Good Morning Ysrayl…

I trust all is well with you this morning. Yesterday we talked about FALSE REALITY and NATURAL REALITY and the PURPOSE for the FALSE REALITY we LIVE In and are FORCED to OPERATE IN.

I want to talk more about EXACTLY what is a FALSE REALITY and HOW we find ourselves victim to it. How many sisters reading this FEEL like you have NEVER had a MAN LOVE and HONOR you PROPERLY? And HOW many men feel like you have never been given the RESPECT due to your IDENTITY for the WORK you put IN? So what you see RITE AWAY is the MALE and FEMALE gender of our PEOPLE forced into TWO SEPARATE REALITIES of themselves that EITHER DOESN’T see HOW TO connect with the OTHER on a level where THEY CREATE their OWN INTENDED REALITY as OPPOSED to ACCEPTING the REALITY of MARRIAGE that is FORCED ONTO us. As we have talked about for the past few days, MEN need to be RESPECTED and HONORED as MEN in the PARADISE that they are RESPONSIBLE FOR BUILDING. The PROBLEM with that is, ACCORDING to WHO’S GENETICS and UNDERSTANDING of LIFE is that PARADISE or ILLUSION of PARADISE BUILT. We men are TAUGHT by our GENTILE COUNTERPARTS that MARRIAGE and RELATIONSHIP is something that you take a CHANCE on HOPING that things will workout long enough to where we can BUILD somewhat of a LIFE together. Why is there SOO much DOUBT and DISTRUST in the INSTITUTION of MARRIAGE? I’m saying THIS is what we were CREATED to do, this is OBVIOUSLY CLEAR.

Well in the GARDEN you had the INTRODUCTION of an IDENTITY other than the ONES they were CREATED in which CREATED a REALITY other than the ONE they were CREATED in. So what does that mean? It means that WE have been FORCED into an UNDERSTANDING of OURSELVES and ONE ANOTHER that makes us GRAVITATE toward an IDENTITY that gives us COMFORT and REASSURANCE to SOME DEGREE that we won’t be VICTIM’S inside this NEW REALITY of MARRIAGE and RELATIONSHIP that we are FORCED into. So NOT ONLY do we have a FALSE REALITY, but YOU have to BUILD an IDENTITY according to that FALSE REALITY that is COMPLETELY FOREIGN to your GENETICS. We as Hebrew PEOPLE were created OUT of LOVE and IN LOVE so what that means is, ANYTHING inside our MARRIAGES that ARE NOT CONDUCIVE of that LOVE is SUPPOSED to seen as an enemy as OPPOSED to CREATING and IDENTITY to COUNTER it. Men OFTEN don’t love their wives PROPERLY because of SOME OFFENSE to his understanding of MANHOOD, and women often times show that they are COMPLETELY unworthy of that LOVE because of their willingness to COMPLETELY ABANDON their POSTS and FIND it in whatever their NEW IDENTITY shows them it’s supposed to be done.

SEE the bottom line is this, Adom put REAL work into BUILDING a PARADISE for his woman to dwell in, work ACCORDING to the REALITY he was CREATED in. What do I mean by that? In the BEGINNING Adom understood he HAD to BUILD a REALITY for he and his wife to dwell in that was ACCORDING to the REALITY that they were CREATED in. What do I mean by that? How many people were there giving Adom input on JUST what his BRIDE would want to be in her PARADISE? So since it was JUST him, then the PARADISE that was to be FORMED HAD to be FORMED AROUND THEIR understanding of THEMSELVES and their GENETICS, correct? Meaning Adom had the RESPONSIBILITY of of CREATING a PHYSICAL PARADISE for his woman to live in, PARADISE that was ACCORDING to his GENETICS and UNDERSTANDING of HIMSELF and what’s NECESSARY to make it PARADISE in the PHYSICAL understanding. So because HIS RESPONSIBILITY was to WORK to build a REALITY for her to DWELL IN, then he needed to BUILD her IDENTITY ACCORDING to what was IN HER GENETICS, the GENETICS HE GAVE HER. Do y’all remember me saying a WHILE back that, we are ESSENTIALLY the VERY same we just MANIFEST in MASCULINE and FEMININE energy? Well Adom didn’t realize that JUST as much as HE was KING and NEEDED to be RESPECTED as that, his woman was QUEEN and NEEDED to be RESPECTED and HONORED as such. So what we see is the REALITY that THEY were created to DWELL IN was a reality that was written in their GENETICS, correct? The REALITY that could NEVER be UNWRITTEN.

My building my baby in the LOVE and HONOR that she was CREATED to be built in is ULTIMATELY building WHO’S REALITY of PARADISE written in their GENETICS? See my baby getting the LOVE and HONOR that she is due HAS VERY LITTLE to do with SITUATIONS and CIRCUMSTANCES that are CREATED by an IDENTITY she wasn’t CREATED in and DOES NOT benefit our IMAGE. What do I mean by that? Well, regardless of WHAT IDENTITY your woman embraces at this point, the IDENTITY she was DESIGNED to RESPOND to is the IDENTITY that is written in her GENETICS. The IDENTITY that brings PARADISE to REALITY REGARDLESS of WHAT the SITUATION or CIRCUMSTANCE is. What do I mean by that? Well if Adom had UNDERSTOOD that the VERY SAME ENERGY that was APPLIED to CREATING the PHYSICAL PARADISE, was a PICTURE of the ENERGY he would HAVE to PUT DOWN to REALIZE PARADISE in his woman, he would NOT have left the work in her UNDONE that was THE WHOLE point of him working to BEGIN with.

