Good Morning Ysrayl…

I trust all is well with you this morning. Yesterday we talked about the PROPER IDENTITY that facilitates a CERTAIN REALITY, the REALITY your MIND was DESIGNED to OPERATE IN that allows the MIND to begin to HEAL itself.

Today I would like to talk about that a little more. With ALL this writing about IDENTITIES and REALITIES, I want to make SURE that I am making this SIMPLE enough to understand. When you are ANGRY you are in a CERTAIN REALITY or STATE of MIND, meaning ANGER is an EMOTION, correct? And your EMOTIONAL BEING is and has it’s dwelling place with and in your SOUL/MIND. So when you are ANGRY there is a CERTAIN REALITY that is played out through your GENETIC, correct? You BEHAVE a CERTAIN way. ANGER itself is NOT a REALITY, but it CREATES a CERTAIN REALITY when it’s being allowed to have place and play out within your GENETICS, correct? So those that ALLOW their MINDS/SOUL to FACILITATE ANGER, or there is an OUTSIDE INFLUENCE that in one way or ANOTHER has POWER to INFLUENCE ANGER within your MIND/SOUL, what is HAPPENING? You are ALLOWING or being FORCED to CREATE a CERTAIN REALITY for YOURSELF, correct? So the IDENTITY of an ANGRY MAN or WOMAN CREATES a CERTIAN REALITY with a CERTAIN PREDETERMINED LIFE and QUALITY thereof. Now of course I’m NOT saying that ANGER in and of ITSELF is EVIL, but if your MIND is ALLOWED or FORCED to TAKE the IDENTITY of an ANGER person there is DEFINITELY a PREDETERMINED LIFE and QUALITY of LIFE connected to it.

Have ANY of you ever met a man or woman that was ALWAYS angry, but NOT only are they ALWAYS ANGRY, but they ALWAYS have a JUSTIFIED REASON why they ALWAYS pissed off? But not only that they ALWAYS seem to GRAVITATE toward shit that CAUSES them MORE problems and bullshit to be ANGRY about, correct? What is that? That is an IDENTITY within the MIND/SOUL that is CREATED to STRENGTHEN the REALITY of an ANGRY man or woman. So USUALLY with people like this their REALITY is EVERYONE ELSE is the PROBLEM and REASON for their ANGER, but the TRUTH is THEY are USUALLY their OWN worst ENEMY. What happens is, even though they SEEM to be in MISERY because they are ALWAYS ANGRY, the TRUTH is, BECAUSE of the IDENTITY they have ACCEPTED ANYTHING that involves ANGER or BULLSHIT is ACTUALLY LIFE GIVING to them. EVERYBODY knows SOMEBODY that ALWAYS got some BULLSHIT going, but NEVER seem to make the CONNECTION to THEMSELVES being the SOURCE of their CONFUSION. So we see that IDENTITIES have the POWER to LOCK you into a CERTAIN REALITY of yourself SIMPLY through ALLOWING them to have a place with you. Do you see JUST how easy that is? DO you see that the IDENTITY that is ALLOWED to be EMBRACED by the MIND DICTATES the REALITY and ultimately the PREDETERMINED LIFE that is connected to it. Now let’s say someone HAS NOT ACCEPTED the IDENTITY of an ANGRY man or woman, but something comes along and pissed them off, does the EMOTIONAL STATE of anger create a REALITY for them or is it FORIEGN to their MIND? And if it’s FORIEGN to their MIND that means that WHATEVER it was that came and pissed them off is PRECEIVED as a THREAT as OPPOSED to the REALITY that brings LIFE to them, correct? We could even go as far as to say that the THINGS and PLACES that we FREQUENT have the ABILITY to CREATE certain IDENTITIES within us that CAUSE a CERTAIN REALITY to be LOCKED into. How many of you have jobs that piss you off just THINKING about it? What are you CREATING for yourself? So it would be VERY EASY to say that the IDENTITY that is GIVEN to your GENETICS, the IDENTITY that was CREATED to DWELL in PARADISE with your Spouse and The Most High WOULD FACILITATE a REALITY of PARADISE as well, correct?

