Good Morning Ysrayl…

I trust all is well with you this morning. Yesterday we talked about how EASY it is to ALLOW the MIND to ACCEPT an IDENTITY OUTSIDE of the one that your GENETICS were DESIGNED to RETAIN.

The other day I said that HAWAH was CREATED FROM and FOR ADOM correct? So exactly what is that saying about HAWAH SPECIFICALLY? She came FROM his FLESH and she was DESIGNED for the purpose of being his HELPMATE to LIFE and MULTIPLYING the IMAGE of The Most High, correct? So within just this SMALL understanding we see the there WAS/IS an IDENTITY and REALITY that she was SPECIFICALLY created and DESIGNED FOR, correct? Remember a DESIGN is the ONLY way something that is CREATED works, meaning there was a MIND and INTENTION PRIOR to CREATION and the DESIGN is what gives the CREATED thing the IDENTITY and PURPOSE that was in the MIND of the CREATOR PRIOR to it’s FORMATION. (Before I FORMED YOU in the WOMB I KNEW YOU). MEANING there was an INTENTION PRIOR to your FORMATION or DESIGN. So we see that in the VERY DESIGN of the GENETICS of HAWAH there is an IDENTITY and REALITY, correct? So let me ask y’all a question, what does HAWAH’S IMAGE of HERSELF and MIND she ACQUIRED from the serpent do for her LIFE and SOUL and is this the REALITY she was CREATED to OPERATE and have LIFE in?

What HAS to be understood y’all is that the MIND that DESCENDS from the SERPENT is NOT LOCKED into a CERTAIN IDENTITY and REALITY by DESIGN. Furthermore there is and can be ABSOLUTELY NO LIFE that can flow INTO his GENETICS from The Most High YAH. What do I mean? The SERPENT was CREATED out of REBELLION and EVIL intentions, correct? So what is the GENETICS of a being like this HARD WIRED to do? REBEL against and CONFUSE the NATURAL ORDER in which LIFE was DESIGNED to OPERATE IN, correct? So what do we have a picture of so far? A being that LOOKS like MANKIND and has ALL of the PSYCHOLOGICAL FACULTIES of MANKIND, but his MIND or PSYCHOLOGICAL GENETICS DO NOT possess a DESIGN that will LEAD him to ANYTHING LIFE giving in the UNDERSTANDING of LIFE that MANKIND was DESIGNED to OPERATE in, correct? So when HAWAH gave herself to the SERPENT or gave the SERPENT access to her SOUL/MIND to plant his SEEDS, what EXACTLY happened to her MIND? Remember as MULTI-DIMENSIONAL beings YOUR SEEDS are MULTI-DIMENSIONAL as well. It took on a MUCH different IDENTITY than the ONE she was CREATED and DESIGNED to have, correct? And that IDENTITY or now SPLIT IDENTITY of the MIND would CREATE a CERTAIN REALITY for her, correct? What do I mean by that? Who gave ADOM the FRUIT? Who’s MIND and REALITY did EATING off the TREE come FROM ORIGINALLY? So we see the MIND/IDENTITY of the SERPENT showing up or playing out in the GENETICS of the woman, correct? Let me point out something which I’m sure MANY of you may have NOTICED already. The SERPENT didn’t even have to TELL HAWAH to gave her HUSBAND the FRUIT did he? There is NO indication of that what so ever… So what is this giving us a VERY CLEAR picture of? TWO things, one now that HAWAH is one with the SERPENT or her MIND/SOUL has received his SEED or IDENTITY WHO’S REALITY does it FACILITATE with ABSOLUETLY NO EFFORT on her part? So WHAT PREDETERMINED LIFE and QUALITY of LIFE is she now HARD WIRED to CREATE. And TWO, what would this NEW IDENTITY that came from the SERPENT do to the IDENTITY of the MIND/SOUL that she was CREATED and DESIGNED with? It would WAR against it, correct? The MIND/IDENTITY that came with the SERPENT is what drove her to give her husband the FRUIT, correct? So in essence the NEW IDENTITY is DESIGNED to DESTROY the REALITY in which the ORIGINAL IDENTITY was DESIGNED to OPERATE in and have LIFE in, correct? Looks a lot like WAR doesn’t it…

So with The Most High YAH forcing the woman back into the REALITY she was CREATED in and DESIGNED for, what he did was give MANKIND an OPPORTUNITY to regain LIFE through THE MAN’S SEED. I’ve heard people say why didn’t The Most High just take the woman and create another woman from another rib. Well I believe it’s for TWO reasons, ONE the transgressions of HAWAH was a RESULT of an IDENTITY that they BOTH embraced outside of the ONE they were created in. ADOM was NOT keeping or GUARDING his GARDEN PHYSICALLY, PSYCHOLOGICALLY and SPTIRITAULLY like he was CREATED and DESIGNED to. So ALTHOUGH HAWAH knew better then that punk ass shit, the MAN was just as much in the fault as in regards of RETAINING the IDENTITY he was GIVEN. So ULTIMATELY with The Most High being JUST, he would have HAD to take BOTH of their lives and start COMPLETELY over. And TWO, it’s NOT the NATURE of The Most High LOSE so that would have NEVER happened anyway.

