Good Morning Ysrayl…

I trust all is well with you this morning. Yesterday we touched on building a REALITY around the design in your GENETICS as opposed to building your REALITY around a CHARACTER or UNDERSTANDING of YOURSELF that was FORCED onto you.

We as slaves and FORMER slaves are/were TAUGHT that OUR REALITY and world NEEDS to COMPLIMENT or MIRROR our GENTILE COUNTERPARTS REALITY and UNDERSTANDING of LIFE. So with us NEVER understanding OUR TRUE IDENTITY and the REALITY that we were created in, we never even HAVE A CHANCE to BUILD a PARADISE for us and OUR spouse to live in. When you are taught to LIVE by PEOPLE that have NO CONNECTION to ANYTHING outside of THEMSELVES, what TYPE of REALITY are you going to build? A reality that ULTIMATELY is SUBJECT to the GENETICS and UNDERSTANDING of GENTILES. What do I mean by that? Well, TECHNICALLY if YOU don’t KNOW WHO you are as it CORRELATES to the IDENTITY and REALITY YOU were CREATED in, YOU CAN HAVE RELATIONSHIP with The Most High? That’s NOT saying YOU don’t have a GOD that YOU submit to, but it’s NOT and COULD NEVER be The Most High CREATOR of the EARTH and HEAVENS. See the UNDERSTANDING of GOD that we had FORCED onto us was FORCED onto us BY WHO? So this GOD witnesses to the GENETICS of the GENTILES. What do I mean by that, their GOD witnesses to their GENETICS? Their GOD is WHO made it POSSIBLE for them to ENSLAVE and FORCE you into an UNDERSTANDING of YOURSELF that ONLY BENEFITS THEIR IMAGE, or the IMAGE of their GOD.

Adom was CREATED in the IMAGE of The Most High, so what that means LITERALLY is The Most High CREATED HIMSELF when he CREATED Adom. So in the IMAGE and REALITY he was CREATED in ALL of his ENERGY produced RESULTS ACCORDING to his DESIGN and understanding himself. Now we know that Adom was CREATED naked, but what that naked ALSO represents is RIGHTEOUSNESS, or BEING IN RITE STANDS IN HIS RELATIONSHIP WITH The Most High. When you are NAKED NOTHING is HIDDEN or NOTHING is WITHHELD. So from the BEGINNING we UNDERSTAND that Adom’s RELATIONSHIP with The Most High was centered around his RETAINING the IMAGE of NAKED he was CREATED in. What I want y’all to do is BEGIN to UNDERSTAND you and YOUR SPOUSE being CREATED naked means ANYTHING added to that IMAGE AUTOMATICALLY makes the IMAGE distorted, meaning there is NO WAY The Most High will RESPOND to your LIFE, you bear someone else’s IMAGE.

What we NEED to UNDERSTAND is, THE OPENNESS and REALNESS that they were CREATED in is what BROUGHT the PRESENCE of The Most High, OBVIOUSLY. As I said BEFORE, your GENTILE counterparts teach YOU that Adom and his woman were PERFECT in the understanding that EVERYTHING they did was PERFECT, but OBVIOUSLY that isn’t true EITHER. Check it out y’all, The Most High DOES NOT respond to PERFECT, but he DOES respond to REAL. What am I saying? The Man and his Woman were created NAKED in the IMAGE of The Most High, meaning there was NOTHING hidden in their MARRIAGE, or EVERYTHING was HONEST and TRUE to the IMAGE they were CREATED in. When you are CREATED in the IMAGE of The Most High your WORST enemy is the UNDERSTANDING of LIFE and MARRIAGE that comes from GENTILES or PEOPLE that DO NOT bear he SAME GENETICS that YOU do.

The REALITY that Adom and his woman were CREATED in was a REALITY that ONLY involved one another BUILDING according to the DESIGN of their GENETICS, the GENETICS they RECEIVED from The Most High. Why is this SOOO IMPORTANT to understand? YOUR GENETICS and the REALITY you were CREATED in is the ONLY thing that The Most High recognizes and responds to… We are TAUGHT as CHILDREN we can GROW up and be ANYTHING we want to be, of course ONLY if it BENEFITS the GENTILE REALITY and THEY have CONTROL over it. So what that does to us RITE away as CHILDREN is it TEACHES us that OUR IDENTITY comes from WHATEVER CHARACTER or IDENTITY we EMBRACE in the REALITY provided by the GENTILES. So INSTEAD of being TAUGHT who we are in our GENETICS we are TAUGHT to SUBMIT our GENETICS to an IDENTITY that has it’s place in their REALITY, correct? Adom tilled the ground he came from to receive from The Most High, what does that mean? He put work into the IMAGE and REALITY he was CREATED in to receive from The Most High. So what is that telling us? Increase from The Most High ONLY comes in the IMAGE he was CREATED in being RETAINED. So when we are SOLD the ILLUSION that STATUS and MONEY is what makes you acceptable in the sight of The Most High because they provide you the ABILITY to BUILD a REALITY around it, you are operating under the ILLUSION that you are APPROVED with the ACCEPTED IDENTITY.

