Good Morning Ysrayl…

I trust all is well with you this morning. Yesterday left off talking about the fact that a REAL KING gets his IDENTITY from the ENERGY he puts in to BUILDING a Queen and a KINGDOM.

Because we have been taught by the GENTILES for so long, we as a people have FORGOTTEN that there is an ABSOLUTE TRUTH for you and that NOTHING is gained through simply WANTING and having FAITH that you will get it. Again let me explain WHY the GENTILE MIND is so destructive. Because THEIR REALITY is a REALITY that has NO LAWS or PRINCIPALITIES in nature, there is NOTHING that WITNESSES in their being on the COURSE that LIFE is to take if it is to RETAIN the understanding an PURPOSE it was CREATED in. So what that means is, EVERYTHING on EARTH that was CREATED by The Most High was CREATED with CERTAIN PRINCIPALITIES written in their GENETICS, meaning there were LAWS written in our GENETICS that kept us CONNECTED to the EARTH and in the understanding that there IS a TRUTH that was CREATED rite ALONG with the CREATURE. And the TRUTH lays in the IMAGE that that CREATURE was CREATED in. I have given this example before, IF you take the MIND or some of the PSYCHOLOGICAL and PHYSICAL GENETICS of a dog, then you cross those VERY same GENETICS with the PSYCHOLOGICAL and PHYSICAL GENETICS of BEINGS that that are LOCKED into rebellion AGAINST The Most High IN THEIR GENETICS. THEN you add the PSYCHOLOGICAL and PHYSICAL GENETICS of MANKIND into this SAME BEING, WHAT TYPE of IDENTITY does a MIND like that have and WHAT TYPE of REALITY is a MIND like that going to CREATE? This MIND has NO laws or PRINCIPALITIES in NATURE that lay CLAIM to it’s EXISTENCE. So what does that tell us? It tells us that a MIND like this is ILLEGAL to the EARTH and it is ILLEGAL and FOREIGN to the MIND and GENETICS of MANKIND.

Because a MIND like this HAS NO record of AUTHENTICITY on the EARTH, means that a mind like this can ONLY be an ENEMY to the EARTH and the BEINGS that they FORCE their  reality on. See because a MIND like this HAS NO LAWS written into it that CONNECTS it to LIFE in some form, ALL their understanding of LIFE as it CORRELATES to the LIFE that ACTUALLY witnesses LIFE on ALL levels in the GENETICS of MANKIND, is a REALITY that is STOLEN from ALL of the DIFFERENT sources that LAY CLAIM to that BEINGS ORIGIN. So what that means is the REALITY that we see is ILLEGAL to the EARTH because it was FORCED onto the EARTH through means of EVIL and MANIPULATION. So is it SAFE to say that a REALITY like this would have VERY LITTLE to NO REGARD for the REALITY CREATED in the IDENTITY of the beings that are CONNECTED to the EARTH because their GENETICS themselves are ILLEGAL to the EARTH and have NO REAL IDENTITY? Of course it is, BUT what’s SOO fucked up about that is that it’s their REALITY, so it’s the ONLY thing that they understand and the ONLY thing that WITNESSES LIFE to their GENETICS. How do you TEACH a DOG not to be what he is in his GENETICS? You can’t YOU’D have to be able to find a way to CONNECT with his MIND, but STILL retain the ABILITY to CONNECT with a REALITY OUTSIDE of his IDENTITY as a Dog. But then YOU’D have to have the ABILITY to COMMUNICATE that REALITY to him in a way that it COULD DECEIVE his GENETICS into witnessing LIFE in some form through the IDENTITY that he is being DECEIVED into ACCEPTING.

So we see that the GENTILE MIND itself was DESIGNED to CREATE REALITIES of it’s OWN based on the FACT that there ARE NO LAWS or PRINCIPALITIES that CONFINE it to a CERTAIN IDENTITY that has LAWS WRITTEN IN NATURE laying claim to it. So a MIND like this CAN ONLY teach you HOW to STEAL REALITIES to OPERATE in as opposed to HELP you understand the REALITY you were CREATED to OPERATE in that has it’s CLAIM in NATURE. So what am I saying, I’m saying we are TAUGHT to CREATE realities based on ILLUSIONS about our IDENTITY and DESIGN. So what that means is, WE BELIEVE that things can work this way or that way SOLELY based on the fact that we WANT it and BELIEVE it’s POSSIBLE, but THIS is a PERFECT EXAMPLE of the GENTILE MIND at work. Just COMPLETELY disregard there IS A WAY things were DESIGNED to work and just FORCE your OWN REALITY based on a MIND that teaches you to make your OWN LAWS and PRINCIPALITIES to OPERATE in with the ILLUSION that YOU will see ANYTHING that PERTAINS to LIFE for you. And because it SEEMS to be working for them because most of us are TOO BLIND to see that it’s IN FACT NOT working for them, they have just created their very own REALITY and they CREATED it BIG ENOUGH that they can OPERATE in it as if this is the REALITY that is NATURAL to the EARTH.

