Good Morning Ysrayl…

I trust all is well with you this morning. Yesterday we left off talking about the fact that KINGS are BUILT by WOMEN and that THE STANDARDS written in her GENETICS are ULTIMATELY the STANDARDS that BUILD you into a KING or some OTHER title to IDENTIFY your MANHOOD by.

Do y’all remember a while back I said that TRUE WOMANHOOD CAN NOT exist without TRUE MANHOOD giving it it’s IDENTITY and UNDERGIRDING, and that TRUE MANHOOD CAN NOT be REALIZED until WOMANHOOD has given it’s APPROVAL? Do we see the CLOSED CIRCUIT design that we talked about before? The design that calls BULLSHIT to the WHOLE understanding that the TRUE IDENTITY and IMAGE of the MAN and WOMAN can be BUILD WITHOUT the WORD written in the GENETICS of the OTHER that GIVES the TITLE it’s TRUE UNDERSTANDING and ENERGY. Of course we KNOW by now that the GENTILE MIND or the MIND that originates from the KINGDOM of DARKNESS sees the MAN and the WOMAN as SEPARATE beings having their OWN purpose and design. And of course MANY have this DESIGN in their GENETICS, but this IS NOT the design NOR the IMAGE that MANKIND was created in. What am I saying? Understand I am NOT saying that in order to be RECOGNIZED as an INDIVIDUAL MAN or WOMAN you need a MAN or WOMAN to do that. What I am saying is, MANKIND was DESIGNED in a way that if YOU are to ADVANCE in MANHOOD or WOMANHOOD in the UNDERSTANDING that YOU are ESTABLISHED and APPROVE to REPRESENT The Most High in the CAPACITY of the PERFECT IMAGE of the DESIGN of ONE FLESH, then the ONLY way the REACH that REALIZATION can ONLY be done through the GENETICS of your SPOUSE.

When I say my baby has her STANDARDS, is my saying that my baby HAS THE CAPACITY to BUILD my IDENTITY into the IMAGE of KING that is written in my GENETICS. What EXACTLY do I mean by that? Her design being a design of beauty can ONLY create beauty when applied in the understanding it was created in, correct? So what we see brothas is, A woman’s DISPLAY of BEAUTY is a REALITY, correct? Meaning if the woman’s IDENTITY is an IDENTITY that spells BEAUTY then the REALITY that she is DESIGNED to live in would HAVE to be a REALITY of BEAUTY, correct? So what we see is a STANDARD of BEAUTY, or shall we call it a STANDARD for CREATING PARADISE that is WRITTEN in the GENETICS of the woman, correct? So if there is a STANDARD for creating PARADISE written in my baby’s GENETICS what that means is, SHE WILL NOT RECOGNIZE me as KING or even a MAN if my DISPLAY does NOT ENERGIZE the IDENTITY, or the STANDARDS for PARADISE written in her GENETICS. So we see that I have the ABILITY to RECOGNIZE myself as a KING, I even have the ABILITY to call myself a MAN, but what I can NEVER do is STEAL the IDENTITY KING or MAN in the SIGHT of my baby and in the sight of The Most High. Why do I say that? Because ALL the EVIDENCE of my CLAIM will show up in the DISPLAY of my baby concerning myself and my care for her.

