Good Morning Ysrayl…

I trust all is well with you this morning. Yesterday we talked about the way the IDENTITY we ACCEPT is the IDENTITY that CREATES our REALITY for us, and how that REALITY is the ONLY thing we can see to OPERATE in because IT is using ALL the VERY same faculties given to us of The Most High to help NAVIGATE our LIFE.

When you turn on the TELEVISION so it can TELL YOU A VISION. Basically what YOU are getting is SOMEONE else’s REALITY or someone ELSE’S MIND concerning THIS OR THAT. The SCARY part about that is, the IMAGERY and the EMOTIONS and UNDERSTANDINGS that it GENERATES, CREATES a REALITY for you LITERALLY INSTANTLY. What do I mean? Well WHAT do you need to create a REALITY PURPOSELY? Your PERSON needs to be able to CONNECT with a CERTAIN IDENTITY, meaning there HAS to be AN IMAGE presented, or a SITUATION PRESENTED to draw an CONCLUSION of BEHAVIOR as it RELATES to YOU and the SITUATION being PRESENTED to you. So basically ALL you need is a HALFWAY working BRAIN and EMOTIONS to CONNECT you to an IDENTITY that PLACES you in a CERTAIN REALITY. And based on the IDENTITY ACCEPTED and the UNDERSTANDING of REALITY as it CORRELATES to that IDENTITY, is what gives way to a certain BEHAVIOR. So what TELEVISION was DESIGNED to do was CREATE your REALITIES FOR YOU to operate IN. So when you SEE a CERTAIN IMAGE or BEHAVIOR, IMMEDIATELY and UNCONSCIOUSLY your MIND connects ITSELF to the IMAGERY or SITUATION that it’s being PRESENTED with to formulate an UNDERSTANDING about ITSELF as concerning what is being PRESENTED. And once it CONNECTS ITSELF to what’s being PRESENTED, the MIND/SOUL begins to CREATE a REALITY within ITSELF with the EMOTIONS that were given you of The Most High to serve him and your family WITH. Once those EMOTIONS are connected to WHATEVER IMAGERY or SITUATION that’s being PRESENTED, then it begins to BUILD on the IDENTITY that was ACCEPTED by YOU, and as that IDENTITY is STRENGTHENED it CREATES a BROADER, STRONGER and more BOLD REALITY for you to OPERATE in. This is JUST from TELEVISION ALONE.

Remember me saying the other day that having an EVIL twin is LIKE having someone who has UNDERSTANDING of the way YOU are DESIGNED to OPERATE and RECEIVE LIFE, but THEY are DESIGNED to RECEIVE their understanding of LIFE in ways that CREATE DEATH for you? Well those that ARE NOT of the GENETICS of The Most High would NOT receive LIFE the SAME way we would as the CHILDREN of LIGHT because they DO NOT have LIGHT or LIFE within ANY of their GENETICS to WITNESS to LIFE in any form. This is why understanding YOURSELF and YOUR design is so important. There is a MULTIPLICITY of the UNDERSTANDINGS of LIFE and LOVE, correct? Now let me ask YOU this, if ALL YOUR genetics come from the KINGDOM of DARKNESS and the ANIMAL KINGDOM, would YOUR understanding and VERSION of LIFE and LOVE be the same as MINE? ABSOLUTELY NOT, COMPLETELY different MIND, COMPLETELY different UNDERSTANDING of LIFE and what WITNESSES to YOUR GENETICS, COMPLETELY different MOTIVES and UNDERSTANDINGS on HOW and WHY the URGES in YOUR GENETICS SHOULD BE capitalized on, etc. So basically what you have is an UNDERSTANDING of LIFE and the WAY it SHOULD be LIVED WRITTEN in the GENETICS of WHATEVER BEING is in question(BE FRUITFUL and MULTIPLY, REPLENISH the EARTH and SUBDUE IT).