See brothas when we understand the MIND’S ABILITY to GRAVITATE towards ILLUSIONS with all the FAMILIAR markers of LIFE because of the IDENTITY we have accepted, we see why it’s so easy for us to think that we can be ESTABLISHED to ANY REAL degree with our woman without putting in the REAL WORK it takes to do that. We have been taught that we can LIVE like Kings through some OTHER means, a means that ALLOWS us to retain ANY IDENTITY of our PLEASURE and STILL see the LIFE that was WRITTEN in our GENETICS. This behavior and way of thinking can ONLY come from a MIND that has NO UNDERSTANDING or CONNECTION to the PRINCIPALITIES we are bound by being CREATED in the IMAGE of The Most High. From the beginning we see that the WORK that Adom put in HAD to be put in ACCORDING to the WORD written in his GENETICS, NOT according to an ILLUSION that he or another source could give him.

This is the situation we are in now, we ALL are fighting to REGAIN the REALITY we were created in THROUGH understanding our IDENTITY as MANKIND CREATED in the IMAGE of The Most High, or at least YOU SHOULD BE. And in that fight we HAVE to ALSO understand that JUST like the IDENTITY that was FORCED onto you took over your UNDERSTANDING of YOURSELF affecting your REALITY, YOUR TRUE IDENTITY and the IMAGE you were created in will affect your REALITY in the understanding that NOW your REALITY has it’s CLAIMS in NATURE. What do I mean by CLAIMS IN NATURE. Eagles FLY the WAY they DO and bring GLORY to The Most High because THE EARTH they were CREATED on has it’s LAWS written in the GENETICS of that EAGLE. What do I mean? YOU have the REALITY of GRAVITY and you have the REALITY of FLIGHT. So because of this TECHNICALLY FLIGHT should be IMPOSSIBLE because the LAW of GRAVITY, so there had to be a LAW CREATED if you will, a LAW written in the GENETICS of that EAGLE that gives him the AUTHORITY to DEFY the LAW of GRAVITY, but STILL remain TRUE to his IDENTITY with the word of The Most High written in his GENETICS. Many would think that LAW in nature is JUST ALLOWING for the Eagle to HAVE WINGS, but the TRUTH is the MOST IMPORTANT LAW that was GIVEN to our EAGLE is the UNDERSTANDING that HIS IDENTITY belongs IN THE AIR. So what we see is that FLIGHT had to be GIVEN to the EAGLE’S IDENTITY for it to even be a REALITY for him. So because we have NATURE’S LAW or the LAW of GRAVITY set on the EARTH, FIRST flight had to be GIVEN to the IDENTITY of the EAGLE, then he had to be CREATED with the PHYSICAL ability and PSYCHOLOGICAL UNDERSTANDING on JUST HOW to MANIPULATE wind currents that put him IN THE AIR. So THIS is how a CREATURE has it’s CLAIMS in NATURE.

Now let’s understand that there are PRINCIPALITIES and LAWS written in the GENETICS of MANKIND that CONNECT him to NATURE or shall we say NATURAL REALITY… What is NATURAL REALITY? NATURAL REALITY is the REALITY you get when YOU OPERATE in the IDENTITY you were CREATED IN. This is the REALITY that The Most High RECOGNIZES, this is the REALITY that he CREATED you to OPERATE in when he gave YOU his IDENTITY. NATURAL REALITY gives us MEN the UNDERSTANDING that TRUE MANHOOD is a PROCESS that CHALLENGES YOU CONTINUALLY, it’s NOT a place you ARRIVE to and feel ACCOMPLISHED. NATURAL REALITY puts your PRIORITIES in order with your IDENTITY as a MAN, as opposed to an IDENTITY that ALLOWS for your DISPLAY to be NEGOTIABLE based on the UNDERSTANDING that TRUE MANHOOD is RELATIVE to WHATEVER IDENTITY FEELS better. The REALITY that witnesses to the GENETICS of the DAUGHTERS of Hawah is a REALITY of PARADISE, meaning when she RECOGNIZES it and it is MULTIPLIED in her and she will PRODUCE IT. But we have ALSO learned that in the PROCESS of MULTIPLYING PARADISE within her, YOU are being BUILT into the KING of that PARADISE she is MULTIPLYING. THIS is what NATURAL REALITY produces, it produces what we ALL know is SUPPOSED to be NATURAL, PARADISE… So we have the UNDERSTANDING that NATURAL REALITY is REALIZED through the IDENTITY written in your GENETICS, as opposed to the IDENTITY that gives us the ILLUSION that WE can CREATE a REALITY BASED on ILLUSIONS BIG ENOUGH to OPERATE in AND be PROFITABLE to you…

Tomorrow we continue our course


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