Now that we see DEATH of the MIND/SOUL has it’s ORIGIN in EMBRACING a MIND OUTSIDE of the one you were created in, which CREATES an IDENTITY that creates a REALITY with a PREDETERMINED LIFE and QUALITY thereof CONNECTED to it, what is the NEXT step in winning the WAR waged on the MIND? Well the other day we talked about keeping the wound on your hand CLEAN so that the BODY can do what it was DESIGNED to do and make you whole, a TRUE REPRESENTAION of the IMAGE you were CREATED in. HAWAH was CREATED FROM and FOR ADOM, correct? So THAT’S where her REALITY of LIFE is HELD, correct? What that means is HER IDENTITY and UNDERSTANDING of HERSELF HAS to be centered around that DESIGN and ALL that comes with it. What do I mean? I’m sure MANY of you that do not have an ADOM are thinking HOW in the hell am I supposed to pull that off. Well you don’t NEED one to CREATE the IDENTITY that you were DESIGNED to receive LIFE in. HAWAH was CREATED from the FLESH of ADOM and FOR ADOM, so by NATURE, DESIGN and the LAW written in her GENETICS SHE BELONGS to ADOM, correct? Do y’all remember us discussing the REASONS I BELIEVE ultimately HAWAH was able to be DECIEVED so easily? Well aside from her being left uncovered where the SERPENT had ACCESS to her, I believe that HAWAH was UNKEPT on ALL levels that MAY have caused her to FEEL NEGLECTED or maybe even unwanted and unappreciated. If you READ the scripture you will see that HAWAH is where she was SUPPOSED to be, IN THE GARDEN, but her HUSBAND is NOT there and the SERPENT IS, SHE WAS ALONE. So I believe that the NEGLECT of her HUSBAND caused her to form a MUCH DIFFERENT understanding of HERSELF that CREATED a MUCH different IDENTITY than the ONE she was CREATED with. What I am saying is, I believe HAWAH was so easily seduced by the SERPENT because she was LOOKING for her HUSBAND to PROVIDE a CERTAIN ENERGY to her GENETICS that would have equaled LIFE to her because of her DESIGN. She was created to bring LIFE and PLEASURE to ADOM or MANKIND, but of course she had to be GIVEN the IDENTITY and ENERGY to OPERATE within that REALITY, she is the GARDEN remember so SHE NEEDS SEEDS to PRODUCE. PHYSICAL, PSYCHOLOGICAL and SPIRITUAL SEEDS to OPERATE within the IDENTITY and REALITY she was CREATED in, correct? So with ADOM’S OBVIOUS neglect to PROVIDE her with what is REQUIRED for HER to SUSTAIN LIFE, she was EASILY able to be DECEIVED into believing she could RECEIVE LIFE a MUCH different way. The SERPENT said her that she won’t “SURELY DIE, BUT BE AS THE GODS knowing GOOD and EVIL”. And as I have said before, the GODS that he is REFERRING to are called “The ANCIENT ONES” or “The ANCIENTS” and they were the ORIGINAL DESCENDANTS of LUCIFER and the FALLEN ONES and they had ALL the WISDOM and KNOWLEDGE of LUCIFER and the FALLEN ONES to CONTROL PEOPLE, or to be GODS over people. Remember what Lucifer’s SIN was, he want to be The Most High, or he wanted to CONTROL and have POWER. So what HAWAH is being tempted with is the ABILITY to CONTROL her OWN LIFE and CONTROL people. So by FORSAKING the MAN and GIVING herself to the SERPENT, she is taking CONTROL of her OWN LIFE and the IMAGE and IDENTITY she was CREATED in and she is GIVING it to the SERPENT and HIS MIND, IDENTITY and REALITY for HIM to plant his SEEDS and give her the PREDETERMINED LIFE that HE promised.

So HAWAH was CREATED with an IDENTITY that is HERS REGARDLESS of the NEGLECT of ADOM. What do I mean? Her IDENTITY and IMAGE of The Most High WAS/IS wrapped up in her UNDERSTANDING of HERSELF being a WIFE or GARDEN for ADOM. Had HAWAH RETAINED the IMAGE of WIFE to ADOM the SERPENT would have had NO PLACE in the GARDEN PERIOD. So what am I saying? There is a CERTAIN IDENTITY that YOU RETAIN which CREATES a CERTAIN REALITY and PREDETERMINED LIFE and QUALITY thereof when you BELONG to ADOM weather he is PRESENT with you at the MOMENT or NOT. That IDENTITY and REALITY DOES NOT even WANT to RECEIVE SEEDS from ANOTHER source other than the ONE it was CREATED FOR and FROM. So for HAWAH LIFE and the POWER to RECEIVE it ONLY lies in the IDENTITY that she was CREATED in of The Most High, the IDENTITY that CAUSED The Most High to MAKE PROVISIONS for a PARADISE being built for her. I ALWAYS like to REMIND my BEAUTIFUL SISTERS of the POWER they HAVE in the IMAGE they were created in by saying, WHO had a WHOLE PARADISE BUILT for HER to DWELL in and WHO BUILT it before she EVEN ARRIVED. So the POWER to CREATE the IDENTITY and REALITY YOU SPECIFICALLY were DESIGNED for has ALREADY been PROVIDED for BEFORE you even get there, but WHO’S IDENTITY do you RETAIN and does it have a PLACE IN THAT REALITY…

Tomorrow we continue our course


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