Good Morning Ysrayl…

I trust all is well with you this morning. Yesterday we talked about building IDENTITY and PERSONAL DESIGN according to the IMAGE of The Most High.

For those who have the understanding we know that the IMAGE we were CREATED in or the RESPONSIBILITY of REPRESENTATION given to our GENETICS is EVERYTHING. After the fall of MANKIND and our MIND/SOUL died we of course had NO ability to perceive ANYTHING that was LIFE given or ANYTHING that witnessed LIFE to our GENETICS. A lot of people are CONFUSED about TORAH or “LAW”, what was/is it’s purpose before the KING and after his gift. The LAW was given to MANKIND NOT for the purpose of CONTROL like your GENTILE counterparts LOVE to teach you, the LAW was given so that MANKIND had GUIDELINES in which they should BEHAVE if they were to BEAR the IMAGE of The Most High and experience WHATEVER beauty he had for them to experience at the time. So the LAW was NOT about BONDAGE unto death, it was about the fact that our MIND/SOUL had been MARKED by the BEAST so MUCH of our BEHAVIORS resembled that of BEASTS or the KINGDOM of DARKNESS. So the things that WERE natural in us because we bore the IMAGE of The Most High and he lead our path ACCORDING to his will for our LIFE, was THEN completely DETACHED from our REALITY. So what that means is, MANKIND had NO WAY to keep himself ON TRACK and bearing the IMAGE he was CREATED IN. So when you see Ysrayl coming OUT of EGYPT/BONDAGE and MOSHE/MOSES having to give them the TEN COMMANDMENTS and the LAW, he was given them GUIDELINES on HOW to behave themselves in the IMAGE of The Most High so he could MANIFEST himself to them and in them to some degree. They had JUST come OUT of EGYPT and ALL their PAGAN and ANIMALISTIC understandings of LIFE, so we BEHAVED JUST LIKE THOSE PEOPLE DID.

So the LAW given was ALL about RETAINING a CERTAIN IMAGE within the GENETICS you were given. See the problem with the FALLEN state of the MIND that our people are under is the same as it was for us when left EGYPT, we DON’T KNOW WHO we are in the understanding that we DON’T know the POWER given to us through the SACRIFICE of the MASTER and RETAINING the IMAGE we were created in. As I explained yesterday, when YOU accept a CERTAIN IDENTITY or even a CERTAIN behavior that was NOT given to your GENETICS, YOU are NOT TRUE TO FORM. Meaning YOU are a MISREPRESENTATION of the IMAGE and the TRUTH. This is EXACTLY what LUCIFER and his TEAM REPRESENT, the LIE or the REALITY formed OUT of a LIE. So understanding this we HAVE to know that his WHOLE agenda is to cause for YOU to MISREPRESENT the IMAGE YOU were created in that GIVES YOU the POWER AUTOMATICALLY to GOVERN your OWN MIND and UNDERSTANDING, and THIS is when The Most High HIMSELF BEGINS TO BUILD YOU ACCORDING TO YOUR DESIGN. Literally it’s that simple.

See we are TAUGHT by the GENTILES that EVERYTHING is about AVOIDING SIN, this is a VERY CLEVER device ESPECIALLY when they are the ones that have POWER to CONTROL the TRUTH. Well up until NOW at least… When you put ALL your ENERGY into AVOIDING SINS you AUTOMATICALLY think you’re good, correct? So you EXERT EXTREME AMOUNTS of ENERGY to AVOID sins that ARE ONLY CONNECTED to the IMAGE that YOU have ACCEPTED.  Listen y’all, SIN for you IS AND WILL always be about RETAINING an IMAGE OTHER than the ONE you were created in. I’m gonna start talking to y’all about SINS as well because THEY ARE NOT in the understanding that they are being PRESENTED to you, meaning these people are CONTROLLING ALL of your LIFE through your IGNORANCE of WHO YOU ARE and WHAT EXACTLY creates SIN. SIN is ONLY POSSIBLE FOR US WHEN WE DO NOT RETAIN THE IMAGE OF The Most High, it’s that simple. As we talked about a while back, of course we CREATE strongholds and we GIVE ourselves to demonic spirits, but ALL of this is CENTERED around an ACCEPTED IDENTITY. If you BEAR the IMAGE of The Most High WHO is THE ONLY ONE THAT HAS RITES TO TOUCH THAT IMAGE, where is the PROBLEM gonna come from? Y’all HAVE to understand THIS is where ALL your POWER is and this is why they are HIDING it from you. I don’t say this to sound great by ANY standards, but LUCIFER really ain’t shit y’all I LITERALLY met him on SEVERAL occasions, and I’m telling y’all his STRENGTH is ONLY in what HE CONTROLS. If he controls an IMAGE or a BEHAVIOR and YOU are the one BEARING that IMAGE or behavior GUESS who OWNS and CONTROLS your LIFE, it’s LITERALLY that simple.

