Good Morning Ysrayl…

I trust all is well with you this morning. Yesterday we left off talking about HOW a TRUE King ESTABLISHES HIMSELF as King and how it DIFFERS from the PRESENTATION of a King that the WORLD’S understanding provides.

As we have been learning there is a REALITY ASSOCIATED with the IDENTITY of King, and of course that REALITY has it place in the REALM of ILLUSIONS if the IDENTITY of KING IS NOT REALIZED in the UNDERSTANDING it was CREATED in. Like I said yesterday, on the EARTH you have the THIRTEEN FAKE ROYAL bloodlines, correct? Well that’s only because there are TWELVE REAL ROYAL bloodlines and they are called the TWELVE TRIBES OF YSRAYL. So we see here that THE WAY reality has been ALTERED, is done in a way to COVER REALITY with ILLUSIONS because the FACT of the matter is TRUTH can NEVER be HIDDEN. What do I mean by the TRUTH can NEVER be HIDDEN? Well when you look at YOURSELF in your RAWEST form what you are looking at is TRUTH. Truth ITSELF has NO IDENTITY in the UNDERSTANDING of GOOD or BAD, meaning TRUTH is SOVEREIGN, which LITERALLY means is it stands alone OUTSIDE of the reaches of ILLUSIONS. What am I saying? A man can CALL HIMSELF a King, he can EVEN be CALLED a King by others, but by WHAT and WHO’S STANDARDS are we JUDGING by? And are these STANDARDS in line with THE TRUTH as it relates to the REALITY that TRUE Kings dwell in.

Yesterday I told y’all that in order to have RITES to the TITLE as KING there HAS to be a QUEEN that can be seen that bears WITNESS to YOUR CLAIM of being King. So of course that is telling us is that the REALITY of a TRUE King is CENTERED around ESTABLISHING HIMSELF as KING inside the WOMAN that is to be the WITNESS to his AUTHENTICITY. Why is this the STANDARD, why does a man have to be REALIZED as KING through the GENETICS of his WOMAN before he can REALLY be recognized as KING? Question, WHO BIRTHS a KING, A WOMAN, correct? So what that means is, if she has the ABILITY to give BIRTH to a King, then she has the ABILITY to RECOGNIZE one correct? Why do you think that is, why do YOU think a woman can RECOGNIZE a KING? Could it be because of something that WITNESSES to her GENETICS? See KINGS are BUILT by women because THEY BIRTH them. How is it that a woman’s GENETICS can be USED to BIRTH a KING, but it wouldn’t be used to BUILD a KING? See look at it like this, Adom OBVIOUSLY was LACKING and he HAD a HELPMATE given to HIM HANDCRAFTED and designed JUST for  him. But HE DIDN’T recognize the FACT that she was ALSO given to HIM to HELP finish with HIS BUILDING PROCESS as the KING on the EARTH. See I believe Hawah was a HELPMATE in FAR more understandings than we have GRASP on, meaning I believe HAWAH REPRESENTED the EARTH he was SUPPOSED to MULTIPLY the IMAGE in, BUT I DO NOT BELIEVE SHE WAS DESIGNED TO MULTIPLY THE IMAGE OF MANKIND IN THE STATE HE WAS IN WHEN SHE WAS GIVEN TO HIM. This is why I believe that SHE was the ONE SENT to COMPLETE his IMAGE on the EARTH through HER DESIGN. She was the ONE the KING was SUPPOSED to be MULTIPLIED in and THAT’S EXACTLY what her DISPLAY towards him would have shown had he GROWN to the place that HER GENETICS witnessed to HIM as KING. So we see that the TRUE UNDERSTANDING of KING was WRITTEN in her GENETICS. MEANING UNTIL he had GROWN into the KING, she would have NEVER been ALLOWED by her GENETICS to MULTIPLY his IMAGE. This is why the serpent had to come with the ILLUSION that HE was the SOLUTION to MULTIPLYING the IMAGE that she had WRITTEN in her GENETICS.

