Good Morning Ysrayl…

I trust all is well with you this morning. Yesterday we left off talking about brothas giving their woman her WINGS and teaching her to FLY.

Anyone who knows me PERSONALLY probably knows that I HATE the ZOO, and of course I HATE the ZOO because  they have ANIMALS that were CREATED in a CERTAIN understanding by The Most High to REPRESENT him and bring HIM glory in the REALITY they were CREATED in, but they are FORCED into an IDENTITY that MAKES it OK for them to be LOCKED behind glass ONLY for the PLEASURE of the SPECTATORS. Many of the simple minded DON’T see ANYTHING wrong these types of ESTABLISHMENTS because YOU are PART of the ESTABLISHMENT YOURSELF. See you can DECORATE theses ZOOS in fun colorful PRESENTATIONS for the ENJOYMENT and PLEASURE for the SPECTATORS to HELP CREATE the REALITY that is FORCED upon these ANIMALS by the MINDS that are part of these ESTABLISHMENTS, but what you can NEVER do is REWRITE the WORD written in their GENETICS that CALLS BULLSHIT to that WHOLE REALITY that the TYPES of people that FREQUENT these places LIVE IN.

Brothas THIS small picture that we have of ZOOS and the way the MINDS operate that BUILD these ZOOS, is the VERY SAME picture of this WORLD and SOCIETY that FORCES a CERTAIN REALITY ONTO our MARRIAGES and our WOMEN. What do I mean by that? Well we have to LOOK at the STRUCTURE of the ZOO ITSELF, meaning that it’s BASICALLY a PRISON for ANIMALS that were BUILT for the PLEASURE of the SPECTATORS or those that are of the MIND that the ARTIFICIAL REALITY that these ANIMALS are FORCED in is somehow the REALITY that BENEFITS them in some type of way. I want y’all to think about something, HOW fucked up is the MIND that thinks it OK to COMPLETELY STEAL the IDENTITY and REALITY from a CREATURE SOLELY based on the FACT they can MAKE MONEY on the IGNORANCE and EVILS of the spectators. This is the SAME MIND that sees it FIT for YOU brothas to see your woman in a COMPLETELY different IDENTITY and REALITY then the one she was CREATED WITH and IN. What do I mean by that, what do I mean by the “MIND” that sees fit? Remember yesterday and the day before we talked about the FLIGHTLESS birds and their VIEW of LIFE being a VIEW the ONLY belongs to birds that BELONG on the GROUND? Well the bottom line of it is this, FLIGHT was NEVER to be a part of their LIFE EXPERIENCE if FLIGHT for our Eagle seems to OFFEND their FLIGHTLESSNESS. Meaning, FLIGHT is NOT even in the REALM of POSSIBILITY for them SOLELY based on the FACT that ULTIMATELY they are OFFENDED by FLIGHT as opposed to INSPIRED by it. So when you look at the MINDS that FORM the ESTABLISHMENT of MARRIAGE for this SOCIETY, the bottom line is it was DESIGNED to give the SPECTATORS a SHOW and GENERATE INCREASE to FURTHER their REALITIES and IDENTITIES and CREATES the UNDERSTANDING that MARRIAGES BELONG in a ZOO.

We HAVE to LOOK at the UNDERSTANDING of MARRIAGE and RELATIONSHIP that we are CURRENTLY in as the ZOO it is, meaning it’s an UNDERSTANDING or MIND that was REALIZED INTO an ESTABLISHMENT through FORCED UPON IDENTITIES. So what that means is, YOUR marriage was ESTABLISHED FOR YOU when your IDENTITY became one that is to ONLY generate INCREASE, as opposed to LIFE. Remember we talked about Television and HOW it was DESIGNED to TELL YOU A VISION on HOW you are to live your LIFE, and how that it INSTANTANEOUSLY creates a REALITY for you to OPERATE in by HIJACKING your EMOTIONS and CONNECTING you to an IDENTITY that CREATES a REALITY OUTSIDE of the ONE YOU were CREATED to OPERATE in?

