Good Morning Ysrayl…

I trust all is well with you this morning. Yesterday we talked about evil spirits OBJECTIVE being to RE-CREATE the REALITY they were birthed into, and how they MANIFEST themselves in people we entertain.

See what we HAVE to understand y’all is that ALL these things happen ALL the time REGARDLESS if you are AWARE of it or not. As the Children of Light we HAVE to understand that there is ONLY LIGHT within YOU. Why do I say that? Because we were CREATED OUT of LOVE, we NATURALLY gravitate towards LOVE as opposed to ANYTHING ELSE. Why do YOU think that is? WHY do fish swim, why do birds fly, this is what they were CREATED to do, correct? So we see that PRETTY MUCH EVERYTHING is LOCKED UP by the word of The Most High written in there GENETICS, correct? Let me ask y’all a question, what would happen if FISH stopped swimming, or if birds STOPPED flying, what do you THINK their LIFE would AMOUNT to FOR THEM? Well if he was CREATED to FLY this means that ALL of his GENETICS receive LIFE through FLIGHT. What am I saying? Birds have wings because they were CREATED to FLY, correct? Well this is how they hunt for food, this is how they find mates. Flight is what they USE to build their nests in the trees, flight is how they escape the COLD winters and how they ENJOY the WARM summers. So it would be VERY easy to say that FLIGHT EQUALS LIFE in EVERY aspect of the word, correct? Yes, this IS correct but there IS a very big problem with FLIGHT and our PARTICULAR bird that was CREATED to fly and thinks that he SHOULD be FLYING far above the bullshit that the WORLD provides. Do y’all know what that big problem is? The problem is the birds that weren’t CREATED to fly.

Many would say WHAT the hell a FLIGHTLESS bird gon do to stop a bird with the GIFT of FLIGHT. Well this is the way it works. The birds that receive LIFE through FLIGHT ONLY have a ONE SIDED understanding of LIFE as it CORRELATES to birds and their JOBS of bringing GLORY to The Most High. What am I saying? Birds of FLIGHT have a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT view of the world then FLIGHTLESS birds have, and MANY would NOT think that to be somewhat of a HANDICAP for the birds of FLIGHT, but it is. Why do you think that is? Well birds of FLIGHT view the world from the abilities given through their GENETICS which ALLOW for a CERTAIN perspective to be build upon, and one thing that IS ALWAYS built upon is the birds of FLIGHT OFTEN times don’t recognize that ALL birds DO NOT receive LIFE this way because they were NEVER given the GENETICS to do so. So what we would need to look at is, EXACTLY WHAT standard of LIFE the FLIGHTLESS bird was confined to because of his GENETICS. Well OBVIOUSLY there is no FLYING high above danger when it presents itself, obviously hunting would be an issue, birds of flight eat the best because their GENETICS designed it that way. Also nesting would be an issue as well because there is SAFETY in the TREES, but when you HAVE to nest on the ground it’s safe to say that LIFE feels A LOT less guaranteed, correct?

Many may STILL NOT see a problem affecting the birds of flight yet, I mean what does the FLIGHTLESS bird’s issues have to do with the birds with the GIFT of FLIGHT? Well the GIFT of FLIGHT does TWO things in the MIND of the birds that have it written in their GENETICS, ONE it makes them IGNORANT to the FACT that NOT ALL BIRDS were created to FLY. What do I mean? Birds of FLIGHT DO NOT have the SAME challenges as NON FLIGHT birds so the REALITY of the NON FLIGHT birds is a REALITY that DIFFERS very MUCH from the REALITY of the birds of FLIGHT. Because the FLIGHTLESS birds GENETICS have them BOUND to the EARTH, it would be safe to say that the REALITY of these birds and their SURVIVAL is SOLELY based on HOW CLEVER and CRAFTY they are to MANIPULATE their way through LIFE. The birds with the GIFT of FLIGHT is in IGNORANCE of JUST what the REALITY of being EARTH BOUND is, and what EXACTLY was GIVEN to them to NAVIGATE that REALITY. So does ANYONE know the REAL problem for the birds of FLIGHT, I mean he can FLY far above most of his problems and just find a better location and place in LIFE, correct? I mean the GIFT of FLIGHT given to the GENETICS of these birds is ALL the WITNESS you need to understand the WAY they were CREATED and DESIGNED to operate in the REALITY they were created in, correct?…

