Good Morning Ysrayl…

I trust all is well with you this morning. Yesterday we talked about REALITY and the way that the CURRENT REALITY on the earth found it’s way here.

One other VERY clever device in the DESTRUCTION of MANKIND is giving EVERYONE the ILLUSION that they are GODS or have the ABILITY to become one in the understanding of  controlling people. Well as many of us have been learning, that’s EXACTLY what Hawah was on and that’s EXACTLY what had her GASSED UP AGAINST HER OWN HUSBAND, that she JUST came out of. See Lucifer presents the world with the ILLUSION of being GODS through the MONEY and STATUS they acquire from here and there. This ILLUSION of course FUELS and strengthens the IDENTITY that he HELPED you build OUTSIDE of the IMAGE you were created IN. So JUST like Hawah who felt SOMEWHAT powerless to her OWN happiness and health, the ILLUSION of being a GOD, or SOMEONE who has the POWER and ABILITY to control people for your OWN PERSONAL gain. This is ONE reason why MEN who have POWER issues often times have VERY serious problems in their marriages if they have one. Personally I believe that a man who LUSTS after power and control over people have serious sexual issues. Why do I say that? When a Man is NOT secure in his sexuality, or he is NOT confident in his DISPLAY and UNDERSTANDING of MANHOOD, he will GRAVITATE towards a FALSE sense of POWER, or a POWER that is NOT ESTABLISHED by ones STRENGTH of character and DISPLAY of MANHOOD and STABILITY. This is what WOMEN do ALL the time to ESTABLISH themselves here or there, and that’s the way the world teaches everyone to be. This is why you have a STRONG government and WEAK FAMILIES and PEOPLE, everybody is trained to run and give away ALL of what they have in EXCHANGE for the ILLUSION of being GODS, or having some CONTROL of your LIFE.

Hawah was OFFERED a POWER that she WAS NOT created to have, meaning JUST because you can see it and WITNESS to it DOES NOT mean it’s for you. Yesterday I said that the Woman and the serpent created a SUPER WEAPON, well let me explain in a little more detail EXACTLY what I mean. When you have an ENEMY that NOT ONLY knows your GENETIC SET UP, but ALSO knows EXACTLY how those GENETICS respond to the ENVIRONMENT that you are placed, basically what you have is an enemy that is your EVIL TWIN in a sense. So because they are evil, EVERYTHING that would WITNESS LIFE to YOU, would equal DEATH for them. So ESSENTIALLY all they have to do is build a REALITY or a WORLD around their OWN understanding of LOVE, LIFE and BEAUTY and because they were CLEVER ENOUGH to STEAL your IDENTITY so you NEVER connect with the fact that you’re living OUTSIDE of the IMAGE you were created in and the REALITY you were designed to OPERATE in, YOU are ALWAYS the one sick and dying begging for someone to come and ASSIST you with DESTROYING the LAST little bit of LIFE you have left. This is what a SUPER WEAPON has the ABILITY to do, INFECT your REALITY… See we are trained to think that the strongest survive ONLY on a PHYSICAL level, but OF COURSE the ONLY way to make that PHYSICAL STRENGTH of ANY EFFECT is if you have the PSYCHOLOGICAL and SPIRITUAL strength to match it. So THE CLEVER move is to INFECT your ENEMY from WITHIN and let them DESTROY THEMSELVES for you JUST trying to MIMIC an IMAGE they WERE NOT created in, and ONLY teach them BEHAVIORS that CREATE their REALITY into one that ONLY WITNESSES death on all levels.

This is what happens to us in ALL areas of our lives, this is WHY we are told NOT to handle the world, you are handling the MIND of the BEAST, and THIS is how we ALL are marked by the beast. Hawah ran to the serpent to find some understanding to a situation that was COMPLETELY solvable between her and her Husband more than likely, if it wasn’t we would have read about it. And because he SAW the OPPORTUNITY to help her with her situation, she was given an ILLUSION that she could fix her problems HER WAY, or the way the GODS operate, and she caused death for EVERYONE.

So we see that we are OVERCOME through the IDENTITY we accept which CREATES our REALITY. As I said to you before to those that WORSHIP the IMAGE of Jesus that YOU are WORSHIPING the ANTI-MESSIYAH or the ANTI-CHRIST, or we can call him by his REAL NAME… THE BEAST… Now can ANYONE tell me WHY he is called THE BEAST? Would it have ANYTHING to do with his GENETICS coming from the ANIMAL KINGDOM and the KINGDOM of DARKNESS? Would it have ANYTHING to do with the fact that EVERYTHING about him is THE LIE, or the REALITY OUTSIDE of the one YOU were created in? Could it have ANYTHING to do with the fact that his FATHER would HAVE to be Lucifer HIMSELF by his GENETICS ALONE? Do you see why it’s SOOO important for your IDENTITY to be TAKEN and HIDDEN from you? LITERALLY your LIFE is being LIVED for you while YOU THINK you having a GOOD time. ALL your faculties are being used AGAINST you, and YOU are none the wiser because YOU changed your IDENTITY to MATCH the one that THEY have the POWER to build ILLUSIONS with.

Had Adom been found the Man he was CREATED to be he would have COVERED his woman so completely in BEAUTY and HONOR that the serpent WOULD NEVER been able to get close enough to even talk to her. But because he chose to endorse an understanding OUTSIDE of MANHOOD it resulted in him NOT being able to HOLD PARADISE INTACT. And THAT is EXACTLY what real MANHOOD DOES, it holds PARADISE INTACT and keeps it safe from ALL enemies, FOREIGN and DOMESTIC. Brothas ONE thing I want to show you about this situation that I think many brothas FAIL to realize is, Hawah was ONLY looking for WHAT SHE WAS MISSING, she WAS NOT a woman that was out to DESTROY ANYTHING. We HAVE to remember, she was a GARDEN UNKEPT, but she had the GENETICS of The Most High so what that tells us is, ULTIMATELY she set out to ACCOMPLISH the will of The Most High that was written in her GENETICS on HER OWN. The serpent was EVIL and CLEVER enough to PROVIDE an ILLUSION that caused her to RESPOND to it AGAINST her design. So this WAS NOT a whore playing that part of a whore, this was the MOTHER of MANKIND that was DECEIVED into playing the part, BIG DIFFERENCE. And I think SOME of us brothas REALLY need to take the TIME and REALLY think that one out before we are so quick to draw conclusions on our sisters. There are whores DO NOT GET ME WRONG, but they have their IDENTITY and REALITY intact when they CHOSE to be that, they ARE NOT VICTIMS of IDENTITY THEFT. I said to y’all yesterday death and hell are NEVER full, what that means is DEATH as opposed to LIFE and HELL as opposed to PARADISE are NEVER full, and it’s through DECEPTION and the EMBRACING of ANOTHER IMAGE, an IMAGE that The Most High CAN NOT and AND will NEVER respond to, an IMAGE that belongs to BEAST and DEVILS…

Tomorrow we continue our course


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