So we can see VERY EASILY that one’s VIEW of their SPOUSE and what their RESPONSIBILITIES are to their SPOUSE is FORMED by the IDENTITY that is either FORCED upon or ALLOWED by them. One thing that I will tell you about REAL AUTHENTIC birds of FLIGHT is, EVERYTHING about their LIFE belongs IN THE AIR, meaning they DON’T see ANYTHING that is on the GROUND as LIFE giving other than PROVISION for his FLIGHT and MISSION. So what am I saying? REAL AUTHENTIC birds of FLIGHT live their LIFE IN THE AIR so ALL their UNDERSTANDINGS on MARRIAGE and LIFE have to come from a place FAR ABOVE the REALITIES that the GROUND DWELLING birds operate in. So we ALREADY established that MARRIAGE in the UNDERSTANDING that is PRESENTED to us is a ZOO designed for SPECTATORS and to GENERATE INCREASE, so we DEFINITELY would UNDERSTAND that BIRDS of FLIGHT would NEVER ALLOW understandings about them OR their spouses to come from the ZOO, correct?

Y’all remember me saying that I believe that Eagles fly ALONE because they REALIZE they BELONG in a CLASS of their OWN? Well let’s talk a little about that CLASS of their own for a little bit. What it means to be in a CLASS of their OWN literally means they are UNEQUALED or UNPARALLELED. What that means is, YOU WILL NEVER FIND ANOTHER LIKE IT. What do I mean by that? When someone REALIZES they are in a CLASS of their very OWN, they SERIOUSLY DO NOT understand ANYTHING that is NOT WITNESSING to THEIR OWN GENETICS, meaning THEY draw an UNDERSTANDING on LIFE from LOOKING WITHIN as opposed to LOOKING to see what EVERYBODY else is doing in their UNDERSTANDING and CLASS. So what that means is, Eagles flying in a class of their OWN is REALLY what KEEPS them Eagles as opposed to some OTHER GROUND DWELLING bird’s IDENTITY. As I said the other day, MANY see this as ARROGANCE because Eagles ONLY see LIFE from an Eagle’s VIEW, but they NEVER come to the UNDERSTANDING that that’s why his ass is IN THE AIR somewhere and that’s what KEEPS him IN THE AIR.

So we understand that NOT only does REAL AUTHENTIC birds of FLIGHT have to HAVE ALL of their IDENTITY intact if they are to FLY, but they can ONLY draw a CONCLUSION on LIFE from WHAT THE STANDARDS FOR FLIGHT ARE, as OPPOSED trying to FUMBLE around with THIS or THAT understanding that ALWAYS ONLY comes from GROUND DWELLING birds. Yesterday when we talked about putting your woman IN THE AIR, or ELEVATING HER IDENTITY and UNDERSTANDING of HERSELF far ABOVE the reaches of the IDENTITIES and REALITIES of the GROUND DWELLING FLIGHTLESS birds. What you are doing COUPLED with the ATMOSPHERE and ENVIRONMENT YOU create TAILORED to her PERSONAL DESIGN is what GIVES your MARRIAGE IDENTITY IN THE AIR. What do I mean by IDENTITY IN THE AIR? When you BUILD your MARRIAGE according to the IDENTITY WRITTEN in your GENETICS, if YOU are a bird of FLIGHT, ALL YOUR GENETICS witness to the AIR, or FAR ABOVE the REALITIES of the MARRIAGES of the GROUND dwelling birds. One thing that I want y’all to begin to do is SEE YOURSELVES as EAGLES having a RITE to CREATE YOU VERY OWN REALITY that BELONGS IN THE AIR SOMEWHERE.

