Good Morning Ysrayl…

I trust all is well with you this morning. Yesterday we left off talking about the REALITY that the MIND of GENTILES create having NO connection to The Most High and the EARTH, rite along with ALL the BEINGS connected to it. And we Also began to talk about NATURAL REALITY and what it PRODUCES.

I have wrote to you before that there is a ARTIFICIAL REALITY and OBVIOUSLY an ARTIFICIAL REALITY is the REALITY we see in our day to day lives. And of course the ARTIFICIAL REALITY we see is the REALITY forced onto the WORLD and the beings on it by the MIND of Lucifer and the MIND of the GENTILES. ARTIFICIAL REALITY is also ANOTHER term for ILLUSION, but since it’s kinda hard to teach people their LIFE is ALL based on ILLUSIONS if you are NOT OPERATING in the REALITY you were CREATED in, I’ll just use the term ARTIFICIAL REALITY. ARTIFICIAL REALITY CREATES ARTIFICIAL results, or results that FEED the ILLUSION or the ARTIFICIAL IDENTITY. This is why people can COMMIT their WHOLE ENTIRE LIFE to a GOOD cause and STILL live in COMPLETE POVERTY and die and go to Hell a the END of their LIFE. ALL of their ENERGY was given to STRENGTHEN the IDENTITY that was FORCED onto them, as opposed to the IDENTITY they were CREATED with and in. See when you DON’T KNOW who you are or you NEVER embrace who you are and the RESPONSIBILITY to The Most High and his KINGDOM, the ONLY IDENTITY you have is the IDENTITY given to you by the world and the people that control it. So when you see our people DOING ANYTHING for MONEY or STATUS and they STAND up and Thank their GOD for providing a way to FURTHER their ILLUSIONS and the IDENTITY that they have embraced, what do you think that does for the REALITY you were CREATED in? See we can look at ALL the CHARACTERS that this FALSE REALITY PROVIDES for us as a people that BEAR WITNESS to THEIR REALITY being the REALITY that is SOMEHOW going to give you LIFE. This is why MOST young black men these days ONLY know how to PLAY a CHARACTER they either seen in a MOVIE or heard in MUSIC and they GIVE ALL their ENERGY to TRY and MAKE that CHARACTER REAL, OR CREATE a REALITY around it. Because THEIR REALITY has been GIVEN to them for the PURPOSE of CREATING the INTENDED results in your GENETICS that GENERATE INCREASE in the REALITY of the GENTILES.

The bottom line is this, ARTIFICIAL REALITY or the REALITY provided for you by the WORLD is the REALITY that STOLE our LIFE in the GARDEN and it’s STILL doing the very same today. We see in the GARDEN that NATURAL REALITY connected Adom to the EARTH AND The Most High. He TILLED the GROUND to RECEIVE from The Most High, meaning their was EFFORT put into the REALITY he was CREATED FROM and IN that PRODUCED results ACCORDING to his GENETICS from The Most High. How many KNOW why Adom DIDN’T have to get on his knees and pray for a HELPMATE, or he didn’t have to give an offering? Because the WILL of The Most High was written in his GENETICS and HE was CREATED in the IMAGE of The Most High, so what is that saying? In the REALITY Adom was CREATED in, ALL of his NEEDS, URGES and DESIRES ALL BELONGED TO The Most High to BEGIN WITH. So the ONLY thing NECESSARY was the ENERGY APPLIED to the UNDERSTANDING and REALITY that he was CREATED in for him to see the RESULTS that were WRITTEN in his GENETICS.

I tell Hebrew people ALL the time that THE SO CALLED NEW TESTAMENT that your GENTILE counterparts FORCE onto you through THEIR RELIGION, WAS NOT WRITTEN FOR YOU. Why is this SOOO IMPORTANT to understand? Well because it was WRITTEN for people that HAVE ABSOLUTELY NO CONNECTION to The Most High, so for ONE they had to be TAUGHT HOW to BEHAVE like MANKIND as opposed to WHATEVER the ORIGIN in their GENETICS taught them. Secondly, it was written for them to UNDERSTAND the REALITY that WE WERE CREATED IN being the IMAGE of The Most High and TEACHING THEM to have FAITH in THAT REALITY or UNDERSTANDING of LIFE through the TEACHING of the MASTER. But NOW that WE don’t know who we are as a people and ALLOWING for the GENTILE’S RELIGION to give us IDENTITY as GENTILES, HOW do you think that effected the REALITY we OPERATE in? We act like DEVILS, NOT because we ARE, we act like DEVILS because that’s the IDENTITY we ACCEPTED which CREATES a REALITY OUTSIDE of the ONE we were CREATED in.

