Good Morning Ysrayl

I trust all is well with you this morning. Yesterday we left off talking about the WAR that is waged against our MIND for the PURPOSE of STEALING and CONTROLLING goods and what they produce.

We understand that the MIND/SOUL and it’s IDENTITY is ULTIMATELY what causes a CERTAIN behavior. If you have MIND/SOUL that is born of and operates within the REALITY that it was CREATED in, what you have is a TRUE representation of the being and the IMAGE of that being being  played out in ALL it’s GENETICS. This is not to say that WHAT’S being played out is GOOD or EVIL, it’s just saying that the TRUE representation and the MIND behind it’s creation is being witnessed. Y’all remember our Circus Lion and how he had ALL of the IDENTIFYING physical markers that make him a real Lion, but his MIND had been STOLEN from him at an EARLY AGE? So his IDENTITY and the REALITY that he was CREATED to operate in was STOLEN from him and ANOTHER was FORCED onto him for the purpose of CONTROLLING the GOODS of his being and what they produce, correct? So the Circus Lion calling himself a real Lion only holds true in the ARTIFICIAL REALITY of the Circus, correct? The MIND that he now operates under ONLY has ONE OBJECTIVE, correct? To bring INCREASE to the Circus and NOT to his very own IMAGE, BEING and the REALITY that he was CREATED to LIVE in, PRODUCE in and INCREASE in, correct? So it’s VERY safe to say that his BEING and all that it PRODUCES are being stolen from him SIMPLY through IGNORANCE of IDENTITY, correct? ALL of the POWER in the IMAGE of a Lion lies in the MIND of the Lion that OPERATES in the REALITY he was CREATED to operate in, with the MIND and IDENTITY of HIMSELF that was given to his GENETICS.

So we see that the Lion’s true STRENGTH and BEAUTY lies in the REALITY of that he was CREATED in, with the IDENTITY he was created with. correct? Why do you think that is, why do you think his TRUE STRENGTH and BEAUTY is ONLY seen a certain REALITY and MIND? With the POSSIBILITY of ALTERING the MIND why is there ONLY one REALITY, IDENTITY and MIND that makes his CLAIM of being a REAL Lion true? “WHO TOLD YOU YOU WERE NAKED”? The Identity of “LION” and the IMAGE of it has a FATHER, a FATHER that had an INTENTION behind the IMAGE of the Lion, correct? So with him CREATING the Lion in that IMAGE and REALITY he ALSO gave ALL the POWER of the IDENTITY of Lion to that particular IMAGE and REALITY. See just like our Circus Lion we are taught ALTER our MIND and the REALITY we operate in before we even know THE TRUTH about our CREATION and the IMAGE/IDENTITY we were created in. And just like our Circus Lion we can be given a MIND that allows for us to think that we are the real thing because we simply bear the PHYSICAL genetics, but our MINDS have the IDENTITY of ANOTHER FATHER with his very own intentions for LIFE and the QUALITY thereof. The true POWER of your design lies in the IDENTITY and REALITY you were created to operate in, this is how and why the MAJORITY of us have NO POWER on any level other than the ILLUSIONS of power given to you for the furtherance of another IMAGE and REALITY.

Many of us have settled for the REALITY of the Circus in place of the REALITY that gives you real POWER over your own MIND. And let’s NOT forget, the MIND of MANKIND comes from The Most High YAH. As I have said before your MIND and the IDENTITY of it is what receives SALVATION. So SALVAGING the MIND is ALL ABOUT THE RESTORATION of LIFE and POWER, a power that MANY of you DON’T even realize that YOU have, a power to access and receive. In the garden we were told if we were to eat off of the tree that IN THAT DAY we shall surely DIE, correct? And as we have talked about before, the DEATH was of the MIND/SOUL, meaning we LOST our POWER. We lost our POWER to perceive LIFE, we lost the POWER to our IDENTITY, we lost the POWER to RETAIN the IDENTITY, IMAGE and REALITY we were CREATED to operate in. So with us LOSING LIFE, in essence we LOST rites to the PREDETERMINED LIFE that was given to us THROUGH our IDENTITY. Again, this is why you see The Most High puts coats of skins of DEAD ANIMALS on MANKIND, the IMAGE HE CREATED. MANKIND had become MARKED by the BEAST, or his MIND/SOUL had become STOLEN by the BEAST so ALL of his UNDERSTANDING of himself and the POWER that his IDENTITY possesses is now CONTROLLED by the BEAST. So do you see the WAR, do you see that the MIND and the IDENTITY it possesses is where ALL of your POWER lies. It’s VERY easy for the Circus Lion to believe that he possesses POWER, but again who is CONTROLLING his understanding of POWER and the IDENTITY that CREATES that reality.

