Good Morning Ysrayl…

I trust all is well with you this morning. Yesterday we talked the IDENTITY and REALITY that we are GIVEN through avenues such as TELEVISION, and we talked about the IDENTITY and REALITY that we have POWER to build INTENTIONALLY.

When an UNCLEAN SPIRIT possesses a person’s MIND/SOUL what they are doing is HIJACKING that person’s COMPLETE BEING and ALL the FACULTIES within that being. So essentially what happens is the SPIRIT ITSELF LITERALLY becomes ONE with the person and it USES their body and FACULTIES to CREATE and OPERATE within the REALITY that that particular SPIRIT ORIGINATES from. Example, let’s take a SPIRIT that was born of the KINGDOM of DARKNESS with it’s GENETICS hard wired into a certain sexual perversion. That particular SPIRIT LITERALLY lives in TORMENT if he is NOT inside of a BODY and if he is NOT ALLOWED to perform WHATEVER his GENETICS are HARD WIRED TO DO through someone ELSE’S being to CREATE the REALITY that he was BIRTHED INTO. So we see that SPIRITS have the AGENDA of RE-CREATING the REALITY of their ORIGIN. This is why EVIL people ONLY produce EVIL, even when they are being nice. It has NOTHING to do with FEELINGS, it’s about CREATING a REALITY for THEMSELVES to operate in. Have y’all ever been around someone that JUST HAS TO BE in the MIDDLE of some BULLSHIT all the time, or they ALWAYS GETTIN some BULLSHIT started? This person is lead by the SPIRIT of CONFUSION which manifests itself in the person as a BUSY BODY in the PHYSICAL form. What the ULTIMATE OBJECTIVE of the SPIRIT influencing this person is to CREATE REALITIES of HELL and CONFUSION for people to OPERATE IN. That’s LITERALLY how it works.

But what’s even worse than that is, while that SPIRIT is MINISTERING to you through that person, it is STROKING ALL the NECESSARY EMOTIONS to CONNECT YOU with an IDENTITY that MIMICS the IDENTITY of the SPIRIT that YOU are entertaining. Now JUST WHAT do YOU think you gone do with that brand NEW IDENTITY provided to you by WHOEVER and their SPIRITS? CREATE a WONDERFUL NEW REALITY TO live and GROW STRONGER and BOLDER IN, correct? Now I want to ask y’all if you paying ATTENTION, do you SEE “be FRUITFUL and MULTIPLY, REPLENISH the EARTH and SUBDUE IT” being CAPITALIZED on? What do I mean? YOU were created to be FRUITFUL and MULTIPLY, correct? But being in IGNORANCE of WHO you are MUST stop the WORD of The Most High written in your GENETICS, correct? WRONG, it’s just USED by the KINGDOM of DARKNESS to REPLENISH the EARTH in DARKNESS as OPPOSED to PARADISE. So you see JUST how CLEVER this WHOLE IDENTITY and REALITY thing WORKS? If YOUR enemies can FILL you with ENOUGH of THEIR BULLSHIT, YOU will build THEIR WORLD for THEM while you are SICK and DYING trying to SURVIVE in it AFTER YOU build it for them. Very very CLEVER… The WHOLE time you just having a BEAUTIFUL time serving and worshiping THE BEAST and giving AWAY EVERYTHING that the TRUE MESSIYAH and TRUE KING OF THE TRUE LINEAGE OF KINGS ON THE EARTH YAHushua died for YOU to have LIFE and PARADISE with.

