Good Morning Ysrayl…

I trust all is well with you this morning. Yesterday we talked about the REALITY that the birds of flight live in and how it differs from the REALITY that birds without the gift of flight dwell in.

The Bottom line is this y’all, there IS a REALITY that witness to the GENETICS of ALL beings and WE as the Children of Light HAVE to understand this if we ARE to sustain LIFE and it’s just that SIMPLE. As I said yesterday, when you have a bird who’s GENETICS on ALL LEVELS PHYSICAL, PSYCHOLOGICAL and SPIRITUAL say that his REALITY is DESIGNED to be one of a DIFFERENT design than all other species, if he is GIVEN, FORCED UPON, or ALLOWED a DIFFERENT REALITY to be the ONE that he makes his because he CHANGED his IDENTITY to that of a bird WITHOUT the GIFT of FLIGHT, is he living the WORD of The Most High WRITTEN in his GENETICS? ABSOLUTELY NOT… See what we HAVE to understand y’all is this, MARRIAGE is a CERTAIN REALITY correct? And as we have learned REALITIES are formed through the IDENTITY that ONE OR the TWO have ACCEPTED as REALITY, correct? Well let me ask you this, if YOUR spouses REALITY is DEPENDENT on the IDENTITY they ACCEPT, would YOU leave it SOLELY up to THEM to BUILD the IDENTITY that witnesses to BOTH of y’alls REALITY, or would YOU see this as YOUR RESPONSIBILITY as well because it is CREATING a REALITY for YOU to operate in? I mean wouldn’t be JUST as much MY responsibility to BUILD a CERTAIN IDENTITY in my baby if it’s causing OUR REALITY?

See some of us have to understand that REALITY with OUR spouse is the REALITY that we live in. What do I mean? I told y’all before my baby KNOW she is Queen, but it’s NOT just because I call her one, or even that her all her GENETICS say Queen, but she KNOW she’s Queen ALSO because that’s the IDENTITY that I build for her based on MY IDENTITY and REALITY. So it’s safe to say that BOTH of our REALITY is effected by MY VIEW of MYSELF or the IDENTITY that I allow onto myself which CREATES OUR REALITY, correct? Now BECAUSE she is ALREADY Queen in her GENETICS what that means is I had to IDENTIFY with WHO and WHAT she was IN HER GENETICS and BUILD her ACCORDING to that if the IDENTITY is TRUE, correct? Let me ask you brothas a question. Do you believe it’s possible to live in PEACE with a woman who has Queen WRITTEN IN HER GENETICS in the REALITY of PARADISE if she is NOT getting her IDENTITY built ACCORDING to her GENETICS? I mean look at it like this, does her KNOWING she’s a Queen within the IDENTITY she GIVES HERSELF, give her the ENERGY to MAINTAIN that level of Queen on ALL levels for you? Yesterday while we were talking about the different birds do you remember me saying that the birds of FLIGHT have to bear the BURDEN of the FLIGHTLESS birds if they are to RECOGNIZE themselves ONLY as birds? Brothas this is the picture of marriage when your woman IS NOT built according to the IDENTITY within her GENETICS, she is FORCED to bear the BURDEN of just a plain old bird when SHE was CREATED to FLY far above the IDENTITIES and REALITIES that the FLIGHTLESS birds live in. See this is how it works, IF your woman has the GENETICS and UNDERSTANDING to be a Queen, it HAS to be ENERGIZED by YOU. What do I mean by that? Y’all ever watched a baby eagle learning how to fly? The fact that ALL of his GENETICS on ALL LEVELS say that HE is SUPPOSED to be in the air DO NOT PUT HIM IN THE AIR. If you watch those baby Eagles they are LEARNING how to FLY from BIRTH, why do I say that? Because they have ONLY been around other birds of FLIGHT to draw an UNDERSTANDING of the WAY he is to OPERATE within the GENETICS he was given. So it’s SAFE to say that HE is ONLY able to FLY ULTIMATELY because SOMEONE ELSE SHOWED HIM HOW to OPERATE in the GENETICS he was GIVEN, correct?

