Good Morning Ysrayl

Yesterday we talked about the IGNORANCE of IDENTITY and the one who created that IDENTITY. We also talked about the PREDETERMINED LIFE and QUALITY thereof attached to the IDENTITIES that we set up or ALLOW to be set up with our understanding of ourselves.

We being MULTI-DIMENSIONAL beings have to understand that the MIND/SOUL is the part of your OVERALL make up that comes from The Most High HIMSELF so it is DESIGNED to bear his IDENTITY, correct? “And YAH breathed into the nostrils of MAN and MAN became a LIVING SOUL” So the SOUL/MIND is the part of are being that gives us the IDENTITY of The Most High, correct? So as we have talked about for the past few days of the IMPORTANCE of KNOWING what your IDENTITY is and WHAT was the PURPOSE behind it’s CREATION, we can see why “ENDURANCE” to retain that IDENTITY would be NECESSARY to obtain LIFE and SALVATION. Again we have to keep in MIND EXACTLY what the PURPOSE of WAR actually is, it’s to STEAL or CONQUER an IDENTITY and ESTABLISH a new one within the MIND of the targeted being. So with the IGNORANCE of IDENTITY and the IGNORANCE of the ONE who CREATED it and the REASON for it’s CREATION, it’s very easy to see that a WAR has ALREADY been waged against YOU, YOUR LIFE and the QUALITY thereof.

The other day I referenced the movie “Roots” and how that the SLAVE OWNER NEEDED to ESTABLISH a NEW IDENTITY within the MIND of Kunta so he WAGED WAR against his being to do so. The IDENTITY being FORCED onto Kunta was for the PURPOSE of WHAT? Stealing and CONTROLLING the GOODS of Kunta’s BEING and what they produce, correct? Well the MIND/SOUL of Kunta had an IDENTITY already that was given to him by his FATHER, correct? So what we would have to say is the PREDETERMINED LIFE that was given to Kunta and the QUALITY thereof had to be STOLEN or DESTROYED(warfare) before a NEW IDENTITY of a SLAVE could be ESTABLISHED within his being, correct? The IDENTITY of “TOBY” was the IDENTITY that the SLAVE OWNER was TRYING to FORCE into the MIND/SOUL of Kunta. The REASON for that was because “Toby” being ACCEPTED not ONLY steals the TRUE IDENTITY of Kunta, but it turns him into HIS property or HIS SON. Remember I said yesterday that IDENTITIES have a PREDETERMINED LIFE attached to them? And that they have a FATHER and intention behind the CREATION of that IDENTITY? Well the bottom line of it is WHOEVER you receive your IDENTITY from IS your FATHER, weather you realize it to be that way or NOT.

When a man or woman become part of the Military what happens to there INDIVIDUAL IDENTITY? It becomes of NO effect anymore, correct? They have SUBMITTED their being and what it produces to the control of ANOTHER, correct? So weather or not the CAUSE for waging a WAR against another people is APPROVED or not by the enlisted person, the WAR that they are fighting LAYS CLAIM to their BEING ANYWAY because they NO LONGER belong to themselves, correct? So we see that our SUBMISSION to this or that AUTOMATICALLY puts us on one or the OTHER side of WAR, REGARDLESS of how we may FEEL about or even UNDERSTAND the WAR being fought.

I do apologize for being so brief this morning, but I have something to take care of this morning and my black ass woke up too late…

Tomorrow we continue our course


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