Good Morning Ysrayl

Yesterday we briefly talked about the PURPOSE of WAR, and we also talked about the driving energy behind WAR being EVIL or LOVE.

The reason I believe that it is so IMPORTANT to understand the PURPOSE of WAR and the two OPPOSING driving forces behind WAR, is not because I believe everyone should be COMFORTABLE with WAR, but because LIFE is NOT given, it is WON… We all have read the scripture “HE that ENDURES to the END the SAME shall be SAVED”, correct? So just from this SMALL piece we understand that a WAR of some type or another HAS to be FOUGHT and ENDURED if SALVATION is to be received, correct? There are MANY different TYPES of WAR, PHYSICAL, PSYCHOLOGICAL and SPIRITUAL. All having a COMMON objective, to conquer and DESTROY IDENTITIES and ESTABLISH a NEW understanding of IDENTITY within the MIND of the TARGET. Even WARS that we wage out of LOVE are waged to ESTABLISH an understanding within the MIND of the EVIL one that has come to STEAL and CONTROL LIFE and the QUALITY thereof. So being of the understanding that WAR in every form is EVIL, conveniently ALTERS the IDENTITY just enough so that NO ENDURENCE to retain the targeted goods is never even seen. What do I mean? Yesterday I said that a VERY EFFECTIVE tool on the battlefield of PSYCHOLOGICAL WARFARE is IGNORANCE of IDENTITY, correct? When you are IGNORANT of the IDENTITY you posses, you are ignorant of the POWER and RITES that are ONE with that IDENTITY. We have to begin to see IDENTITY for EXACTLY what it is, it’s a PREDETERMINED LIFE and RITES to QUALITY of LIFE ESTABLISHED within the PARAMETERS of that IDENTITY given to it by the ONE that CREATED the IDENTITY. So if we take away the IDENTITY and offer a new, what we are doing is CHANGING LIFE and the course thereof ITSELF. YAHUSHUA is the IDENTITY given to the KING by WHO? The name YAHUSHUA literally means “YAH’s SALVATION”, so changing his name or IDENTITY changes him into WHO? Remember the POWER lies in his IDENTITY, not just because it’s a NICE IDENTITY to have, but because of the ONE who CREATED and GAVE the IDENTITY.

So we can EASILY see that HAVING an IDENTITY given to you OF the CREATOR gives YOU RITES to a PREDETERMINE LIFE and QUALITY thereof, correct? If you are called slaves and YOU ACCEPT the IDENTITY of SLAVES, what type of PREDETERMINED LIFE and QUALITY thereof is attached to that IDENTITY? If you are called bitches and hoes and ACCEPT that IDENTITY what TYPE of PREDETERMINED LIFE and QUALITY thereof is attached to that IDENTITY? So we see that “he that ENDURES to the END the SAME shall be SAVED” was about ENDURING an ATTACK or WAR of some sort, correct? Well let me ask you this, what type of WAR being waged against you would call for you to COMPLETELY endure to the END in order for you LIFE to be SALVAGED? Well this is the KING talking in this scripture, correct? And we KNOW that he ONLY RECOGNIZES those that are called by HIS name, correct? So being in him or being called by his name CREATES a CERTAIN IDENTITY for you, correct? So NATURALLY the WAR that would HAVE to be ENDURED would be a WAR that has come to STEAL your IDENTITY and ESTABLISH ANOTHER within the PARAMETERS of your understanding, correct? So understanding IDENTITY is understanding YOUR PREDETERMINED LIFE.

Another VERY effective tool on the battlefield of PSYCHOLOGICAL WARFARE is IGNORANCE of the one that CREATED your IDENTITY and the PURPOSE for it’s CREATION. Many of us can be CONVINCED that the IDENTITY you were CREATED with and DESIGNED to have is important to know, but what’s more important to know is the ONE that CREATED it and the PURPOSE for that CREATION. Why is this so important? YAHUSHUA means “YAH’S SALVATION”, so WHERE does the POWER of SALVATION have it’s place and WHO put it there?… The KING had absolute POWER on the earth ACCORDING to the will of The Most High YAH, correct? So his LIFE and the QUALITY thereof was GIVEN to him through his IDENTITY, which belonged to WHO? So we see that by him ACCEPTING and DEFENDING(warfare) the IDENTITY given to him, the PREDETERMINED course for his LIFE of being the KING and SAVIOR of MANKIND, the POWER to do so was ABUNDANTLY PRESENT with him, correct? What we have to remember is that NOTHING or NO ONE can CREATE an IDENTITY within themselves of their OWN DESIGN and infuse it with POWER to do this or that. We can CREATE IDENTITIES for ourselves, but there is ALWAYS a PREDETERMINED LIFE and QUALITY thereof ALREADY given to that IDENTITY by the FATHER of that IDENTITY. And the PREDETERMINED LIFE given to that IDENTITY is SOLELY based on the REASON or the spirit behind it’s CREATION. A SLAVE will ALWAYS ONLY be a slave if ALL the IDENTITIES he ACCEPTS and places on himself originate from those that call themselves SLAVE MASTERS…

Tomorrow we continue our course


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