So do you SEE why SALVATION of the MIND/SOUL is NECESSARY? It gives you the POWER to LEAD you in the DIRECTION of LIFE, it gives your MIND the POWER to PRECEIVE your IDENTITY in your GENETICS an IDENTITY that gives you RITES to a PREDETERMINED LIFE. FAITH is ANOTHER thing that has been CONFUSED by RELIGION. We have been told that if YOU believe in this or that that it will just happen, and it’s EXTREMELY hard to tell people that what they believe happened SIMPLY because they believed it would, may or may not HAPPENED, but it was NOT the CREATOR that did it. What do I mean? Many will say that they are CONVINCED that jesus healed them and DELIVERED them from this or that, and the FACT of the matter is they may in fact have seen some healing of some sort. But NONE of this means ANYTHING to TRUTH, LUCIFER can CREATE sickness, why wouldn’t he have the POWER to HEAL it? Furthermore why WOULDN’T he do it for the FURTHERANCE of the ILLUISION that he is the TRUTH? See TRUE faith for HEBREW PEOPLE is MUCH different from the FAITH that we are TAUGHT to have. What do I mean? FAITH is ALL wrapped up in your IDENTITY itself. When you have an IDENTITY that BELONGS to The Most High that CREATES the REALITY that The Most High DWELLS in, what is ACTUALLY happening is YOU are becoming ONE with The Most High HIMSELF. The KING said, “No man comes to the FATHER but by ME”, correct? So the OBJECTIVE is to get to The Most High, or to become ONE with The Most High, YOUR FATHER. This is why you read the MESSIYAH tell CEPHA/Peter a man OF THE SAME GENETICS as the CREATOR and FATHER that if he had “FAITH as a GRAIN of a MUSTARD SEED, he could say to the MOUNTAIN be removed and CAST into the SEA and it would OBEY”. See MANY just teach this a TWO people talking, but FAIL to CONVENIENTLY mention the GENETICS of the TWO people talking that GAVE them RITES to a certain IDENTITY, that CREATED a CERTAIN REALITY for them to DWELL in, a REALITY that makes them ONE with The CREATOR, The Most High YAH. So all this KILLING yourself to have FAITH in this or that is a CLEAR indication that you are FAR PASSED MUSTARD SEED FAITH, so OBVIOUSLY something ELSE is AMISS, or NOT ACCURATE.

One thing that I should point out to y’all that I just briefly touched on. The WORLD and it’s RELIGIONS will ALWAYS teach the SCRIPTURES as if it’s just PEOPLE that you are just reading about, so it gives understanding to the MIND/SOUL that ANYONE and EVERYONE has RITES to NOT ONLY teach scripture, but that ANYONE has the POWER to ACCESS The Most High and ALL of what comes with him the SAME as they read it WRITTEN. COMPLETE BULLSHIT… ALL of the people that The Most High used to REPRESENT his IMAGE and RETAIN his POWER were ALL people of HEBREW DESCENT, BLACK PEOPLE. There NEVER was and NEVER will be ONE CREATOR that created ALL the PEOPLE in the WORLD, ALL of that teaching has it’s ORIGIN in the NEW WORLD ORDER, which we can talk about later. But BASICALLY the ORDER of the WORLD that is CREATED and CONTROLLED by ONE GOD. This is why the WORLD’S RELIGIONS are designed the WAY they are and they ALL call on the GOD of this world, GOD. But anyway, the TRUTH is the TWELVE were able to receive POWER from the KING to HEAL and RAISE the DEAD because they possessed the GENETICS of The Most High to do so. Gentiles were ALLOWED to TEACH OTHER GENTILES, and they received CERTIAN EVIDENCE that the SPIRIT of The Most High was PRESENT with them, but ALL this was DONE UNDER the SUPERVISION and AUTHORITY of a HEBREW OVERSEER, or BISHOP with the GENETICS and IDENTITY or MIND/SOUL of The Most High. My reason for telling you this is so that for ONE you understand there IS an ORDER, two so that YOU understand EXACTLY WHO you are IN YOUR GENETICS that give YOU SPECIFICALLY RITES to The Most High YAH and EVERYTHING that comes with him. Again ALL of this has to do with IDENTITY and REALITY. You CREATE a CERTAIN REALITY for yourself by the IDENTITY you ALLOW your MIND/SOUL to retain. This is why your TRUE IDENTITY has been STOLEN and HIDDEN from you.

Tomorrow we continue our course


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