We ALREADY ESTABLISHED that TRUE MANHOOD and WOMANHOOD are ENERGIZED by ONE ANOTHER, correct? So what that means is there is a CERTAIN IDENTITY that a woman takes on when her GENETICS are ENERGIZED by TRUE MANHOOD. Meaning SHE CREATES a REALITY according to the IDENTITY that is GIVEN her by the ENERGIZING of the QUEEN written in her genetics. So what EXACTLY am I doing when I teach my baby her VALUE as it correlates to our LIFE and the IMAGE and PURPOSE of The Most High, and ESTABLISH in her NOT only the STANDARDS WE are to live by in our LIFE, but ALSO the STANDARDS for PARADISE? I am BUILDING a QUEEN fitted with STANDARDS and LAWS that will WITNESS to MY MANHOOD and CLAIM as KING over her, but ALSO what I am doing is ensuring my KINGDOM and it’s future because I put it ALL inside of were my TRUE IDENTITY of KING is BUILT. How so, how is it that my KINGDOM’S future is ensured by building it in the STANDARDS I put inside my baby? Well look at it like this, when I teach my baby her VALUE through my CARE for her on ALL levels I am teaching her WHAT her IDENTITY is concerning me, but I am ALSO teaching her HOW to RECEIVE LIFE from me JUST on her DISPLAYING what’s ALREADY written in her GENETICS. So what I am doing is LOCKING her into an UNDERSTANDING of HERSELF that puts her on NOTICE of ALL of her actions concerning myself and the care of OUR KINGDOM. So by CREATING her INTO a QUEEN, I am making her GRAVITATE towards ALL the ELEVATED UNDERSTANDINGS of HERSELF which FORCES me to MAINTAIN a CERTAIN level of CARE WHICH is THE FORMATION of a KING and a KINGDOM.

Brothas if YOU want your woman to stand apart from the NORM we see in our sisters these days, YOU have to SET her APART and in MY PERSONAL OPINION it should be FAR ABOVE the IDENTITIES and REALITIES of COMMON WOMEN. See one thing that has been BEATEN into our UNDERSTANDING of ourselves is that REAL means GRIMY, LOW STANDARDS or WILLING to be WHATEVER is NECESSARY for WHATEVER is REQUIRED. And this is one of the BIGGEST devices against our people, it has us BEHAVING ourselves like the DOGS that enslaved us, which has caused our view of ourselves to be the view of people with LOW to NO STANDARDS to live by. Y’all know I tell my woman she THE SHIT ALL the time, of course because she IS, but ALSO I want her to ALWAYS have an ELEVATED UNDERSTANDING of HERSELF NO MATTER WHAT because this is the UNDERSTANDING she was CREATED in. We have been taught that KNOWING your VALUE somehow makes you STUCK UP or ARROGANT, which again could ONLY come from flightless birds. KNOWING YOUR VALUE and having STANDARDS set too high for MOST people to understand is NOT ARROGANCE at all, it’s UNDERSTANDING that YOU were DESIGNED for a PURPOSE which EXCEEDS the UNDERSTANDING that MOST have of themselves. I want my baby to UNDERSTAND that she COMMANDS RESPECT, because I want her to ALWAYS behavior herself in the UNDERSTANDING of that RESPECT and MULTIPLY it as concerning MYSELF and OUR KINGDOM.

See brothas ALL of YOU being a REAL KING is wrapped up in HOW well you build a QUEEN, it’s been that SIMPLE from the BEGINNING. If YOU want a CERTAIN IDENTITY with your WOMAN, YOU have to build it, just SAYING you are this or that but having NOTHING other than YOUR words to witness to that is NOT an IDENTITY according to TRUTH. It’s an IDENTITY that was FORMED in the FALLEN state of the MIND meaning, it will ONLY bear thornes and thistles.

The Most High said “it’s NOT good for man to be alone” and of COURSE that word is written in our GENETICS. But don’t think we COMPLETELY understand what is being said to us. The Most High saying it’s not good for man to be alone, AFTER he CREATED him ALONE was A VERY BIG STATEMENT BEING MADE. He was telling us MEN, “HEY IT’S NOT GOOD FOR YOU TO THINK YOU CAN DO THIS ALONE, I AM MAKING A WOMAN TO HELP YOU MEET THE IMAGE I CREATED YOU IN. AND IN THAT HELPMATE IS WHERE THE COMPLETION OF YOUR IDENTITY WILL BE FOUND. This is why his IDENTITY as KING over the EARTH was NEVER COMPLETELY realized, he FAILED to MULTIPLY his IMAGE, the IMAGE he was CREATED IN, the IMAGE he would have been BUILT into in the PROCESS of BUILDING his QUEEN…

Tomorrow we continue our course


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