Good Morning Ysrayl…

I trust all is well with you this morning. Yesterday we talked about the ILLUSION of being GODS that the world provides, which is ALL about having POWER and CONTROL over PEOPLE.

One thing that I want to point out is The Most High NEVER intended for us to be GODS over PEOPLE, or CONTROL people’s ACTIONS, The Most High HIMSELF DOESN’T even do that. All of this behavior is EVIL and DEMONIC and as you can see clear as day IT ALL started with the serpent and the Kingdom of Darkness. Every MAN was created to RULE his OWN PARADISE, NOT get instructions from SOMEONE ELSE on what to do with the ENERGY given to HIM and his WOMAN for INCREASING the IMAGE of The Most High on the EARTH. Something that WE as a people HAVE to KEEP in the FRONT of our mind is, because we have been SLAVES for SOOO long, really that’s the ONLY thing we know HOW to do. Let someone  ELSE tell us WHAT our IDENTITY is and HOW we should behave with it. But of course they teach you this under the ILLUSION of FREE CHOICE. What do I mean? Well let me hurt SOME of y’all feelings rite fast. Does ANYONE KNOW the real reason why we were told NOT to eat SWINE/PORK? Yes it’s an unclean ANIMAL, but do YOU know WHY it’s so UNCLEAN to eat, but WHY it shows up in ALMOST EVERYTHING you eat? Well the DOMESTICATED PIG is a GENETIC hybrid between a WILD BOAR and a MAN, this is why they are called the MOST INTELLIGENT ANIMAL on the earth. To prove it a step further, when the MASTER cast the devils OUT of the man that was living in the caves, WHERE did they ask to go? In the herd of SWINE, correct? But I thought DEVILS can ONLY possess the MINDS of MAN and influence his urges? The way it works is, DEVILS can ONLY possess a mind they either ALREADY have access to because of ALL the genetics in that person BELONG to their Kingdom, or they are GIVEN access by the person some way. So essentially eating PORK is CANNIBALISM and this is ONE of the ways they are driving our people OUTSIDE their minds through our DIET, which we will get into later. People eating the flesh of people in ANY form is CANNIBALISM, but if they change the REALITY in which it is PRESENTED to you, a goddamn pork chop can be considered a blessing to many.

So we see from just this small example that if you can GAS people ENOUGH in ILLUSIONS, you can ALMOST get them to do ANYTHING with ABSOLUTELY NO QUESTIONS, CONCERNS, or COMMENTS. So we have an ARRAY of things to CHOOSE from which we OBVIOUSLY would call FREE CHOICE, correct? But what we ARE NOT considering is, ACCORDING to WHO’S GENETICS are these CHOICES GENERATED? See someone can tell you that “YOU WILL NOT SURELY DIE” if you eat PORK, and because THEIR GENETICS ARE NOT effected by eating PORK, they can tell you with a STRAIGHT FACE that there ARE NO side effects other than the OBVIOUS. But what they COULD NEVER factor in is what that PORK did to your PSYCHOLOGICAL and SPIRITUAL STATE, just like in the GARDEN. What do you think you look like eating PORK before The Most High, ESPECIALLY after we were told NOT TO? This is what an IDENTITY change does for YOU, the same thing it did for Adom and Hawah, it takes you OUT of the REALITY you were created in so that YOU don’t PRODUCE the RESULTS you were created to produce. Now once you have CHANGED your IDENTITY and YOUR REALITY begins to MATCH the IDENTITY you either created or was FORCED on you, YOU COMPLETELY lose touch with the IMAGE you were CREATED in because the NEW IDENTITY is using ALL the VERY SAME faculties you were given to live in YOUR TRUE REALITY with. This is called BLINDNESS. When the MIND has NO ability to perceive ITSELF because it has been turned AGAINST itself, this is what the WORLD and it’s RELIGIONS do for you, they turn your MIND AGAINST the IMAGE it was created in and USES it as it’s OWN energy source.

