Good Morning Ysrayl…

I trust all is well with you this morning. Yesterday we talked about the REALITY of MARRIAGE and LIFE that we live in, is the VERY same REALITY that GENTILES live in and was CREATED by them.

The reason it’s so IMPORTANT to understand the IDENTITY and REALITY we were created in is because THAT’S the ONLY IDENTITY and REALITY that The Most High responds to and it’s the ONLY IDENTITY and REALITY that our GENETICS respond to. What do I mean by the IDENTITY that OUR GENETICS respond to? Remember the other day I told y’all I was in the store standing in line behind some goofy ass knuckle head nigga who felt like his DESIRE to be the CENTER of attention was what EVERYONE needed? Well this is an IDENTITY that this young brotha accepted. Many may think it’s just a TREND or a PHASE that our young men are going through, but that IDENTITY brings a VERY REAL REALITY along with it. Of course it was KILLING me not to say anything to him and his DISPLAY of MANHOOD, but I ALSO understood that IF I had said something to him, more than likely I would have had to kill his ass afterwards. WHY is that, why would this young brotha get offended by someone ADDRESSING his BEHAVIOR in front of sisters and small children? Because HE PUT DOWN REAL WORK TO REALIZE THE CHARACTER he was playing, so as RETARDED as he LOOKED to EVERYONE IT WAS HIS REALITY and he would have DEFENDED it to keep it intact.

See when YOU embrace an IDENTITY OTHER than the ONE you were CREATED with you become RESPONSIBLE to defend that IDENTITY because YOUR IMAGE is on the LINE. This is ONE of the reasons our marriages are in such confusion, everyone is trying to keep a REALITY intact that is ACCORDING to an ACCEPTED or FORCED upon IDENTITY.  If a man RECOGNIZES his IDENTITY of MANHOOD as INDEPENDENT from his RESPONSIBILITY his WOMAN’S care, the REALITY that WILL be BUILT is GOING to be a REALITY that ONLY NOURISHES the IDENTITY of HIS understanding of MANHOOD. And what’s SCARY about that is, depending on JUST HOW long he has had that IDENTITY and HOW much work he put down to build a REALITY around it, he will ULTIMATELY FIGHT to the DEATH of his MARRIAGE and WOMAN in many ways to DEFEND his RITE to RETAIN the IDENTITY and REALITY he BUILT for himself. So we see that the WORK Adom was GIVEN was given to him to BUILD an IDENTITY and REALITY for HIMSELF and his WOMAN to live in that CONNECTED him to the EARTH or the REALITY he was CREATED IN, which gave him the IMAGE of The Most High. And we ALL understand by now that HIS OWN IMAGE is the ONLY thing that The Most High will respond to.

So do y’all see JUST how CLEVER your GENTILE COUNTERPARTS are in their PSYCHOLOGICAL war AGAINST the IMAGE you were created in? When we are TOLD we can pretty much do ANYTHING our hearts desire to do, but NEVER tell you that WHATEVER it is YOU CHOOSE to do becomes what YOU are RECOGNIZED by, YOU live your LIFE putting down work to BUILD an IMAGE other than the one you were CREATED in. The problem with that is, YOU got LOST in a WORLD of ILLUSION about yourself that YOU CREATED  based on IDENTITIES that HAVE NOTHING to do with your TRUE IDENTITY. The other day I said we are TRAINED to respond NEGATIVELY to our SPOUSES when some type of offense is present. What do I mean by that, what do I mean we have been TRAINED to RESPOND NEGATIVELY? See when YOU build an IDENTITY of YOURSELF within your marriage that is INDEPENDENT or DOES NOT compliment your spouse, ANY offense as small as it may be will be PERCEIVED as an ATTACK on YOUR LIFE. See when we BUILD marriage the WAY it was INTENDED to be BUILT, OFFENSES are seen COMPLETELY different, of course that’s based on the OFFENSE itself. But my building my IDENTITY in marriage AROUND the UNDERSTANDING that my baby is where LIFE is to be REALIZED for myself, puts me in the understanding IMMEDIATELY that I HAVE TO KEEP THAT REALITY INTACT if it is to PROFIT us in ANY way. So what happens to the WAY I deal with the OFFENSE? I deal with it with the understanding that LIFE is the OBJECTIVE as opposed to DEFENDED an understanding of MANHOOD that is DESIGNED to build an IDENTITY OUTSIDE of HER and my relationship with The Most High.

