Good Morning Ysrayl…

I trust all is well with you this morning. Yesterday we talked about putting your woman IN THE AIR and how that building her into a Queen is ULTIMATELY what GIVES YOU THE RITE TO BE CALLED KING.

Brothas this is one thing that I think we have MISSED since the BEGINNING in the GARDEN. WHAT gives you the RITE to be CALLED KING… As we ALL know TRUE KINGS are BORN, but being BORN a KING DOES NOT MAKE YOU A KING. What do I mean by that? Of course we KNOW that there is a TRUE LINEAGE of KINGS on the EARTH, just like you have the FAKE ROYAL FAMILIES, or LINEAGES OF KINGS correct? So what that tells us is there is a FAKE IDENTITY or UNDERSTANDING of what a KING is and there is a REAL IDENTITY of a KING that is TRUE ACCORDING to GENETICS and DESIGN. Many would be INCLINED to think that the POWER of a KING comes from those he is KING over, but I disagree. That’s the way the WORLD would view the UNDERSTANDING of a KING. The SOURCE of a TRUE KINGS POWER always HAS and ALWAYS will come from the one that CROWNED him KING. Brothas what we have to UNDERSTAND is KING is an OFFICE, but it’s ALSO an IDENTITY, what do I mean by that? We are made to believe that things work the way the GENTILE MIND presents REALITY to us, meaning, we think WE can DO and SAY ANYTHING and make it REALITY because we LIKE the ILLUSION and the WAY it’s being PRESENTED. My KING was BORN a KING, but he was ALSO born in a barn next to filthy ass farm animals, so what does that tell us about THE KING?… He had to ESTABLISH HIMSELF as KING and HE HAD TO BUILD a KINGDOM… So he was BORN the KING of the TRUE LINEAGE of KINGS, he is even CALLED KING by the GREATEST KING we knew until his birth KING DAWID/DAVID, but he came into this world in a fuckin barn. See when you let GENTILES teach you the story of the KING, of course they are going tell like a fuckin bedtime story, but the REALITY of it is, NOTHING at all was PEACEFUL, not even BIRTH. So we have the FIRST picture of a TRUE KINGS IDENTITY, he HAS NO IDENTITY as a KING.

Question, how many of you fathers have an UNDERSTANDING on WHY The Most High would ALLOW for his ONLY son to be born in a BARN? We do understand that THIS is to be the KING that is to TEACH us the WAY AND PROVIDE a WAY back into THE GARDEN and COMMUNION with The Most High, correct? So WHY is his BEGINNING in a nasty ass fuckin barn? Do we REMEMBER what The Most High SAW us as when he put the COATS of the SKINS of DEAD ANIMALS on us? It’s CRAZY how that worked out? The KING is BORN to SAVE his people from their sins, but he came into this WORLD in a BARN full of animals and filth. Brothas, WHY do you think that is, why is THIS the way The Most High PRESENTS his son to the WORLD? I believe it was to TEACH us WHAT being a REAL KING is ALL about…

Y’all remember yesterday I said that a KING is NO GOOD if he DOES NOT understand THE REASON why he is KING? And I ALSO said that as you are BUILDING your Queen, NOT only are you BUILDING yourself into a KING, but you’re ALSO creating STANDARDS that YOU are to live by. Meaning, YOU are TEACHING her her VALUE to YOU and YOUR KINGDOM by GIVING her IDENTITY as a Queen, but you are ALSO setting LAWS within her that will be a STANDARD that y’all LIVE IN and BY. There is CERTAIN BEHAVIORS that my baby WILL NEVER and should NEVER accept from me, NOT just because they are NOT nice or inconsiderate, but because SHE is Queen and DESERVES to be HANDLED by that STANDARD. So HER KNOWING this and MY BUILDING HER according to this is WHAT is BUILDING my KINGDOM for ONE, but it’s ALSO BUILDING me into the KING of THAT KINGDOM. Meaning IT was MINE and my baby’s STANDARDS that CREATED an ESTABLISHED UNDERSTANDING on the WAY we ARE to HANDLE one ANOTHER and the way we are to HANDLE OUR KINGDOM. So what we see here is, the BUILDING of the KINGDOM IS IN FACT the building of the KING and QUEEN into the PROPER IDENTITY, correct? So what that means is, when my baby CALLS me KING she is WITNESSING to the QUEEN that SHE HAS become through MY ENERGY of BUILDING her INTO a QUEEN, correct? So let me ASK y’all this, was I GIVEN the TITLE of KING because I was BORN one, OR did I BUILD a QUEEN AND a KINGDOM within HER that I HAVE RITES TO AS A KING?

See we have an UNDERSTANDING that comes from the REALM of the FLIGHTLESS and that understanding is that FLIGHT is GIVEN to those that were BORN with the wings for it, but as we have been learning, FLIGHT is given to those that put in ALL their work IN THE AIR. See The Most High ALLOWED for the KING to be born in a BARN to TEACH us AND to BUILD him, what do I mean by that? Well it’s TEACHING us that THE KING was NOT RECOGNIZED as THE KING for TWO reasons, one the FALLEN state of the MIND that HE came to REDEEM MANKIND from, two, HE HAD NOT BEEN BUILT into THE KING yet. Now with THIS picture we can get a LITTLE better understanding of the way ADOM was put together, HE HAD TO BE BUILT, but that BUILDING process NEVER saw it’s COMPLETION. So brothas we see that THE WORK put into BUILDING a QUEEN IS WHAT MAKES you a KING, NOT the fact that you can call YOURSELF one with a straight face.

Y’all remember my saying that because of the “TIME OF THE GENTILES” that we are currently in and that REALITY itself has been ALTERED so that it REFLECTS the GENTILE MIND? Well I ALSO said that the GENTILE MIND was birthed through REBELLION and EVIL intentions, what do I mean by that? Well you have to understand that when Adom was CREATED he was CREATED from the GROUND, so what that means is HE WAS CONNECTED to THE EARTH and ALL of it’s PRINCIPALITIES and LAWS in nature. So what that means is Adom was ONE with the EARTH so ALL his understanding of LIFE was in HARMONY with the EARTH ITSELF. Now when you have a being that was NOT created from the SAME earth but you give them POWER to INFLUENCE it, do you still have those SAME PRINCIPALITIES and LAWS written in the GENETICS of these beings that KEEP them in HARMONY with the EARTH and the BEINGS on it? Of course NOT, there is NO connection other than ONE that can be FORMED ARTIFICIALLY, correct? So it’s NOT really about CALLING PEOPLE evil in the UNDERSTANDING that they INTEND to DESTROY, it’s EVIL in the UNDERSTANDING that they HAVE NO RITE to DICTATE LIFE because THEIRS was birthed through an UNDERSTANDING that IS NOT LIFE at ALL.

So what this means brothas is, THE GENTILE MIND can ONLY teach you a CERTAIN APPLICATION of LIFE that originates through MANIPULATION of REALITY. What do I mean by MANIPULATION of REALITY? ILLUSIONS… See YOU can THINK you’re a KING ALL you like having put in NO WORK in your WOMAN to ESTABLISH yourself as that, and the WORLD provides you with THE ILLUSIONS that that’s POSSIBLE. But the FACT of the MATTER is EVERY SINGLE REAL KING had to FORCE the building process ON THEMSELVES or it was DONE for them. This is why it’s so important that we UNDERSTAND exactly WHO and WHAT we are BEFORE we BEGIN to EXECUTE SOMEONE ELSE’S understanding of LIFE in us…

Tomorrow we continue our course


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