See what YOU have to understand is, your SPIRIT can ONLY witness to truth if YOU are born of truth and you OPERATE in truth. What do I mean? I’m NOT saying that the ONLY way you can RECOGNIZE TRUTH is if you are of a CERTAIN GENETIC LAYOUT, I’m saying that if you are the real thing in your GENETICS it means NOTHING if your MIND NEVER connects with the TOTALITY of that and you spend your LIFE trying to figure out ways to embrace LIES, but reap the BENEFIT of TRUTH in your LIFE. Again ALL we have to do is look at Hawah, she got PLAYED and she got DEATH trying to use the GENETICS given of The Most High in an IDENTITY and REALITY she was NOT created in.

So we understand that the FREE CHOICE ILLUSION that we get from the world and this EVIL government IS NOT FREE CHOICE at all, it’s a trap. Because we have been slaves for so long and really NEVER used our OWN MIND for OUR OWN LIFE in the way that CHALLENGES the NORM and sets STANDARDS of LIVING that were FORCED on us for the ones we were CREATED with, we often feel that we have NO rites to do that WITHOUT someone ELSE’S permission or GUIDANCE. This is ALSO a device. You ever notice just HOW easy and COMFORTABLE it feels to see Black Men and Women COMPLETELY disrespect one another, WE even make JOKES about it. Black men will call their VERY OWN woman a “BITCH” and complain when she ACTUALLY lives up to the name he gave her. Sisters can EASILY disrespect their Husbands CROWN AND THEIR VERY OWN with their DISPLAY of WOMANHOOD, AND THINKS SHE’S ACTUALLY WINNING, but when they ARE TREATED the VERY SAME way they DISPLAY themselves, THAT part of the REALITY isn’t welcome. Well the bottomline is this, YOU either CREATED your own IDENTITY or one was FORCED on you, and that IDENTITY brings a REALITY with it. The problem with IDENTITY and REALITY is, it HOLDS YOU PRISONER, or CAPTIVE to them as long as you DO NOT ENERGIZE the IDENTITY and REALITY you were CREATED in. What do I mean?

The MASTER TEACHER has taught us that the ONLY IMAGE The Most High endorses for MANKIND is the one he CREATED for MANKIND. This is WHY he sent his son, to give us the TRUE IMAGE we were created in because at that time JUST like this one you had RELIGION and LAWS giving MANKIND his IDENTITY as OPPOSED to the IMAGE we were CREATED in. When the MASTER came to REDEEM us BACK to The Most High, we say it was HIS BLOOD THAT saved us, or the SHEDDING of his BLOOD. A LOT of Christian think that PLEADING the BLOOD of Jesus does something, I ASSURE YOU it’s NOT doing what you THINK. Why do I say that? FIRST it’s the WRONG type of BLOOD, ONLY the BLOOD of MANKIND does The Most High respond to, but what people ARE NOT understanding is it wasn’t JUST because HE shed blood being BLAMELESS, it was HIS PARTICULAR BLOOD that was the SIGNIFICANCE. He was the SON OF MAN or the SON OF MANKIND, so what that means is HIS BLOOD TYPE COMPLETELY covered ALL of MANKIND, meaning HIS BLOOD had to be SHED BECAUSE HIS BLOOD SPOKE for the TOTALITY of MANKIND. Abel’s blood spoke to The Most High because he DIED for the CAUSE of The Most High being MANKIND, so what that is telling us is THE BLOOD OF MANKIND had to be shed AFTER being TEMPTED in the VERY SAME WAYS they were tempted in the GARDEN, but WITHOUT EMBRACING ANOTHER IDENTITY or IMAGE, SIN. So with HIM being the REPRESENTATIVE of MANKIND to CONQUER the GARDEN and the EVILS and ILLUSIONS we were held CAPTIVE to, HIS BLOOD had to be shed RESISTING that VERY SAME EVIL. So we see that it WAS NOT JUST BLOOD SHED, it was the VERY SAME BLOOD Adom had in the garden that was shed in order to REDEEM MANKIND BACK to The Most High and GIVE US ACCESS to the GARDEN again…

Tomorrow we continue our course


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