Good Morning Ysrayl…

I trust all is well with you this morning. Yesterday we talked about the ILLUSION of free choice that we get from the world and how that the IDENTITY we accept CREATES a REALITY for us to OPERATE in.

When we talk about ILLUSIONS and REALITY we HAVE to understand the POWER that ALL these things have and how they EFFECT our LIFE, LOVE and PARADISE. We talked about Adom and Hawah and how they changed their IDENTITY to match that which they were NOT CREATED IN and we see that it OBVIOUSLY effected their REALITY and caused them to BEHAVE in ways that they were NOT created to BEHAVE. So we see VERY CLEARLY that APPLYING ENERGY to a certain IMAGE gives us a CERTAIN RESULT based on the IMAGE we were created IN. It’s CLEARLY written that those that BELIEVE in the NAME of the SON of The Most High, the SON of his GENETICS, the SON who came to show us the TRUE IDENTITY we were created in, the same would be SALVAGED, MEANING RESCUED. Rescued or SALVAGED from WHAT though? IGNORANCE, DEATH OF THE MIND, BLINDNESS, ANOTHER IMAGE, etc. See you have these goofy ass teachers and preachers got y’all running around talking about you “SAVED”, but when you asked these same people EXACTLY WHAT are they saved from usually they have NO response or they say some stupid shit like they were SAVED from HELL. Question, HOW can you be SAVED from HELL if you HAVE NOT BEEN JUDGED YET? The ONLY way from someone to say they have been SAVED from HELL is if they have STOOD before the JUDGEMENT SEAT and been SPARED from DEATH. But they worship the IMAGE of the BEAST “SCREAMIN” that they saved because YOU accepted an IDENTITY that CREATES it’s VERY OWN REALITY within their UNDERSTANDING of LIFE. This is the VERY same thing the serpent did for you in the GARDEN, this is how we were MARKED BY THE BEAST in the GARDEN. They ACCEPTED REALITIES given to them by someone who had an AGENDA for them.

When we read that Lucifer transforms HIMSELF into an angel of light, what you are reading is EVIDENCE of an AGENDA. If there were NO AGENDA there would be NO need for HIM TO CHANGE HIS IDENTITY before he minsters to you. Why does he HAVE to change HIMSELF into a MINISTER of LIGHT? Because YOU are the CHILDREN of LIGHT, so in ORDER to DECEIVE you he HAS to change his OWN IDENTITY to an IDENTITY that LOOKS as if it’s HELPING YOUR SITUATION. But in ALL actuality he’s just HELPING YOU to EMBRACE HIS IMAGE as opposed to the one you were CREATED in. And most of us DON’T usually mind that because of the IGNORANCE placed on our people that cause us to USUALLY COMPLETELY fuck our LIFE up through IGNORANCE, THEN we see need for ASSISTANCE from JESUS/THE BEAST in order to get things BACK in order for us. See one thing that I want y’all to see is this, OF COURSE by now if you been reading these writings that JESUS is the LIE and an ILLUSION. So WHO was RESPONSIBLE for ALL of the BEAUTY and the WORK put in to CHANGE your image from what you USED TO BE? What do I mean? When YOU became a Christian YOU BECAME of the CHRISTIAN IDENTITY, correct? Meaning there is a CERTAIN way CHRISTIANS are SUPPOSED to behave themselves, correct? So NOW that you know when YOU came to JESUS or who YOU thought was JESUS or whoever, the IDENTITY that you were RUNNING from ONLY had POWER over you in the REALITY that you were IN AT THE TIME. This is WHY when you became a CHRISTIAN and your IDENTITY CHANGED it was easy for your BEHAVIOR to change. But YOU say it was THE BEAST that helped you change into the person you are today. You see how these ILLUSIONS work? You put in ALL the WORK to change YOUR OWN LIFE, AFTER you CHANGED your IDENTITY, but YOU give ALL the GLORY to the BEAST(marked by the beast). So JUST WHO is the one controlling ALL those WONDERFUL FACULTIES given to you of The Most High to serve HIM with and your family?

Hawah was created to be a HELPMATE or a HELPMEET, but what we see her helping herself to in the garden is the IMAGE of ANOTHER that told her she could be like the GODS. Meaning SHE would have control over her OWN LIFE to say this or that. But what I want y’all to see is, SHE ALREADY had REAL POWER over her LIFE. What do I mean? This woman was HANDCRAFTED for Adom, so what that means is, SHE was his strength AND his WEAKNESS. She ALONE had the ABILITY to OPERATE in the REALITY she was CREATED IN and COMPLETELY turn that man INTO NOTHING, to the point that she could have asked for ANYTHING and PROBABLY got two more JUST because of WHO she was and THE POWER SHE HAD WITH HIM. Just like MANY of you reading this, YOU have to REALIZE YOU were CREATED in an IMAGE and THAT IMAGE IS THE ONLY WAY you will see LIFE and PARADISE, that’s the way it’s ALWAYS been. But guess who KNOWS that YOU are OUTSIDE the GARDEN and will do ANYTHING to get BACK to that PARADISE? And just like Hawah, guess who’s willing to put in the work to provide you with the NECESSARY ILLUSIONS to HARNESS ALL of the ENERGY that YOU are WILLING to GENERATE to get back to that place?

Please understand this y’all, there is NOTHING NEW under the sun. Lucifer has kept us OUTSIDE the garden since the MASTER TEACHER not ONLY taught us, but provided the way BACK into the garden. How has he kept us OUTSIDE the garden? Through bondage AND accepting the IDENTITY of our captures. Shortly AFTER the MessiYAH was ASCENDED we as a PEOPLE were DRIVEN OUT of our land, which is ALSO SYMBOLISM of being DRIVEN OUTSIDE our minds again. So Lucifer was CLEVER ENOUGH to NEVER even allow the GIFT of LIFE and the TEACHING of the MASTER to take root IN THE REALITY IT WAS CREATED IN. Of course he COULD NOT take away the GIFT given, so what he had to do is make the GIFT of NONE EFFECT or understanding through FEAR, TORMENT, SLAVERY, RELIGION etc. The GIFT is made of NONE EFFECT because NO ONE has their IDENTITY intact, so the IMAGE that YOU are embracing is the ONLY ONE BENEFITING from the GIFT that was given to you of the MASTER, because it’s the ONLY one RECEIVING from ALL the ENERGY you put into it…

Tomorrow we continue our course


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