We are TAUGHT by GROUND DWELLING birds that HUMBLENESS and HUMILITY are the ONLY character traits for those that are to receive LIFE. Well let me HELP y’all with that. Your HUMBLENESS and HUMILITY is TOWARDS YOUR FATHER in the HEAVENLY’S and TOWARDS his will for your LIFE. HUMBLENESS and HUMILITY IS NOT for SOMEONE ELSE to DICTATE to YOU YOUR LIFE, that’s called CONTROL. Y’all KNOW I would talk about my baby EVERYDAY to y’all if I could, so y’all just gotta deal with it. But ANYWAY, my baby is Queen, I tell her that and ALL of my display CONCERNING HER SCREAMS that at her ALL THE TIME. Now sense she IS a QUEEN in her GENETICS ALREADY and she is of good stock, when I give her QUEEN ENERGY, meaning I SERVE HER AS NOT A QUEEN BUT MY QUEEN, where does that put HER in the UNDERSTANDING of OUR MARRIAGE and LIFE? FAR above the IDENTITIES and REALITIES of the GROUND DWELLING birds, correct? Meaning she don’t EVEN CONNECT with their DISPLAY on ANY LEVELS because HER PLACE IS IN THE AIR? Now MOST GROUND DWELLING birds would call this ARROGANT or being PRIDEFUL, which is COMPLETELY understandable if they have NEVER been off the GROUND. But IS IT IN FACT ARROGANT or PRIDEFUL that NOT ONLY does she NOT connect with their UNDERSTANDING of LIFE and DISPLAY of MARRIAGE, NOR should she see the NEED to?

Brothas when YOU put your WOMAN and YOUR MARRIAGE IN THE AIR, WHO’S LAWS are YOU bound by… GRAVITY ain’t even fuckin wit you. YOU are somewhere that there is NO ROOM for the BEHAVIORS and the UNDERSTANDINGS of the FLIGHTLESS, you are somewhere that a QUEEN WITH WINGS is EXACTLY that. See building your woman into a Queen, if Queen is written in her GENETICS IS NOT making her ARROGANT or PRIDEFUL, it’s BUILDING a STANDARD of LIFE and FOR LIFE, it’s just that simple. And the way to look at it is, because the GROUND DWELLING birds CAN NOT reach you, shit most of them can’t even see you, then they NEED for you to come to the GROUND in order to ESTABLISH their ZOOS within your UNDERSTANDING. And the MOST clever way to do that is to cause for YOU to question YOUR RITE TO FLIGHT.

See the standards that I set in my baby, coupled with the standards she ALREADY has is what gives us BOTH the IDENTITY we need to MAINTAIN the REALITY we operate in. What do I mean? Me teaching my baby how to FLY and operate within the GENETICS she was GIVEN of The Most High, ENERGIZES WHO’S standards for OUR LIFE ULTIMATELY? The Most High… So we will call it WHAT IT IS, when I am MULTIPLYING the IMAGE of The Most High within my baby, what I am doing is MULTIPLYING ALL the ASPECTS I am to RECEIVE LIFE from her with. What do I mean by that? Well we just talked about creating STANDARDS, correct? Well my building my baby into the Queen written in her GENETICS is me ALSO building the King in MINE. See we brothas DON’T realize that SHE is BUILDING YOU into the King YOU need to be as well. What do I mean? Of course she is GONNA treat you like a King if YOU are treating HER like a Queen, but also her STANDARDS for HERSELF and the STANDARDS YOU put in HER is what BUILD YOU into a King. Let me explain… My baby HAS to be HANDLED a CERTAIN way, meaning I have TRAINED MYSELF to RECOGNIZE her as MY QUEEN and not just A QUEEN. So what that means as MY QUEEN is HER standards for my LIFE as it correlates to OUR MARRIAGE and my SERVICE to HER, and is what KEEPS me in the PLACE I need to be in at ALL times for KING to be BUILT in ME. See a King is NO GOOD if he DOES NOT recognize THE REASON he is KING. And if the REASON he is King becomes DISTORTED then the DISPLAY of King will follow. But the STANDARDS that I build in my baby are the STANDARDS that NOT only BUILD me into the King I need to be for HER, but it KEEPS me IN LINE with WHAT is the REASON I am King to begin with… So brothas we see that giving YOUR QUEEN her WINGS is what puts y’all’s PARADISE IN THE AIR… And as we have been learning IN THE AIR is where EAGLES are MADE far ABOVE ANY OTHER UNDERSTANDING of LIFE and FLIGHT…

Tomorrow we continue our course


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