Natural REALITY gives our SISTERS their TRUE IDENTITY as Queens of the EARTH as opposed to some OTHER degrading term for them to be ABUSED by. Natural REALITY teaches us men that REAL MANHOOD in the sight of The Most High is about CREATING a PARADISE for and in you and your woman to dwell in so that The Most High can INCREASE HIS IMAGE in you and through you, as opposed to YOU INCREASING whatever IMAGE that was FORCED onto you. NATURAL REALITY is what gives us the STRENGTH to BUILD according to the WILL of The Most High.

One thing that I believe is that WE are LOCKED into an understanding of NATURAL that ONLY paints a picture of the PHYSICAL aspect of a person, but this is COMPLETELY untrue. YOUR NATURAL being is YOUR ENTIRE BEING UNIFIED TOGETHER in the NATURAL or RAW understanding you were CREATED in. So your NATURAL BEING IS SPIRITUAL JUST as MUCH as it is PHYSICAL. How so, how is it that your NATURAL BEING is your SPIRITUAL BEING as well. The WAY that The Most High communicates DIRECTLY with MANKIND is through the SPIRIT of MANKIND. Of course we KNOW that The Most High speaks to us through SITUATIONS as well, but when he talks to a MAN DIRECTLY, he speaks into his SPIRIT. But what WE have to UNDERSTAND is that YOUR SPIRIT is CONNECTED to ALL of YOUR GENETICS. We are TAUGHT the UNDERSTANDING of a SPIRIT from the MIND and UNDERSTANDING of GENTILES, and because we UNDERSTAND that EVIL spirits exist we often gravitate towards the understanding that YOUR spirit is a SEPARATE part of you that helps make up your entire being. Well your SPIRIT IS NOT a SEPARATE part of you ONLY used for this or that. With EVERYTHING you do, see and EMBRACE you are doing it with YOUR spirit. So what that means is, YOUR spirit takes on WHATEVER IDENTITY YOU take on. This is why I shake my head at people who THINK they know what they are talking about when they say shit like THEY GOD TOLD THEM, or DROPPED something in their SPIRIT, then turn around and say in JESUS NAME. Who is dropping that shit in your SPIRIT if your SPIRIT ONLY witnesses to Lucifer or an IDENTITY OUTSIDE what WE KNOW is the TRUTH, and WHAT’S the INTENDED purpose. See we have a PICTURE of the GENTILE MIND at work again, just making up shit that SOUNDS SLICK, but that goofy ass shit ONLY feeding the ILLUSION and the IDENTITY you embraced. It’s doing the EXACT opposite of WHAT you were created to do with it.

ARTIFICIAL REALITY ONLY connects you with the IDENTITY of a SLAVE or FOREIGNER having NO RITES to WHAT you produce with the ENERGY YOU put into it because YOU produced it UNDER the IDENTITY that YOU WERE GIVEN by WHATEVER AUTHORITY you submit to. This is the PICTURE of being KICKED OUT the GARDEN to TILL the GROUND for it to ONLY bear you THORNES and THISTLES. Who’s IDENTITY were we kicked out of the GARDEN HAVING? So WHO ULTIMATELY would our TOILING INCREASE as LONG as we retain that IDENTITY and IMAGE? See how it works, submit to a GIVEN or FORCED upon IDENTITY and you get to be their SLAVE forever. Tell me this ISN’T the PICTURE of US serving the slaves masters with the IDENTITY they place on us as a PEOPLE. This is why it’s OK for them to LET YOU think YOU’RE winning in your FOOLISHNESS, because ULTIMATELY THEY are the ones benefitting from the ENERGY you put into DOING WHATEVER. But you know what IDENTITY they CAN NOT and NEVER WILL capitalize on and control for THEIR purpose? The IDENTITY that they are trying sooo hard to HIDE from you, the IDENTITY you were created in. The IDENTITY that gives YOU the CONTROL over YOUR LIFE, the IDENTITY The Most High gave YOU to GLORIFY his IMAGE with and INCREASE it on the EARTH, the IDENTITY that HE HIMSELF communes with and PROTECTS. After ALL is said and done, the ONLY thing that’s gonna matter is WHO we served and WHO lays claim to your IDENTITY. It’s CLEAR that The Most High ONLY RECOGNIZES ONE IDENTITY for MANKIND and as LONG as we UNDERSTAND that OUR IDENTITY is what CREATES our REALITY, then we should be able to UNDERSTAND that the REALITY we live in our marriage PROBABLY has NOTHING to do with ANYTHING other than the IDENTITY we ALLOW for our SPOUSES to retain. Fact of the matter is, I NEED to build my baby into the Queen she is in her GENETICS, I PERSONALLY am designed for the type of PARADISE that ONLY a QUEEN can PROVIDE…

Tomorrow we continue our course


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