So we would ALSO have to say that the WAY his parents HUNT for prey is teaching him the way he is to HUNT, but it is ALSO teaching HIM HIS RESPONSIBILITY as it CORRELATES to HIS GIFT of FLIGHT. What do I mean? Well he is being GIVEN an IDENTITY FAR above the VIEW of the FLIGHTLESS birds, his IDENTITY is being BUILT by and coming from a place that most FLIGHTLESS birds can’t even see. So we see that our EAGLE is getting the IDENTITY built that is according to his GENETICS, but he is ALSO getting an understand on just WHAT that IDENTITIES RESPONSIBILITY is to those that he will find in his very same FLIGHTLESS state one day. Brothas, YOUR woman LEARNS how to OPERATE in the REALITY of Queen if she is being TREATED like one of course, but what’s MOST IMPORTANT is THE IDENTITY that SHE has to DRAW from that GIVES her an EXAMPLE of HOW to operate within the GIFTS in the GENETICS she was given. See our baby EAGLE was CREATED to fly, but that GIFT of FLIGHT comes with a HUGE responsibility. See we have to remember that ALL Eagles have to go through a PHASE were they WANT to FLY and THEY KNOW THEY should be FLYING, but their STRENGTH and the ABILITY to OPERATE within the GENETICS given to them ARE JUST NOT THERE. Why do you think that is, why do you think that The Most High DESIGNED there to be a time in their LIFE were ALL their GENETICS are FIRING off the UNDERSTANDING that they ass is SUPPOSED to be in the air somewhere, but they just have to sit they ass still for a spell. I believe it’s for TWO reasons, ONE, NOBODY GETS SHIT SOLELY BASED ON THE FACT THAT THEY WANT IT, EVEN if ALL your GENETICS on ALL levels are WITNESSING that to you. TWO, WHO’S gonna TEACH YOU and HOW do you RESPOND to that teaching or EXAMPLE.

See we don’t REALIZE what MULTIPLYING the IMAGE really MEANS, most may think that it’s about something OTHER than BEING the PROPER EXAMPLE for SOMEONE to draw and UNDERSTANDING on HOW to OPERATE with the GENETICS given to them. Most wouldn’t THINK it’s as SIMPLE as CREATING an IDENTITY for your woman that ENERGIZES ALL of her FACULTIES to PERFORM in the CAPACITY of her design. Most wouldn’t THINK it’s ABOUT their DISPLAY of MANHOOD and HOW it correlates to the DESIGN written in her GENETICS. See one thing that I believe is we OVERLOOK ALL the CONTRIBUTING factors it takes to FLY like EAGLES. We can look at the Eagles nest far above all the BULLSHIT and devices he would be effected by down below. And most would see this as PRIVILEGE, but I DO NOT. Why do I say that? Well LITERALLY it’s FLIGHT OR DIE when you are that far up in the TREES, and the OLDER that eagle gets the BIGGER he gets and EVENTUALLY that nest WILL NOT be able to SUPPORT HIS DOUBTS and FEARS. So we see that even though our Eagle EVENTUALLY gained his WINGS, NOTHING at all was GIVEN to him in the understanding that MANY birds DON’T make the CUT, and as fucked up as it sounds, it ain’t NO USE to The Most High FOR AN EAGLE THAT WON’T FLY. So do we see JUST HOW important it is the PROPER IDENTITY is built so that it FACILITATES the REALITY and THE WORD written in OUR GENETICS?

Like I said a little while ago my RESPONSIBILITY as a King is NOT to just HAVE a Queen, I NEED to FIRST have the ABILITY to BUILD a Queen if I am to HAVE a TRUE Queen on ALL levels that can SUSTAIN LIFE in me. And that BUILDING is the EXAMPLE to HER of WHAT she is to DO with the GIFTS in her GENETICS, and HOW that HER STRENGTHENING herself in the UNDERSTANDING according to my EXAMPLE of RESPONSIBILITY and CARE that I put into MAKING sure she can fly as well. We ALL understand that EAGLES FLY alone, but many think that they fly alone because they are HARD WIRED that way, but I disagree. I believe they fly alone because their FLIGHT is of a DIFFERENT purpose, I believe Eagles fly ALONE because they REPRESENT the STRENGTH to STAND ALONE and FORCE GROWTH that GIVES them an IDENTITY that CREATES the REALITY that they BELONG in class of their own. So ULTIMATELY I don’t BELIEVE that EAGLES fly ALONE AT ALL, I believe they FLY TOGETHER in the understanding that they ALL MADE IT IN THE AIR…

Tomorrow we continue our course


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