Good Morning Ysrayl…

I trust all is well with you this morning. Yesterday we talked about the IDENTITY that HAWAH was CREATED and DESIGNED to RETAIN, an IDENTITY that CAUSES The Most High to makes PROVISIONS for by CREATING a REALITY of PARADISE around it.

What’s VERY IMPORTANT that we have talked about in the PAST that I would LIKE to touch on this morning is the FACT that The Most High NEVER will DENY HIMSELF or the IMAGE and IDENTITY of HIMSELF. What do I mean by that? I said some time ago that MANY believe that the LAW was given for the PURPOSE of BONDAGE, but the TRUTH is it was GIVEN for the PURPOSE of GIVING MANKIND the BLUEPRINT to RETAINING the IMAGE that we were created in, the IMAGE of The Most High since our MIND/SOUL died so there was NO way to perceive what was LIFE giving on our OWN. So AFTER coming OUT of the REAL BONDAGE of EGYPT, WHICH by the way LITERALLY MEANS BONDAGE and being in the wilderness WITH the VERY MIND of their CAPTURES they began to FORNICATE and SERVE the gods of the PEOPLE they were JUST taken OUT of BONDAGE to. So we see that EVEN THOUGH the EGYPTIANS were EVIL to them and OPPRESSED them COMPLETELY and was LITERALLY JUST trying to KILL them for LEAVING and trying to REGAIN their OWN IDENTITY, THEIR MINDS GRAVITATED BACK toward the IDENTITY FORCED ONTO them by the EGYPTIANS… DEATH OF THE MIND?… NO ABILITY TO PRECEIVE WHAT IS LIFE GIVING?… So THIS is where The Most High had to CREATE LAW for MANKIND to ABIDE by so that HE could RETAIN the IMAGE and IDENTITY in which he was CREATED to, the IMAGE and IDENTITY of The Most High.

So CREATING the LAW was an act of LOVE NOT BONDAGE, him giving us a BLUEPRINT to the way LIFE and the IMAGE is SUPPOSED to look is a CLEAR picture that The Most High was bringing us SALVATION of SOME SORT, correct? So AFTER being wiped clean of our IDENTITY by the EGYPTIANS, we had to be TAUGHT to RETAIN the IMAGE we were CREATED in, or we had to be TAUGHT how to BEHAVE the way we were CREATED and DESIGNED to BEHAVE which was THE IMAGE OF The Most High. So technically The Most High YAH has been giving us HELP to REGAIN LIFE in some sort or ANOTHER SINCE the GARDEN when we LOST IT. Yesterday I talked to my beautiful sisters about RETAINING the IMAGE of The Most High through the EXAMPLE that HAWAH was CREATED and DESIGNED to OPERATE in. Beautiful sisters you HAVE to UNDERSTAND YOUR POWER and VERY OWN RITES to LIFE that are HIDDEN within the IMAGE and IDENTITY YOU were CREATED in. ADOM was THE MAN LITERALLY, meaning he bore ALL of the PHYSICAL, PSYCHOLOGICAL and SPIRITUAL GENETICS of The Most High. As we have talked about in the past, we ALL understand that ADOM WAS NOT perfect OBVIOUSLY like the WORLD TRIES to FORCE onto you for the PURPOSE of CREATING IMPOSSIBLE STANDARDS and DISCOURAGEMENT of ability to RETAIN the IMAGE. But he was the PERFECT IMAGE or PERFECT PICTURE of The Most High. But anyway, BEING the PERFECT IMAGE of The Most High, this man was FORCED to BUILD and CREATE a PARADISE PHYSICALLY, PSYCHOLOGICALLY and SPIRITUALLY for you to DWELL in. Let me explain what I’m getting at.

I have said before that when you read the SCRIPTURE you see a VERY CLEAR INDICATION of something GREAT right away in the BEGINING with the CREATION of MANKIND. FIRST The Most High CREATES the MAN ALONE and AFTER he WORKED the HELL out of him he turns around and says “IT’S NOT GOOD FOR MAN TO BE ALONE”… So what we get the PICTURE of is TWO FOLD. One, the WOMAN had to be a REWARD or GIFT of SOME sort to the MAN for his LABORS and OBEDIENCE to The Most High, correct? But ALSO what you see is the VALUE of that gift by WHAT EXACTLY the man had to go through to have her. So WHAT EXACTLY do we see in the IMAGE of the WOMAN? Well look at like this, The Most High CREATED HIMSELF LITERALLY when he created the MAN, so that would mean he CREATE the PERFECT GIFT for HIMSELF when he CREATED the IMAGE and IDENTITY of the WOMAN, correct? So there was a CERTAIN REALITY that HAWAH was CREATED and DESIGNED for being the GIFT and FEMININE IDENTITY and REPRESENTATION of The Most High.

Now let me tell y’all a little something about the WAY that The Most High works for my very own personal experience. ADOM had the RESPONSIBILITY of tilling the GROUND or CULTIVATING the GARDEN into PARADISE and he had the RESPONSIBILITY of naming all the ANIMALS. So what does that tell us? ADOM was KING over the EARTH because HIM being the LAST of the CREATED things HE gets to call them what HE wants and THAT’S what was to be their NAME, he was KING. But he was KING that had to WORK for his, it WAS NOT GIVEN to him, TRUST ME, NOTHING was GIVEN TO HIM. But he is GIVEN the RESPONSIBILITY of KING and the RESPONSIBIITY of CREATING PARADISE but he was COMPLETELY ALONE, meaning he had NO COMPANIONSHIP in the capacity of one that was created FOR HIM being KING on the EARTH. Many may be inclined to say that maybe ADOM didn’t know he was ALONE or didn’t FEEL ALONE because this was BEFORE the fall… BULLSHIT… The Most High saying he was alone which is a CLEAR INDICATION that The Most High ALLOWED for him to be ALONE for a REASON and he could SENSE the MAN’S LONGING for a WOMAN. As I had said before, there were other people’s on the earth at this point but NONE of them bear the GENETICS of MANKIND, so it was NOT JUST a WOMAN or FEMALE that ADOM NEEDED and long for, it was a WOMAN of a CERTAIN IMAGE, a WOMAN of a CERTAIN IDENTITY. How do we KNOW this, he was building a PARADISE for her. See the way it works is, YOU HAVE TO WORK to receive ANYTHING from The Most High YAH. You have to be PROVEN worthy to receive ANYTHING, and just because ADOM was the IMAGE of The Most High DOES NOT MEAN that he does NOT have to be FOUND WORTHY of the GIFT of a WOMAN CREATED and DESIGNED specifically for him. So what is this SAYING about you beautiful SISTERS? There is a KING and PARADISE CREATED for a CERTAIN IMAGE, a CERTAIN IDENTITY. And no matter how MUCH ADOM longed for and DAYDREAM about something nice and  “CHOCOLATE”, neither could HE receive his woman, nor could she be GIVEN to the REALITY of a KING and PARADISE UNTIL the IDENTITY given to BOTH CREATED a REALITY for The Most High to DWELL in with THEM…

Tomorrow we continue our course


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