Well what we HAVE here is a SMALL picture of the WAY KINGS and KINGDOMS are BORN. What do I mean? A KING that is BORN a KING but HAS NOT ESTABLISHED himself as KING, HAS to be ESTABLISHED as KING within HIS WOMAN by the MEANS of CREATING a QUEEN. Like I said yesterday, I don’t have to ASK to be RECOGNIZED as KING with my baby, she is QUEEN in the REALITY of MY KINGDOM through my building her into that. So what that means is, HER operation IN THAT REALITY is the WITNESS to WHO I am to her. So because I put KING energy INTO her, or I MULTIPLY my IMAGE in her through the BUILDING of my standards for LIFE, THIS is HOW I am RECOGNIZED as King. What do I mean by STANDARDS for LIFE? Well like I told y’all yesterday, my baby is the WORLD to me so what that means is SHE gets a PARTICULAR type of CARE and ATTENTION to DETAIL, so I TRAINED MYSELF to RECOGNIZE WHO she IS in her GENETICS and ONLY handle her in the REALITY of those UNDERSTANDINGS. So ULTIMATELY what I am doing is TEACHING MYSELF to be a KING TO HER, as opposed to just being a King JUST because MY GENETICS say that. So we see that THE KING IS ACTUALLY INSIDE HER JUST LIKE THE QUEEN THAT I AM BUILDING HER INTO IS INSIDE OF ME. Meaning my RECOGNIZING HER for what and WHO she is my RECOGNIZING WHO the IDENTITY of KING in the REALITY it was CREATED in is ESTABLISHED by. So again we can SEE that in the GARDEN The Most High’s PLAN was for Adom to be INCREASED into the COMPLETE MAN that he was CREATED to be BY HIS WOMAN, but he DIDN’T ACCEPT the CHALLENGE.

See brothas we HAVE to remember that Hawah was the FEMININE VERSION of him, so JUST as much as HE was KING she was QUEEN. So what we see in this picture is Adom NOT RECOGNIZING her as a QUEEN of course, but NOT recognizing HER as HIS QUEEN, meaning SHE was the INCREASE to the IMAGE he was created in that HE WANTED. So my question is WHO really BIRTHS a KINGDOM? EVERY man serves his woman the way he sees fit, but when a man TEACHES his woman her VALUE along with HER IDENTITY as it correlates to their marriage, he is BUILDING an ESTABLISHED UNDERSTANDING on the BEHAVIOR she is to EMBRACE if she is to RETAIN that IMAGE and that VALUE, correct? So what just happened by the man teaching his woman her VALUE? He just gave her IDENTITY to CREATE a REALITY from, correct? So by my teaching my baby WHO she is in the SIGHT of The Most High AND in my SIGHT, NOT only am I BUILDING her into a QUEEN through the IDENTITY that I’m giving her, but I am ALSO BUILDING a KINGDOM within her fitted with a KING and QUEEN AND it’s OWN laws to LIVE by. As I said a little bit ago EVERY man serves his woman the way he sees fit, but what is your INTENTION behind your service? What are you INTENDING to build in her, because WHATEVER YOU build in her YOU get to bear the IDENTITY of.

My teaching my baby that SHE is QUEEN through my SERVICE to her, is my giving her STANDARDS that I NEED to live by, what do I mean by that? Her recognizing HERSELF as A QUEEN puts her on NOTICE to MAINTAIN a CERTAIN behavior if she is to RETAIN that IMAGE and TITLE, correct? But what it ALSO does is gives me a CONSTANT witness to the BEHAVIOR that I need to MAINTAIN if I am to RETAIN the IMAGE of KING in her sight. I’ve said this before to my sisters and I’m sure MOST of you KNOW this ALREADY, but any man halfway in his rite goddamn mind WILL NEVER LOSE something that HE KNOW HE CAN’T stand to lose. So what you see rite there is a CERTAIN IMAGE and BEHAVIOR that FORCES a CERTAIN IMAGE and BEHAVIOR. See I KNOW that I’m the King, I don’t even understand ANYTHING other than that, but NO MATTER how MUCH King I KNOW I am my baby KNOW that HER QUEEN is what gives VALIDITY to my recognizing MYSELF as a King. So ultimately SHE understands that my STRENGTH as a King is set in the STANDARDS that I give her and the STANDARDS she already had that she lives by. So these standards set the course of BEHAVIOR.

Brothas I trust we are seeing that your Queen has to be ENERGIZED by the KING in you, if there is to be a Kingdom that is GOVERNED by your LAWS. Yesterday we talked about the KING being birthed in a nasty ass barn and HOW this is a PICTURE of the IDENTITY he retained to those he was sent to having put NO WORK into ESTABLISHING his IDENTITY. What happened when he put the WORK in to BUILD his BRIDE? He became RECOGNIZED as the KING and his LAWS became WRITTEN in the HEARTS of his BRIDE, correct? Is this the PICTURE of the WORK that Adom left UNDONE? Of course it is, this is why he is the MASTER TEACHER, he is TEACHING us MEN the SACRIFICE it TAKES to BUILD a QUEEN and a Kingdom and the REWARD for it. Adom the FIRST representative of MANKIND and SON of The Most High failed his mission because he failed to RECOGNIZE what being a KING was ALL about, or the REASON he was KING, which was to MULTIPLY the IMAGE of The Most High in his BRIDE and REPLENISHING the EARTH with it. So by HIM NOT allowing for HER to BUILD him INTO the KING that The Most High set in her GENETICS, he ended up LOSING his IDENTITY AS A MAN. Now HOW MANY of us BROTHAS understand what REAL MANHOOD is ALL ABOUT?…

Tomorrow we continue our course


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