Good Morning Ysrayl…

I trust all is well with you this morning. Yesterday we talked about the IDENTITIES that we build in our MARRIAGES needing to be the IDENTITY it was CREATED to retain.

As we are talking about building IDENTITY ACCORDING to your GENETICS and PERSONAL DESIGN many may wonder EXACTLY what it is and HOW exactly do you do it. People often times THINK that your PERSONAL DESIGN is about the things that you LIKE and FEEL like you need in your LIFE to MAINTAIN HEALTH. Some of this is TRUE but NOT completely TRUE. First BUILDING your IDENTITY ACCORDING to your genetics is about understanding that YOUR SPECIFIC GENETICS had an IDENTITY given to them upon CREATION. What do I mean? Of course we KNOW Man CAN NOT CREATE ANYTHING, but we CAN MULTIPLY so we can use MULTIPLYING as an EXAMPLE of CREATION. A Man MULTIPLYING himself through his seed means HE RE-CREATED himself, or he MULTIPLIED his IDENTITY. My son is myself so HIS GENETICS find their IDENTITY within ME. So because I am the FATHER of his GENETICS his UNDERSTANDING of HOW to PROPERLY OPERATE within those GENETICS would HAVE to come from myself if the IDENTITY is to be ACCURATE, correct? So we see that BUILDING ACCORDING to your GENETICS has VERY little to do with ANYTHING other than BUILDING ACCORDING to the IMAGE you were CREATED in. Now of course when you talk about ACTUALLY doing work on YOURSELF and BUILDING ANYTHING many will say the CHRISTIAN thing to say whenever they get in doubt, which IS PRETTY OFTEN, “My GOD knows me”, well let me help YOU with that. I’M SURE that he does, that’s the WHOLE POINT. Many of us think that the understanding of “GOD” that we have been FORCED into is someone OTHER than LUCIFER himself, but NOT ONLY do I ASSURE that it’s NOT, but I’m gonna write to y’all NEXT JUST ABOUT your GOD HIMSELF.

Anyway, so IDENTITY building ACCORDING to your GENETICS AUTOMATICALLY makes you AWARE that your GENETICS were DESIGNED to OPERATE in a CERTAIN way, and that YOU need to SEARCH out EXACTLY what that IDENTITY was DESIGNED to PRODUCE. WE HAVE TO DRILL IT INTO OUR MINDS, we were DESIGNED to PRODUCE according to the will of The Most High. So what that means is, you have what you were given which MAKES YOU RESPONSIBLE to fulfill a PURPOSE. It was NOT given to you so you can go and do whatever your HEARTS desire is with it, your HEARTS desire SHOULD be wrapped up in what YOU were CREATED to do, as opposed to being able to live your LIFE PLEASURABLY like your GENTILE counterparts in their filth. So IDENTITY is NOT about everyone who is Hebrew looking and acting the same like RELIGION teaches, it’s about understanding The Most High created MANKIND to IDENTIFY THEMSELVES with The Most High and his will and purpose as opposed to thinking that your IDENTITY as a Man or Woman should be centered around WHATEVER CHARACTER you can CREATE and build a STRONG enough REALITY around. So what that means is, if a Man retains the IDENTITY of a THUG or even a BALL PLAYER, doesn’t mean that he won’t be PROSPEROUS with these IDENTITIES, it means that WHATEVER he gained WAS NOT GIVEN to him by The Most High for one, but for two the REALITY being built AROUND these particular GENETICS is an REALITY that STRENGTHENS the LIE in his LIFE and the LIVES of those watching.

Now does this make thugs and ball players UNACCEPTABLE to The Most High, of course not, it means that AS LONG AS your GENETICS bear an IDENTITY OTHER than the ONE given to you, and the REALITY built AROUND IT is a REALITY that was CREATED by an UNDERSTANDING of yourself and your GENETICS given to you by a SOURCE other than the one you were created by, YOU WILL NEVER SEE ANYTHING FROM The Most High INCLUDING LIFE. This is why Adom and Hawah covering their NAKEDNESS, or CHANGING the IMAGE they were CREATED in and DESIGNED to have got them DEATH OF THE MIND/SOUL and MARKED by the BEAST. Which LITERALLY means that YOU BELONGED to him. And I’m sure your RELIGION didn’t teach you this but ANY ENERGY we put into ANY OTHER IMAGE than the one we were created to retain KEEPS us BELONGING to the BEAST, it’s just that simple.

Now let’s talk about personal design. PERSONAL DESIGN is one of those things that we ALL have to be careful of, the reason for that is PERSONAL DESIGN DOES NOT always check to make sure that the thing being ACCEPTED is ACTUALLY profitable to the person in the understanding that, JUST because we like something doesn’t mean that it should be EMBRACED. Personally this is ONE of the ways I judge where people are in their life without having to see or know ANYTHING else about them. If someone feels that they should have everything they WANT, or feel that every they want is good, this type of person is STILL VERY IMMATURE and UNSTABLE. When a person shows you they have NO UNDERSTANDING of SELF DISCIPLINE or withholding certain things from themselves, they are showing YOU that their understanding of LIFE is centered around their OWN PERSONAL PLEASURES. So UNLESS YOU are signing up to be their PERSONAL ENERGY SOURCE you’d be better off finding a DIFFERENT CROWD.