We ALL know that Lucifer has the ABILITY to transform HIMSELF into an ANGEL/MESSENGER OF LIGHT. This is because of his design he has the ABILITY ENERGIZE REALITY. What do I mean? Because he is the Prince of the Power of the AIR/MIND, what that means is he has AUTHORITY to EFFECT the MIND or control the mind for his purpose. So the WAY he effects the MIND is CREATE a REALITY according to the DIRECTION he wants to STEER someone’s LIFE. When lucifer was ALLOWED to tempt the KING, he tempted him with PLEASURES of the FLESH of course, but WHAT was the METHOD that he used? ILLUSIONS that would have made him ALTER the IMAGE he was CREATED in and the REALITY that he was CREATED to OPERATE IN. SO MY KING being the KING of the TRUE LINEAGE of KINGS on the EARTH being tempted to bow and worship the serpent for RICHES and STATUS would DEFINITELY changed his IMAGE from KING to SERVANT, correct? So do you see JUST how simple it is to be DECEIVED INTO an IDENTITY that YOU were NEVER created to have for things that YOU feel like you NEED based on an UNDERSTANDING that has it’s origin in the KINGDOM of DARKNESS. SO by the KING RETAINING his IMAGE he RETAINED the POWER of that IMAGE and he ALSO CREATED a REALITY around it that he was DESIGNED to LIVE and OPERATE in.

Many people DON’T KNOW how the POWER of The Most High is MANIFEST on the earth because most people have been lied to for so long about what the Power of The Most High really is. Example I have to gifts LITERALLY to do pretty much whatever I want as far healing, miracles etc and OBVIOUSLY of course casting out devils, but NONE of this means ANYTHING to ANYONE if I can’t DELIVER the power to you because YOU belong to SOMEONE else other than the IMAGE and IDENTITY you were created in. So REGARDLESS of what MY abilities are, if YOU bear the IMAGE of ANOTHER and your IDENTITY is OWNED by another OTHER than The Most High, NOTHING can BE DONE FOR YOU. The mind/soul is where the HEALING is GENERATED from, so the MIND being DEAD has NO ability to RECEIVE ANYTHING. This is why the MASTER always PREACHED BEFORE he HEALED, this is the example of bringing LIFE to the MIND so that IT RECOGNIZES who it is TO The Most High and in and of itself, which TECHNICALLY is what CREATES FAITH. The ILLUSION of faith that y’all are being taught is NOTHING but  BUNCH of FUCKIN BULLSHIT to keep you spinning and giving AWAY your LIFE. Faith can ONLY be REALIZED in your GENETICS by KNOWING and UNDERSTANDING who YOU really are in your GENETICS and the POSITION it puts you in for HEALING and MIRACLES with The Most High. That fuckin BULLSHIT of BLIND FAITH breeds NOTHING BUT FOOLISHNESS. Your FAITH has to be UNDERGIRDED by TRUTH, you can’t be COMPLETELY CONFUSED about EVERYTHING concerning YOUR OWN IDENTITY and what it means to The Most High and think you are in the POSITION to RECEIVE ANYTHING from him. Read the BOOK, soon as YOU LOSE the IMAGE your WERE CREATED IN and you CREATE a REALITY you were NEVER DESIGNED to OPERATE IN, YOU LOST. This is what happened in the Garden, this is what CAME to TEMPT the MASTER, IMAGE CHANGE.

I said to y’all earlier in this writing that the LAW was given to us an UNDERSTANDING on the way we were to behave ourselves because we BORE the PHYSICAL GENETICS of The Most High, but our IDENTITY on ALL other levels was COMPLETELY EVIL. The reason for that was because of the DEATH of THE MIND/SOUL and having NO ability to PERCEIVE LIFE or GRAVITATE towards ANYTHING LIFE GIVING. So what did the GIFT of the KING do for us OF HEBREW DECENT IN OUR GENETICS? It REDEEMED US BACK TO THE PLACE OF LIFE WITH The Most High. So through his GIFT we were given the ABILITY to PERCEIVE and GRAVITATE towards LIFE, IF we are UNDERSTANDING the TRUTH of The Most High and ourselves. As I said to y’all before, the PRICE has ALREADY been PAID and Y’ALL ALREADY HAVE THE GIFT, this is why is SOOO IMPORTANT to keep you spinning and in ILLUSIONS about YOURSELF, it keeps YOU COMPLETELY DISCONNECTED to your TRUE IDENTITY and the POWER you have been FREELY given. I’ve also said to you before that ALL of your gifts and abilities are being HIJACKED from you, and you have NO way to NAVIGATE your LIFE. As you CHANGE YOUR IMAGE to the IMAGE you were CREATED IN, then the REALITY of that IMAGE comes with it, it’s literally that simple. When you don’t LIVE in the REALITY of LIFE, but are still begging for the ILLUSION of it from some RELIGION you are ONLY going to PRODUCE and IDENTITY fit for those that ONLY see LIFE in ILLUSIONS as opposed to the REALITY that were CREATED to OPERATE in…

Tomorrow we continue our course


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