See when you build an IDENTITY and you PUT DOWN REAL WORK into building that IDENTITY in a way that the ONLY thing you KNOW how to do is BUILD your woman and y’all’s PARADISE, YOU’RE NOT gonna tear it down, NEITHER would you let minor offenses tear it down. Instead they are looked at as OPPORTUNITIES of GROWTH and DEVELOPMENT in your MARRIAGE and LIFE. See the IDENTITY that I was CREATED to have DOES NOT allow in ANY WAY for my baby to be seen as ANYTHING other than WHAT she was CREATED to be. So what that means is, if she is not quite there in this area or that area then I see it as my RESPONSIBILITY to BUILD her into the IMAGE she was CREATED in that area. Now y’all remember me saying that a Man building his Woman into a Queen is ULTIMATELY building HIMSELF into the KING of that Queen? Brothas HOW MUCH LOVE and RESPECT would your woman have for you KNOWING that SHE HERSELF could ONLY be seen in ONE LIGHT regardless of the fact that she may fall short every so often? The kind of LOVE and RESPECT entitled to KINGS HUH? Now WHAT do YOU think is happening to YOU in the BUILDING process of your Queen? YOU are LEARNING HOW to operate IN THE IDENTITY that The Most High gave YOU to OPERATE IN. So what that is doing is MULTIPLYING his IMAGE of course, but it is ALSO making THIS IDENTITY the ONE that YOU defend with your LIFE because of HOW SACRED and IMPORTANT it is to YOU and YOUR spouses SURVIVAL AND the REAL WORK you put down to REALIZE it.

The young brotha in line in front of me the other day was SOOO lost in the REALITY he built for himself that, NOT only did he NOT realize how much of a GODDAMN IDIOT he looked like, but he was ACTIVELY BUILDING that REALITY SOLELY based on the FACT HE thought that’s what everybody wanted to see. So we see here that the IDENTITY that we EMBRACE becomes SELF REGENERATING, meaning he is MULTIPLYING THAT IMAGE. Again we see that The Most High INTENDED for us to GROW and CREATE a REALITY SOO BIG in our UNDERSTANDING of the IMAGE we were created in, that ALL of the OUTSIDE world EFFECTS NOTHING concerning your REALITY. This is the PICTURE of MARRIAGE we were CREATED to dwell in, the picture we see in the Garden where it’s just the Man, his Woman AND The Most High. This is HOW PARADISE is BUILT, it’s built through the IMAGE you were created in which gives YOU the IDENTITY to BUILD the REALITY of PARADISE. Unlike your GENTILE COUNTERPARTS YOU have the GENETICS to CREATE your OWN PARADISE according to your DESIGN and you don’t have to embrace ANY other IDENTITY to REALIZE that OTHER than the one you were created in.

At the end of the day the only thing I want my baby to see in me is the care and attention to detail in building her that she was CREATED to see. The care that brings COMFORT and REASSURANCE enough FOR HER to EMBRACE the IDENTITY of MY QUEEN. Brothas YOU HAVE to UNDERSTAND this, a TRUE Queen can ONLY be ENERGIZED by HER KING but the IDENTITY and REALITY YOU embrace is what is going to ULTIMATELY paint YOUR picture of PARADISE. What do I mean by that? Your DISPLAY of MANHOOD and ATTENTION to DETAIL in HER building process is WHAT she DRAWS her IDENTITY as YOUR QUEEN from. What that means is, IF YOU DON’T PRODUCE IT SHE CAN NOT MULTIPLY IT, it’s just that simple. So if you want a woman who RECOGNIZES YOU as her KING, YOU have to be the Man that cares for her ENTIRE BEING like she is YOUR QUEEN. We have to get out of the understanding that it’s sisters worth having that DON’T REQUIRE of your BEING, we have to be STRONG enough and have ENOUGH wisdom and understanding to know  that the REAL WORK you are putting down in her has it’s REAL REWARDS wrapped up in PARADISE…

Tomorrow we continue our course


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