PERSONAL DESIGN as it correlates to MARRIAGE is all about BUILDING your PARADISE ACCORDING to the DESIGN of YOUR PERSONALITY and what it PERCEIVES as LIFE and what YOUR spouses PERSONAL DESIGN that perceives LIFE to them. Personal design is what CONNECTS your LIFE to YOU as opposed to living it with NO CONNECTION to it like MANY do in RELIGION. PERSONAL DESIGN DOES NOT EFFECT the IDENTITY or IMAGE you were created in, it gives LIFE and RECOGNITION to it. What do I mean by that? I’ve said to y’all before ONE of my PERSONAL designs is being quiet and introverted. Now to give understanding to that, I’m completely comfort with talking in front of LARGE CROWDS of people that doesn’t bother me at all, and I’m probably one of the LEAST most shy or passive people that you will ever meet. Matter of fact if you seen me talking before people you’d NEVER KNOW that my PERSONAL DESIGN would PROBABLY choose to sit all the way in the back corner and LISTEN as opposed to speaking. So what that means is by DESIGN ACCORDING to MY PERSONAL PREFERENCE my REALITY would EQUATE to a QUIET ONE, doesn’t mean BORING or NO LIFE it just means that I find PLEASURE in a more SIMPLE and PEACEFUL way. So just on that PERSONAL DESIGN alone how does that effect mine and my baby’s LIFE? Naturally it would be more QUIET and PEACEFUL, correct? So we see that PERSONAL DESIGN has NOTHING to do with the IMAGE or IDENTITY, it’s the way the IMAGE and IDENTITY is being PRESENTED and PERCEIVED because the PERSONAL DESIGN is WHAT is GIVING IT ENERGY to be RECOGNIZED as this or that.

Another thing about PERSONAL DESIGN is, it’s COMPLETELY free from JUDGMENT as long as it’s COVERED under the IMAGE you were created in. Let me explain. Hawah was told by the serpent that she WAS  NOT going to DIE, correct? So ONCE she LEFT the IMAGE she was CREATED in, NOW all of her DESIRES is ACCORDING to the IMAGE THAT JUST EMBRACED. Did y’all catch that? This Woman CHANGE her IDENTITY and her PERSONAL DESIRES CHANGED TO MATCH THE NEEDS OF HER NEW IDENTITY. So we see that IMAGE and IDENTITY being INTACT BUILDS a PERSONAL DESIGN to COMPLIMENT it in MANY ways. MANY of us FAIL to realize that FREE CHOICE NEVER had ANYTHING to do with you CHOOSING anything YOU think would be good for you to do, it was about FREELY choosing the PATH you want your LIFE to take, VERY BIG DIFFERENCE. So we see that RETAINING THE IMAGE of The Most High is WHAT gives us the UNDERSTANDING and the MIND to PERFORM his will, but it ALSO gives us the ABILITY to BUILD our LIVES ACCORDING to OUR PERSONAL DESIGN and STILL retain the IMAGE. So what that means is, if you had an individual who just ENJOYS to play ball and he gives a CERTAIN amount of ENERGY to playing ball it DOES NOT give him a DIFFERENT IMAGE solely BASED on the fact that he LIKES to play ball. The CONCERN is WHAT happens to the IMAGE you are created in when you ACCEPT the IDENTITY of a BALL PLAYER and have to put down REAL WORK to BUILD a REALITY around it. Now your GENETICS belong to and are owned by the IMAGE of a BALL PLAYER.

Many may THINK IMAGE and IDENTITY is NOT so IMPORTANT or a SMALL thing because we were TAUGHT by devils and dogs HOW to PERCEIVE OURSELVES. ANYONE who has broken a hand, knuckle or even a finger KNOWS that one SMALL bone have the ABILITY to COMPLETELY redirect the course of your LIFE until it is PROPERLY healed. The reason for that is THE IMAGE THE BODY WAS CREATED IN AND THE FREEDOM THAT IT WAS GIVEN AS A REALITY TO OPERATE IN HAS BEEN ALTERED OR HINDERED IN SOME FORM. If you are RIGHT HANDED and you BREAK your RIGHT HAND, what JUST happened to your LIFE because of the IMAGE change of your body? It became RESTRICTED to SOME degree, correct? This is the PICTURE of our LIVES that we live in when we retain an IMAGE that we were NOT created in, you become RESTRICTED in your ABILITY to obtain LIFE on any levels. Hebrews NEED to understand embracing your TRUE IDENTITY, the IDENTITY in your GENETICS is NOT about LOSING ANYTHING at ALL, it’s about GAINING your FREEDOM from the EVILS and the sins that grip our lives through the FORCED upon IDENTITIES that we have accepted and put down REAL WORK to build a REALITY around…

Tomorrow we continue our course


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