Good Morning Ysrayl

I trust all is well with you all this morning. It has been a little while since we’ve talked, so I guess we have a lot of time to make up for.

Today I would like to briefly talk about the purpose of WAR. When I say the PURPOSE of WAR, what I am saying is the INTENTION behind the reason that WAR is waged. War is waged only for the intention of stealing the identity of the one it is waged against. What do I mean? War is about crushing the IDENTITY of your opponent and ESTABLISHING your own within the parameters of his mind and understanding of his very OWN being. So what we understand about the PURPOSE of WAR is, that it’s about EXPANSION and control of a certain TYPE of goods weather they be PHYSICAL, PSYCHOLOGICAL or SPIRITUAL, or in most cases ALL of the above. So when we understand WAR, FIRST what needs to be understood is it’s PURPOSE. Once the PURPOSE is ESTABLISHED, then the NESSASARY energy can and will be applied to the fight and it’s INTENSITY based on the VALUE of the TARGETTED goods weather to defend them, or CONQUER them. So it’s safe to say that the INTENSITY of the FIGHT within the two opposing parties can be MANIPULATED solely on the understanding of VALUE, correct? So understanding this we see that the INTENSITY of an opponent’s FIGHT is centered around what HE understands as VALUABLE to his cause, weather it be to CONTROL certain goods or destroy them for FEAR of being destroyed in some way.

We are taught that WAR is EVIL, but we are conveniently taught ONE side of WAR. What do I mean about ONE side of WAR? We are taught that WAR is EVIL because we are expected to EXCEPT a PREDETERMINED VALUE for our being in some way or another. We are taught that WAR is EVIL and we understand it as a means of DESTRUCTION and CHAOS, but what we are ALSO conveniently NOT taught is the DESTRUCTION and CHAOS that is the RESULT of WAR is just the REFLECTION of VALUE placed on the TARGETTED goods by BOTH PARTIES. What do I mean? You’re LIFE is VALUABLE to you, correct? The LIFE of your CHILDREN is VALUABLE to you, correct? The LIFE of your SPOUSE is VALUABLE to you, correct? And not ONLY are the LIVES of these loved ones VALUABLE to you, but the QUALITY of LIFE to these loved ones is ALSO VALUABLE to you, correct? So we would have to say that the DESTRUCTION and CHAOS we SEE in WAR is the REFLECTION of LOVE and PASSION felt toward the LIVES and QUALITY of LIFE to those that are the INTENDED target, correct? Meaning, the ONLY reason why there was a FIGHT to begin with was because LOVE and the VALUE of that LOVE generated an ENERGY great enough to form an opposition, correct? So what is this saying? LOVE is the OTHER SIDE OF WAR, the side that we are NOT given UNDERSTANDING on. The side of WAR that causes the REALITY that WAR itself is NOT EVIL at all. WAR in and of ITSELF has NO identity, ONLY the VICTOR of that war and his intentions behind waging that WAR. This is the TRUE judge of WAR, the HEART or the spirit that generated the ENERGY to wage it and what is it’s purpose behind it.

So if LOVE for LIFE and the QUALITY of it can be MEASURED by the INTENSITY of the FIGHT for it, it is safe to say that the TRUE understanding of PEACE and SAFETY can ONLY be proven through WAR and the willingness to FIGHT for it, correct? I VERY effective tool in the ART of WAR is to CREATE the ILLUSION that WAR itself should be AVOIDED at ALL costs because it is EVIL and has NO place in the PURSUIT of TRUE peace and safety. This ILLUSION is GIVEN foundation by two WEAPONS of PSYCHOLOGICAL WARFARE, ignorance of IDENTITY which gives place to LOW self VALUE and WORTH, and ignorance of the VALUE of that IDENTITY placed on it by the one that gave it to you… We have ALL seen the movie “Roots”, and we ALL remember Kunta being BEATEN(war) because he was NOT willing to accept a SLAVE name Toby. So what we see is a WAR waged on the BEING of Kunta because of the VALUE of his BEING to the SLAVE OWNER, correct? But we see the DESTRUCTION and EVIL of that WAR in the PHYSICAL form NOT because of the SLAVE OWNER’S EVIL intention to STEAL the IDENTITY of Kunta, but because of the LOVE that Kunta had for his OWN IDENTITY. Now what would cause a LOVE so great for ones IDENTITY that he would face WAR for it being STOLEN? The LOVE for the VALUE placed on that IDENTITY by the ONE who GAVE IT TO HIM, correct? So we see that WARS are NOT EVIL, EVIL is often the driving force behind why a WAR is waged. And because EVIL is in ABUNDANCE, the ONLY thing left to figure out is, EXACTLY what side of the WAR lays CLAIM to your being…

Tomorrow we continue our course


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