Good Morning Ysrayl…

I trust all is well with you this morning. Yesterday we talked about the REALITY that the birds of FLIGHT live in and the way that REALITY is built. And we talked about there being a PURPOSE behind the GIFT of FLIGHT.

As I said yesterday we can look at our Eagle and draw an understanding of HOW he became a BIRD of FLIGHT. The problem with MOST conclusions and understandings is they USUALLY ALWAYS are drawn from a place of IGNORANCE. What do I mean when I say that? How many of us believe that Eagles FLY alone because that’s what they were CREATED to do? Now I want EVERYONE who said “yes” they BELIEVE that Eagles were created to fly ALONE, I want you to ask yourself who created YOU with the UNDERSTANDING that ALONE is GOOD for ONE, but then I want you to ask yourself if it’s POSSIBLE that a FLIGHTLESS bird would draw an understanding like that, or would a REAL AUTHENTIC EAGLE, a bird of FLIGHT have the same UNDERSTANDING of HIMSELF. Why do I say this? Well do y’all remember me saying yesterday that our Eagle has had his IDENTITY build in a PLACE by his PARENTS that MOST birds CAN’T EVEN SEE? Do you know what’s crazy about this situation, even though these FLIGHTLESS birds are STRONG ENOUGH to DRAW a CONCLUSION and UNDERSTANDING on our Eagle and what it took to build him into what he has become, they seem to NEVER become STRONG ENOUGH to join him IN THE AIR.

See what we have here is the REALITY of the TWO DIFFERENT types of birds, and these two REALITIES gives us the CLEAR picture of JUST what the birds of FLIGHT and the FLIGHTLESS IDENTITY and understanding of THEMSELVES have to do with the UNDERSTANDING they place on one another. What do I mean? FLIGHTLESS birds ONLY understand LIFE from a PLACE that is DESIGNED to KEEP birds OUT of the AIR. What do I mean by that? ANY conclusion drawn of a real bird of FLIGHT like our Eagle and what it took to put him in the AIR and KEEP him there, coming from a place were NO ONE has EVER even been off the ground CAN ONLY be an UNDERSTANDING that was DESIGNED to GROUND our Eagle in one understanding or another. What do I mean by that? As I said yesterday our Eagle was born and NOURISHED in a place that is FAR above any BULLSHIT what that means is, the IDENTITIES and REALITIES of the birds down below have NO weight with him, nor does he even RECOGNIZE the NEED to UNDERSTAND them, HE WAS TAUGHT HOW TO FLY. So what that means is his ONLY handicap is that the IDENTITIES and REALITIES that were CREATED and DESIGNED to KEEP birds on the GROUND and are COMPLETELY out of his reach and the REALM of DESIRE to be REACHED. So because he was ONLY taught to FLY and HUNT with the GENETICS given to him to INCREASE the IMAGE he was CREATED in, he’s NOT EVEN AWARE that there is those who want to see him accept the IDENTITY of the FLIGHTLESS. And THIS being PERCEIVED by the FLIGHTLESS is USUALLY as CONFIRMATION of TWO things while they STUDY our Eagle FROM THE GROUND. One, Strength in the UNDERSTANDING that because he was STRONG ENOUGH to ACTUALLY make it in the AIR, that his STRENGTH somehow makes him unable to feel pain and disappointment, or that it somehow is ASSIGNED to his FLIGHT and the MISSION that he was given. Two, that he is ARROGANT and LIFTED up in his ABILITY to FLY, so his AIM to TEACH ALL THOSE who would LIKE TO LEARN TO FLY LIKE EAGLES is seen as an OPPORTUNITY to SHOW his STRENGTH and gracefulness to those that were born to a LIFE of FLIGHTLESSNESS. Now of course MANY would say that BECAUSE our Eagle has the STRENGTH and ABILITY to never touch the ground if he so chooses, that he should, but the REALITY is he is STILL A BIRD and HE didn’t ALWAYS have a place in the AIR. So what that means is HIS PARENTS did two things ULTIMATELY, one it FORCED him to see the world and HIS PLACE IN IT through the UNDERSTANDING written in his GENETICS, which gave HIM THE RESPONSIBILITY to FIGHT THE FUCK OUT OF HIS WORST ENEMY, the REALITY OF GRAVITY. Secondly what his parenting did for him was it CONNECTED him to ALL the FLIGHTLESS BIRDS down below.