But we have been made to believe that LIFE is about FUN and PLEASURES, so there is NO REGARD for the ACTUAL PRICE that it COST for YOU to have the GIFT that you were given. What do I mean? When you teach people to VIEW LIFE from the understanding that the WORLD and it’s RELIGIONS provide, the pursuit is to RE-CREATE the ILLUSION of LIFE being PRESENTED. Which is ALL about YOU giving AWAY EVERYTHING you have to SOMEONE ELSE for THEIR understanding of the WAY YOUR LIFE should be LIVED ACCORDING to THEIR GENETICS. This is why you can have FULLY GROWN black men walking around wearing TWO THOUSAND DOLLAR pair of FUCKIN BLUE JEANS, that has the NAME of SOME WHITE MAN on them, but they HAVE ABSOLUTELY NO UNDERSTANDING of RESPONSIBILITY to his WOMAN, CHILDREN and PEOPLE. This is HOW you can have people GO TO CHURCH and FILL themselves with a RELIGION that they are told comes from the CREATOR, but EVERYBODY RUSHIN to give their LOVE, MONEY, RESPECT, ADORATION ETC to a man that DOES NOT have ENOUGH respect for them to tell them the TRUTH about themselves, as opposed to USING them for their OWN personal ego stroking and gain. It’s about YOU BUILDING and SERVING a VERSION of PARADISE that DOES NOT witness to YOUR GENETICS, and some of us are so fucked up that we don’t even SEE that THEY ARE THE ONLY ONES ENJOYING THIS PARADISE we built for them.

Yesterday I was at the store and I was standing in line behind a young brotha who wasn’t doing ANYTHING WRONG necessarily, BUT EVERYTHING about the brotha IRRITATED the FUCK out of me to the point that I HAD to just go to the back of the line. First he had his dirty ass pants hangin off his ass so the world could see his dingy ass fuckin draws. Now let me say this and I DON’T GIVE A FUCK WHO IS OFFENDED, FULLY GROWN ASS FUCKIN MEN WALKING AROUND WITH YOUR WHOLE GODDAMN ASS SHOWING IS NOT FUCKING CUTE. EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU FULLY GROWN ASS BLACK MEN DOING THAT BULLSHIT NEED TO BE COMPLETELY FUCKIN ASHAMED OF YOUR DISPLAY OF MANHOOD. YOU LOOK LIKE A FUCKING DUMB ASS, AND JUST BECAUSE YOU ARE SO FUCKIN SIDEWAYS AS TO THINK THAT A FULLY GROWN MAN SHOWING HIS FUCKING ASS IS SOMEHOW ACCEPTABLE, I WILL BE THE FIRST TO TELL YOU. NIGGA YOU LOOK GAY AS A FUCKING FOUR DOLLAR BILL, AND YOUR DISPLAY OF MANHOOD NEEDS TO BE SHOT IN THE FUCKING FACE… BY YOU… But anyway, as I was standing in the line he was on the phone and NOT only was he talking SO LOUD that he may as well been on speaker phone, but his conversation was JUST as FUCKED UP as he looked. He was talking about BITCHES did this to him and HOES did that to him. Now we are in a store were it was ONLY black people shopping and in the line rite behind him was sisters and small children. Now ANYONE who know me personally, KNOWS that I had ALREADY generated about THIRTY different ways to incapacitate his stupid ass and stuff that fuckin phone down his throat ALL in ONE movement in my mind. But they SAY you shouldn’t really do people like that UNLESS they pose a threat to you, so I walked to the back of the line. But while I was back there I looked at the situation and thought to myself, HERE is A FULLY grown man standing IN FRONT of ALL these sisters and children and his display of MANHOOD resembles some shit from “In Living Color”. And you could see CLEAR as day the DESIGN of that SITUATION. What do I mean by DESIGN of that SITUATION. These Black Women and Children are looking at THIS display of MANHOOD and THEY are FORCED to draw a CONCLUSION of THEIR OWN VALUE somewhat, BASED SOLELY on BULLSHIT like THIS. What do I mean by that? What OTHER IMAGE and DISPLAY of MANHOOD is WITHIN THEIR GRASP that WITNESSES TO THEIR GENETICS? And that y’all is the COMPLETE PICTURE of DEATH of the MIND… The ONLY IMAGE of The Most High for many of these women and children to draw from is that IMAGE rite there. Now let me ask y’all this. What type of IDENTITY is GONNA be formed by women who have NO way to CONNECT to the IMAGE they were formed in THROUGH the DISPLAY of MANHOOD, and JUST WHAT type of REALITY is that IDENTITY gonna CREATE for them and their children?…

Tomorrow we continue our course


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