Many of you have read me write that Hebrew people were NOT created the same as other people, so our PHYSICAL, PSYCHOLOGICAL and SPIRITUAL design is COMPLETELY different from those that we TRY to MIMIC. How MANY of you often feel like you don’t even have full control of your MIND? How many of you find yourself DOING, or even THINKING about shit that YOU don’t even necessarily like? How many of you have EVERYTHING that the world tells you you should have but you are STILL restless and searching? See the PROBLEM with being created in an IMAGE and there being a REALITY you were DESIGNED to operate in is, YOU are NEVER yourself and NEITHER do you have complete control and POWER over yourself UNTIL you AWARE of and COMPLETELY operating in the IMAGE and IDENTITY you were CREATED to operate in. Many of you have seen those psychic(seers) commercials on television, and these people telling you they can lead you to whatever it is you are supposed to have. Most of your Christian leaders that CLAIM to be prophets are nothing more than men and women with PSYCHIC gifts, this is why you have to pay them for their services too just like a regular PSYCHIC. But anyway, these people take ADVANTAGE of your IGNORANCE of IDENTITY  and they have power to CONTROL your LIFE and the QUALITY of it through a CERTAIN REALITY. What do I mean? Remember my saying that every IDENTITY has a PREDETERMINED LIFE and QUALITY thereof? Well a PSYCHIC can say that if you give them money this or that may happen to you, and some of what they said MAY actually happen. But what you are NOT seeing is the REALITY they OPERATE in, along with yourself. What do I mean by the REALITY they OPERATE in?

Adom and Hawah were CREATED and DESIGNED to operate in a CERTAIN reality, and in that reality they had The Most High dwelling in their PARADISE. So we see that the REALITY and MIND that they were CREATED in is what brought LIFE and PARADISE to their ENTIRE being and UNDERSTANDING of themselves. Now AFTER they ate from the TREE what happened to their REALITY and WHO CONTROLLED the course of it? So what we see AFTER the Fall is, a WHOLE NEW REALITY, MIND and IDENTITY but it’s NOT being controlled by MANKIND themselves or The Most High. So now with the IMAGE of The Most High(mankind) being covered in the IMAGE of BEAST with the skins of DEAD ANIMALS, what REALITY and what IDENTITY does MANKIND have and who’s controlling it? Those of you that answered “YES” to NOT having full control of your MIND and ACTIONS, or “YES” to do doing, saying and thinking things that you don’t even necessarily like, do you think that’s the REALITY you were CREATED to OPERATE in? Or do you see this for what it is, another REALITY forcing it’s way into your MIND/SOUL with the INTENTIONS of a PREDETERMINED LIFE and QUALITY thereof? SALVATION of the MIND doesn’t sound so bad to those with these issues do they? Meaning your MIND being GIVEN LIFE and the REALITY it was CREATED to operate in which AUTOMATICALLY gives you POWER over your own being COMPLETELY. I told y’all before I left that we would begin to talk about SIN and what it ACTUALLY is concerning you. Sin literally means “to miss the MARK”… So sin is about things that are NOT ACCURATE… ACCURATE to what some might ask, but it obviously means ACCURATE to DESIGN and REALITY you were CREATED IN and from, SIN is associated with the ACTIONS of MANKIND. So we would have to link SIN to a REALITY and IDENTITY that is NOT ACCURATE to the DESIGN concerning MANKIND, correct?

See the world and it’s RELIGIONS will teach you that SINS are simply ACTIONS that YOU are supposed to avoid because they are against the NATURE of the CREATOR. The problem is ALL of your actions are against the NATURE of the CREATOR if you don’t OPERATE within the REALITY and IDENTITY that he gave YOU to bear. I’m not saying that ALL those that don’t bear a CERTAIN IDENTITY are living in SIN, I’m saying that the REALITY YOU were CREATED in is where the POWER OVER SIN is held. Along with all the GIFTS, ABILITIES and the UNDERSTANDING of them. The MessiYAH brought SALVATION or RESTORATION to the MIND/SOUL, correct? So it was about giving YOU the ability to perceive LIFE for YOURSELF, NOT allow someone ELSE to DICTATE LIFE to you. This is ONE of the MANY reasons that RELIGION is so DESTRUCTIVE, it gives the ILLUSION that SALVATION or RESTORATION is something that keeps you from GOING to HELL, but the REALITY is if you are going to HELL you’re ALREADY LIVING IN IT. What do I mean? Hell is simply the REALITY shift once you transition from this reality to one that has no need for the PHYSICAL body. TRUE SALVATION is about RESTORING you BACK to the IDENTITY, IMAGE and REALITY you were CREATED in which does NOT INCLUDE HELL…

Tomorrow we continue our course


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