What we have to understand is his PARENTING FORMED him into an Eagle, but MANY understand what an Eagle is according to their view from the GROUND, so what that means is THIS VIEW can ONLY be ACCORDING to the GENETICS that are for the FLIGHTLESS. Why do I say that? Those birds that were CREATED to FLY weather they born in the trees or on the GROUND, view FLIGHT for EXACTLY what it is, a means to PROVISION and LIFE. See birds that were CREATED to FLY, EVEN if NONE of their GENETICS are witnessing that to them ONLY see FLIGHT and our Eagle’s CHALLENGE to get into the AIR as a WITNESS that NOT ONLY CAN IT BE DONE, but VERY FEW Eagle’s come to the GROUND and offer FLIGHT LESSONS to ONLY those that see the need. So what this is telling us is, GROUND DWELLING does one of two things to the mind of birds. It either shows them that they belong IN THE AIR, or that they have ABSOLUTELY NO BUSINESS with ANYTHING other than GROUND DWELLING.

This is ALSO a picture of the REALITY that OUR marriages LIVE in. We have those that IDENTIFY themselves as BIRDS of FLIGHT as well, but some of us JUST HAVEN’T quite figured out HOW to get that thing OFF THE GROUND. Like I have been saying for some time now, the IDENTITIES that we ALLOW to have place in our MARRIAGES CREATE the REALITY of OUR marriage. I told y’all yesterday, my baby is Queen and it DOESN’T just come from my saying it, she was created that way. So what this means is SHE was CREATED to FLY far above the IDENTITIES and REALITIES that the GROUND DWELLING birds POSSESS. Now let me ask you brothas something, do you SEE the NEED and BENEFIT of putting your woman IN THE AIR? I mean we have just talked about SOME of the character traits and MIND of the GROUND DWELLING birds, and how that MOST of their UNDERSTANDINGS comes from their OWN FLIGHTLESSNESS. Meaning their INABILITY to CONNECT with the AIR and the FREEDOM of FLIGHT, CREATES an IDENTITY for them that makes their REALITY only one fit for the GROUND. So we see that even YOUR MARRIAGE and YOUR UNDERSTANDING of it HAS to HAVE a CERTAIN IDENTITY ASSIGNED to it and ENERGY HAS to be given to REALIZE that IDENTITY so that it CREATES the REALITY that IN THE AIR is where y’all BELONG.

See brothas when YOU put your woman IN THE AIR far away from ALL the DISTORTED IMAGES, IDENTITIES and REALITIES, it’s JUST YOU TWO UP THERE nesting FAR AWAY in the treetops. Remember yesterday I talked about that PARENTING that our baby Eagle got, the PARENTING that taught him how to PROPERLY OPERATE in the GENETICS he was given? Well one thing that I want to point out that MAYBE only a few of you missed. What else was a CONTRIBUTING FACTOR in the TRAINING to FLY like EAGLES? ATMOSPHERE and ENVIRONMENT… Remember while we were talking about sex and sexuality we talked about CREATING the ATMOSPHERE conducive for receiving you? Well this ATMOSPHERE that you are creating within your MARRIAGE, an ATMOSPHERE of SECLUSION and PEACE, coupled with your understanding that IN THE AIR is where YOUR marriage is to be IS THE REALITY you CREATE when you give your woman the IDENTITY of a QUEEN WITH WINGS. Brothas we have to get out of the UNDERSTANDING that our woman is to FLY under her OWN understanding of HERSELF, as OPPOSED to the IDENTITY you GIVE her in your MARRIAGE. When YOU put your woman IN THE AIR you are GIVING her the UNDERSTANDING and IDENTITY that THIS is where SHE IS TO PUT YOU. What do I mean by that? My CREATING the IDENTITY of Queen in my baby through MY DISPLAY of MANHOOD as it correlates to RECOGNIZING the Queen in her is what gives HER the FLIGHT LESSONS she needs to ELEVATE MY IDENTITY to the HEIGHTS of King. So what we see is the ATMOSPHERE of the FLIGHT LESSONS that our baby Eagle got had A LOT to do with his ABILITY to ACTUALLY FLY. So what I am saying is when YOU give your woman the IDENTITY of QUEEN WITH WINGS, she will FLY LIKE A QUEEN WITH WINGS, then you BOTH will see that what I said was true yesterday that EAGLES in fact DO FLY TOGETHER…

Tomorrow we continue our course


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