTIONS are producing because OUR MINDS belongs to an IDENTITY that does NOT witness to ANY of our genetics on ANY levels. The Man and his woman gave themselves to a REALITY that the other had NO PLACE IN, but according to their GENETICS NO SUCH THING EXISTED. So the REALITY that they were given was an ILLUSION or ONLY a REALITY IN THEIR MINDS, so when the REALITY of their MINDS made it to the REALITY that they lived in and OPERATED in, or began to be played out in their PHYSICAL GENETICS it caused DEATH. And DEATH is EXACTLY what it is when the MAN or his WOMAN DO NOT recognize they are serving The Most High with their service to ONE ANOTHER…

Tomorrow we continue our course




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