We as a people have been taught how to RESPOND to FALSE IDENTITY and build them ACCORDING to SOMEONE ELSE’S display. Meaning we have been taught to MULTIPLY DISTANCE, EVIL, DECEPTION, SELFISHNESS etc according to the IDENTITIES forced on us. The IDENTITIES that FORCE us to see our SPOUSES as an ENEMY that we are FORCED to be with but ULTIMATELY DO NOT TRUST because of the IDENTITIES and REALITIES that they or we have ACCEPTED. My baby getting the LOVE and HONOR she is due is ALL about building her ACCORDING to the TRUTH of her DESIGN, as opposed to just DOING IT because SHE likes it. So ULTIMATELY this is the TILLING WORK in the UNDERSTANDING that IF I want a PARADISE, then WORK according to TRUTH has to be PUT DOWN in my baby’s BEING. So we see that REGARDLESS of WHAT and HOW I feel there IS A TRUTH of my baby’s DESIGN that is GOING to BUILD her in the IDENTITY and REALITY she was CREATED in. So what that means is LOVE and HONOR are NOT OPTIONAL, it’s a REQUIREMENT for the REALIZATION of PARADISE.

Brothas THIS is the VERY FIRST thing that WE have to UNDERSTAND, YOU are responsible for CREATING PARADISE, YOUR woman DOES NOT HAVE A CHOICE but to RESPOND to it, of course that’s if she is a GOOD woman. See brothas PARADISE is WRITTEN in the GENETICS of your woman, meaning WHATEVER you give her SHE WILL take it and MAKE it BETTER for you. SO given the PROPER REALITY she can ONLY produce ACCORDING to her DESIGN. So the RESPONSIBILITY of the MAN is to be the IMAGE of STRENGTH in the UNDERSTANDING that WORKING to build your woman in her truth ALSO means that YOU ARE WORKING. Why is that something that NEEDS to be UNDERSTOOD? Well MANY of us brothas feel like when you GET A WOMAN she just SUPPOSED to WANT to SERVE you with EVERY FIBER of her being because that’s what the WORLD and the GENTILE MIND teaches us, but the REALITY of it is YOUR woman was DESIGNED to RESPOND to the EFFORT YOU put down for HER. We brothas hear the WORD “WORK” then IMMEDIATELY shit ain’t working out for you. Why do YOU think that is, why do WE respond to “WORK” the way we do? Could it be that because WE have been FORCED into an IDENTITY that HAS NO RITES to the ENERGY we PUT DOWN, and the ENERGY we USUALLY PUT DOWN DOES NOT bear the INTENDED results? THORNES and THISTLES HUH?… ANYONE putting down WORK and seeing VERY little to NO results is gonna have an OPINION of work that is NOT gonna be FAVORABLE to our beautiful sisters.

See there is a DIFFERENCE when YOU KNOW your IDENTITY and the ROLE YOU were CREATED to play in the BUILDING of PARADISE, as opposed to just HOPING that things work out ENOUGH to have SOMEWHAT of a PEACEFUL LIFE together. See my UNDERSTANDING that MY ENERGY ACCORDING to the TRUTH of the DESIGN of my baby CAN ONLY PRODUCE PARADISE is why “WORK” to me is JUST as PLEASURABLE as the PARADISE ITSELF. I know EXACTLY what I’m doing and the RESULTS are EVIDENT, this is why I ENJOY THE WORK. See the IDENTITIES that WE ACCEPT ALWAYS leave the OPTION of EMBRACING the ILLUSION that YOU can HAVE PARADISE without BUILDING it or working for it ACCORDING TO TRUTH. This is what LUCIFER does, he gives you the OPTION of an IDENTITY and REALITY that YOU were NEVER CREATED to dwell in. I said to y’all yesterday that MOST of our young black males and even OLDER black males in MANY cases gravitate towards BUILDING a REALITY around the CHARACTER that they have EMBRACED as their IMAGE. Why do you think that is, why do we GRAVITATE towards a CHARACTER to play other than the TRUTH that is WRITTEN in our GENETICS? Because we ARE LOCKED into BUILDING one thing or ANOTHER. What do I mean? See we think that Adom had to WORK for his BRIDE SOLELY based on the FACT that he NEEDED and WANTED her, but the FACT of the MATTER is WORK to BUILDING SOMETHING IS NOT OPTIONAL, just like MULTIPLYING WHATEVER image YOU RETAIN is NOT OPTIONAL. So the TRUTH is YOU GON WORK TO BUILD ACCORDING to your DESIGN and the DESIGN of your WOMAN, or YOU JUST GON BE WORKING to benefit ANOTHER’S REALITY, it’s just that simple.

As I said before BUILDING a QUEEN is ALL about YOU building YOURSELF into the KING of THAT QUEEN, that’s HOW it works. My building my baby into the QUEEN written in her GENETICS is my CONQUERING MYSELF in the UNDERSTANDING that, I NEED TO CONQUER MYSELF and FORCE the UNDERSTANDING that PARADISE is BUILT within my baby, it’s NOT GIVEN to me. This is the UNDERSTANDING that we SHOULD HAVE seen in the GARDEN, Adom FORCING HIMSELF into the UNDERSTANDING that PARADISE is a REALITY that is ENERGIZED by your ENERGY and EFFORT he put down in her, NOT by his IDENTITY as a MAN…

Tomorrow we continue our course


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