The Problem for the birds of FLIGHT is IDENTITY. Why is IDENTITY an issue? They SHARE the VERY SAME IDENTITY with the FLIGHTLESS birds, they are BOTH birds. See birds of FLIGHT HAVE NO REASON to be concerned with the REALITY of the FLIGHTLESS birds because their REALITY is of a DIFFERENT origin and UNDERSTANDING, so they are COMPLETELY unaware of the REALITY that EARTHBOUND birds HAVE to OPERATE in because it’s the ONLY thing that witnesses LIFE to their GENETICS. Y’all remember I said yesterday that UNCLEAN SPIRITS WHOLE objective is to RE-CREATE the REALITY within YOU that they were BIRTHED into so THEY can receive what witnesses to their understanding of LIFE and to their GENETICS and REPLENISH the EARTH with it? Well the DISADVANTAGE of DARKNESS is OBVIOUSLY NO ABILITY to RECEIVE LIFE and LIGHT, the PROBLEM with that though is they STILL need SOME TYPE OF ENERGY SOURCE. What do I mean? Spirits are BOUND to a CERTAIN REALITY this is why you have the SPIRITS of THIS or THAT, because a spirit is BOUND to a certain REALITY to RE-CREATE it on the EARTH. So if someone has the spirit of CONFUSION that has possession of their being that person’s WHOLE LIFE IS CENTERED AROUND causing as MUCH FUCKING CONFUSION and HELL as they POSSIBLY can, because CONFUSION is in the GENETICS of the SPIRIT in control.

Now what does this have to do with our birds of FLIGHT understanding of HIMSELF? Well if he IDENTIFIES HIMSELF ONLY as a BIRD he is SUBJECT to WHATEVER UNDERSTANDINGS and MISUNDERSTANDINGS come along with the title for ONE. But for TWO, HIM only recognizing HIMSELF as a BIRD and NOT WHAT HIS GENETICS WITNESS to him, that makes HIM SUBJECT to the REALITIES of the FLIGHTLESS birds. What do I mean? Remember the FLIGHTLESS birds are CONFINED to a REALITY that calls for him to receive LIFE in a COMPLETELY different way than our bird of FLIGHT, so the bird of FLIGHT ONLY IDENTIFYING HIMSELF as a bird somewhat GIVES him RESPONSIBILITY to ALL BIRDS because HE NEVER CONNECTED with the fact that HIS GENETICS put him in a COMPLETELY different REALITY, a REALITY that NOT all birds were given to OPERATE in. So it’s safe to say that the bird of FLIGHT is FLYING WITH THE BURDEN TWO DIFFERENT IDENTITIES, the IDENTITY that is written in his GENETICS and the IDENTITY that the FLIGHTLESS birds and the rest of the world puts on him because he is CALLED a bird.

This is the REALITY we live in Ysrayl, we have the BURDEN of TWO IDENTITIES weighing us down. And because of the BEAUTY and IGNORANCE of our hearts often times we ALLOW for the REALITIES of the FLIGHTLESS birds and their SITUATION to pull at our heart strings and cause us to make the decision to see OURSELVES ONLY as BIRDS that have RESPONSIBILITY to bear the BURDENS of the FLIGHTLESS birds. So we see that birds of FLIGHT are OFTEN GROUNDED by the IDENTITY of just plain old birds, and are FORCED to live in a REALITY were they are SUBJECT to the SPIRITS and REALITIES of the FLIGHTLESS birds…

Tomorrow we continue our course


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