Now what does this have to do with MARRIAGE? When you are TOLD that you can do ANYTHING you want but are NEVER taught the TRUTH of your DESIGN, what do you think happened the IDENTITY that The Most High RESPONDS to? Or what happened to the NAKEDNESS of your IDENTITY? It becomes REPLACED in WHATEVER ILLUSION of marriage fits the IDENTITY you have ACCEPTED. See MARRIAGE in the UNDERSTANDING it was CREATED in MEANT LIFE, as opposed to someone you have as a COMPANION. What do I mean by that? Adom would have NEVER been able to MULTIPLY his IMAGE, the IMAGE of The Most High WITHOUT Hawah, the WOMAN CREATED for him. SO what that means is MARRIAGE EQUATED to LIFE with us and in the sight of The Most High. So what that is ALSO saying is, LIFE was ONLY supposed to MANIFEST ONE WAY. See the GENTILE MIND teaches us that MARRIAGE isn’t LIFE, it’s something you do to say you have a SPOUSE and get RECOGNITION from that and to have a COMPANION. The fact of the matter is WE were NOT DESIGNED to have LIFE outside of MARRIAGE in the understanding that, IF you are MARRIED or DESIRE to be THERE IS ONLY ONE WAY THAT MARRIAGE WILL WORK and that’s in the IMAGE and REALITY it was CREATED. So a Man loving his woman is NOT just about it being sweet and BEAUTIFUL, it’s ABOUT LIFE for him and her. This is why I RECOMMEND that couples RESTRUCTURE their MARRIAGES according to the TRUTH of their DESIGN. When you build ACCORDING to your DESIGN what you are doing is ENSURING that the REALITY that y’all are CREATING is the REALITY that SPEAKS LIFE to your GENETICS, as opposed to BUILDING your REALITY according to an IDENTITY that is NOT recognized by The Most High.

What we HAVE to understand is NAKED IS THE SACRIFICE made to SHOW the Most High HIS IMAGE is the IMAGE that YOU embrace. Religion teaches you that SACRIFICES are ALWAYS in SERVICE to SOMEONE ELSE or to the GENTILE REALITY of SOME sort. Again this ONLY STRENGTHENS the GENTILE REALITY. The SACRIFICE of NAKED before The Most High and your SPOUSE is REALITY we were CREATED in, so what that means is NOT ONLY will The Most High RESPOND to that in your MARRIAGE, but WHAT did he do for Adom, he INCREASED HIM or REALIZED the ENERGY he PUT DOWN into having his Queen. Like I said the OTHER day we have been taught that REAL means some shit OTHER than REAL to the DESIGN in your GENETICS. Many brothas see that OPENLY expressing their LOVE and COMMITMENT to their woman is SOMEHOW WEAKNESS, this is COMPLETE and TOTAL FOOLISHNESS and it ONLY feeds an IDENTITY of DESTRUCTION. ANYONE that embraces this understanding of life will NEVER see LIFE within your MARRIAGE and you will NEVER receive from The Most High. Not because you DON’T express yourself, but because NAKEDNESS REPRESENTS to you EXACTLY what it REPRESENTED to the serpent. My expressing to my baby her VALUE and my LOVE for her USUALLY ain’t really got much to do with her in the understanding that I’m NOT saying all that stuff because she LIKES to hear it or it SOUNDS good, THIS IS REALLY HOW I receive LIFE. I was CREATED not ONLY to LOVE my baby, but I was ALSO CREATED in the REALITY that THIS is the IMAGE of The Most High as it RELATES to OUR LIFE. So by my NAKEDNESS, not ONLY am I building HER according to her DESIGN, but I am ALSO BUILDING a DWELLING place for The Most High.

My OPENLY expressing my LOVE and COMMITMENT to my baby is CREATING the REALITY that we BOTH were CREATED in, so we see that JUST by OPENLY embracing OUR DESIGN HOW that CREATES the REALITY that we BOTH receive LIFE from. When Adom and Hawah covered themselves is a PICTURE of them COVERING the ABILITY to CREATE the REALITY they were CREATED to dwell in. Are we SEEING JUST how IMPORTANT it is that we RETAIN the IMAGE and the DESIGN of our GENETICS? This is what gives you the ABILITY to CREATE the REALITY we were DESIGNED to dwell in with one another. This is the NATURAL REALITY we talked about the other day, the REALITY that is COMPLETELY NATURAL to the GENETICS of MANKIND. In the NATURAL REALITY we were CREATED to dwell in there is NO JUDGING, DECEPTION, MANIPULATION, LIES, DISAPPOINTMENT, LONELINESS, DISTRUST etc, ONLY LOVE and PEACE expressed in a way that REALIZES PARADISE for the BOTH of you…

Tomorrow we continue our course


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