So now that we understand that there is a VERSION of LIFE, LOVE and PARADISE that is COMPLETELY EVIL to The Most High because it serves a COMPLETELY different IMAGE and has COMPLETELY different motives for capitalizing on these things, AND ORIGINATES from a COMPLETELY different MIND, we see that THE CHOICE of LIFE and DEATH that is LAID before ALL MANKIND has been COMPLETELY DISTORTED by the MIND of that EVIL TWIN. When YOU ACCEPT a PEOPLE’S UNDERSTANDING of LIFE that DO NOT bear ANY of YOUR GENETICS, YOU become the FLUNKY INSTANTANEOUSLY. YOU are COMPLETELY OUTSIDE of the REALITY and UNDERSTANDING of LIFE that you were created to LIVE and OPERATE IN. We were CREATED out of LOVE and IN LOVE, NOT out of REBELLION and EVIL intentions. So what that means is, LOVE in the UNDERSTANDING we were CREATED in is the ONLY thing that MINISTERS LIFE to OUR GENETICS. Obviously we know LOVE itself MANIFESTS ITSELF in more ways that can be understood, but the LOVE that ORIGINATES from The Most High is the ONLY TYPE of LOVE that we receive LIFE from. So WE Hebrews would have to say THIS is true LOVE, or the LOVE that CREATES and NOURISHES TRUTH.

What do I mean by a LOVE that GENERATES TRUTH? My baby was DESIGNED to receive LOVE from me, correct? But that LOVE HAS to be coupled with is the TRUTH of her DESIGN ITSELF. What that means is, their is a TRUTH that is in her GENETICS, meaning there is a TRUTH that EVEN she can’t hide about herself. So my job is to TAILOR ALL the energy and LOVE that I have for her into USABLE ENERGY and LOVE. See we BROTHAS and some SISTERS, even though it’s less common, often times ONLY HAVE a SINGULAR DIMENSIONAL understanding of the application of LOVE because that’s what we are taught by our GENTILE COUNTERPARTS. So we see love as a thing that you HOLD IN YOUR HEART and UNDERSTANDING of a person, but WE WERE NOT created that way. What do I mean? Adom was CREATED to WORK to SHOW his LOVE for The Most High and RECEIVE the REWARD of PLEASURE and PARADISE, so The Most High’s DESIGN of the WOMAN NATURALLY would bear the VERY SAME GENETIC MAKE UP correct, if SHE is the ONE to bring YOU PLEASURE and PARADISE. Now what THAT translates into as concerning my baby is, WE BOTH were designed to SHOW LOVE THROUGH our ACTIONS and EXPRESSIONS towards ONE ANOTHER. Brothas, why do your woman respond so well to the EFFORT that YOU put in her for CARE and COMFORT? Because it cost YOU something, meaning YOU seen HER value ON YOUR OWN and YOU responded in a WAY that was A SACRIFICE to YOUR being, correct? Do you SEE why Hawah MAY have felt the way she DID when she MAY have not GOTTEN the NECESSARY show of LOVE that witnesses to GENETICS HER VALUE TO HIM? See brothas it’s easy being the HEAD to see LOVE from the BODY because it ain’t REALLY got much of a choice if it wants to stay ALIVE but to comply. But HOW does the BODY receive LIFE if the HEAD DOES NOT apply REAL ENERGY to BUILD and STRENGTHEN body after it’s service?

Why is this SOOO IMPORTANT brothas? IDENTITY and REALITY… Well if there is a LOVE that my baby was designed to get because it’s in her GENETICS, what that means is that type of LOVE is the ONLY TYPE OF LOVE that builds the IDENTITY that CREATES the REALITY SHE and I BOTH were CREATED to OPERATE in(PARADISE). See JUST like the TELEVISION, TELLS A VISION of LIFE and LOVE to your woman that WITNESSES to a CERTAIN IDENTITY that she MAY have EMBRACED that CAUSES a REALITY to be PRESENT in her, YOU HAVE TO TELL HER THE VISION of LIFE and LOVE that SHE was CREATED to LIVE and OPERATE in, that’s how it works brothas. Like I said, who do YOU see putting REAL ENERGY and WORK INTO BUILDING the WOMAN that was GIVEN TO Adom? And What was the IDENTITY and REALITY gained from THAT WORK put into the woman? Do you see how it works, YOU WILL show her the VISION of LIFE and LOVE that her GENETICS witnesses to that WILL CREATE the IDENTITY she was CREATED in, which ALLOWS the REALITY of PARADISE that she was CREATED and DESIGNED to bring YOU, or SHE will have an IDENTITY CREATED within her that YOU has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with YOU that may have been pieced together from here and there. And of course an IDENTITY in that STANDING WILL definitely have a PHYSICAL, SPIRITUAL and PSYCHOLOGICAL ENERGY SIPHON connected to it that is READY and WILLING to CREATE a REALITY for you to OPERATE IN…

Tomorrow we continue our course



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