Good Morning Ysrayl…

I trust all is well with you this morning. Yesterday we talked about there being a CERTAIN IMAGE and IDENTITY of the WOMAN that the PROVISIONS of a KING and PARADISE is CREATED and DESIGNED for.

We have discussed the past few days that the MIND/SOUL RETAINS a CERTAIN IDENTITY weather it is OPENLY and willingly ACCEPTED or it has been FORCED upon it. And that the IDENTITY retained WILL CREATE the REALITY around it of it’s DESIGN and ORIGIN. And we ALSO have talked about the fact that SALVATION of the MIND/SOUL is all about the RESTORATION of LIFE back into the MIND/SOUL after it’s DEATH and LIFE being TAKEN from it back in the GARDEN. So the IDENTITY that MANKIND was CREATED to retain CREATED the REALITY of PARADISE simply by DESIGN, no need of ANY AID from ANY outside source, correct? Do y’all remember that CLOSED CIRCUIT type of DESIGN MANKIND was created WITH that we talked about, the DESIGN that REGENERATES LIFE from WITHIN itself. Meaning The Most High CREATED the MAN and give HIM LIFE, the WOMAN was created from the MAN which is LITERALLY the picture of MULTIPLYING like we were COMMANDED to do. The MAN plants SEEDS of HIMSELF within the WOMAN being CREATED as a GARDEN PHYSICAL, PSYCHOLOGICAL and SPIRITUAL. And of those SEEDS the WOMAN GENERATES and BIRTHS LIFE PHYSICAL, PSYCHOLOGICAL and SPIRITUAL to give back to the MAN as INCREASE or a HARVEST of his LABOR for her and IN HER. So within the IDENTITY of MIND that MANKIND was CREATED with, PARADISE and INCREASE is NOT something that has to be sought after, it is the very BYPRODUCT of the IDENTITY of The Most High, correct? So how much FAITH is USED to increase in a DESIGN like this? How much do you have to BELIEVE that it will work out? Remember the other day we talked about the MIND and IDENTITY the WOMAN received from the SERPENT and how by her giving the MAN, her ONLY SOURCE of LIFE and PARADISE fruit from the tree she just ate off, is the PICTURE of the MIND and IDENTITY obtained by the SERPENT DESTROYING the IDENTITY and REALITY she was CREATED and DESIGN for? So ultimately HAWAH was GIVEN LIFE and the ABILITY to ONLY PRODUCE what is LIFE GIVING, a GARDEN, but through the IDENTITY change that created the REALITY that giving herself to the SERPENT would PRODUCE a CERTAIN REALITY for her to OPERATE in, a REALITY that became IMMEDIATELY APPARENT was COMPLETELY FOREIGN to the UNDERSTANDING of LIFE she was CREATED in. What do I mean?

After the FALL of MANKIND their EYES were COMPLETELY open. And as I have said before, their eyes being open literally meant that their eyes were NOW open to the POSSIBILITIES of sin. It DOES NOT MEAN that their eyes were opened and they were able to see sins, they were just OPENED to the possibilities of being INFLUENCED outside of the REALITY they were CREATED and DESIGNED for. But anyway, when The Most High YAH came looking for ADOM and found him HIDING is ANOTHER picture of the MIND/SOUL being DEAD. The Most High YAH is the CREATOR of LIFE, namely the MAN’S very OWN and he’s HIDING for FEAR JUST like LUCIFER and his FALLEN hide from The Most High for fear. So we see here also who’s MIND and IDENTITY is being RETAINED within the GENETICS of MANKIND as well. But back to my point… The Most High comes looking for ADOM and he tells The Most High he was NAKED AFTER he had ALREADY sewed fig leaves together to cover HIMSELF, so WHAT type of NAKED is he REFERRING to? So he is asked, did you eat from the TREE that I told you NOT to eat from and he says “The WOMAN you gave me, gave it to me and I did EAT”. And ADOM is PUNISHED for WHAT ULTIMATELY? For RECEIVING his IDENTITY from the woman, the IDENTITY that CREATES the REALITY of DEATH, the IDENTITY she RECEIVED from the SERPENT, so ULTIMATELY for LISTENING to his WOMAN. WHAT is this the PICTURE of? I mean I’m sayin, the MAN was created by The Most High and HE gives LIFE to the WOMAN, or HE gives the WOMAN the IDENTITY that CREATES LIFE and PARADISE from his VERY being. Now you have a PICTURE of the WOMAN giving the MAN an IDENTITY that CREATES a CERTAIN TYPE of LIFE, but OBVIOUSLY NOT PARADISE. So this would be the PICTURE of ROLE REVERSAL or PERVERSION, correct? In the CLOSED CIRCUIT type of DESIGN MANKIND was CREATED to OPERATE in, the MAN is HEAD and he FACILITATES LIFE to the WOMAN through the LIFE given to him by The Most High YAH, correct? But AFTER the WOMAN gives herself to the SERPENT, what HAPPENED to the ORDER of MANKIND? Now you have the WOMAN as the HEAD giving a CERTAIN IDENTITY and LIFE to the MAN FROM the LIFE she RECEIVED from the SERPENT. So ULTIMATELY in this PICTURE JUST WHO is the HEAD of MANKIND? The SERPENT or the BEAST, correct? Again we see why they were given the COATS of SKINS of DEAD ANIMALS to bear the IMAGE of BEASTS and REMOVED from PARADISE on ALL LEVELS.

Now let me ask y’all this, with the DUTY of KEEPING(GUARDING) the GARDEN(HAWAH) on ALL levels PHYSICAL, PSYCHOLOGICAL and SPIRITUAL being given to the IDENTITY of ADOM, created a CERTAIN REALITY, correct? But the IDENTITY NOT being RETAINED, or the IDENTITY of NOT KEEPING(GUARDING) the GARDEN(HAWAH) CREATED A COMPLETELY DIFFERENT IDENTITY, correct? Do you see it, do you see that NO MATTER what PARADISE is ONLY and can ONLY be OBTAINED through a CERTAIN IDENITITY of the MIND being RETAINED. The IDENTITY that The Most High CREATED for MANKIND to RETAIN. So EXACTLY what is this saying to us BROTHERS? It’s saying that your WOMAN is ULTIMATELY the RESULT of WHAT YOU did or did not PLANT, or KEEPING(GUARDING) her if she is REALLY your woman. Or that you have COMPLETELY neglected the tilling work that you were given as well. What do I mean? To till means to CULTIVATE, so what that involves is YOU using ALL of your FACULTIES PHYSICAL, PSYCHOLOGICAL and SPIRITUAL and APPLYING ENERGY to the GROUND of the WOMAN’S being so that when YOU do PLANT your SEEDS, the GROUND would have been PROPERLY tended to so that it REAPS the INTENDED HARVEST. See the bottom line is this, ADOM ABANDONED his IDENTITY FIRST, which ALLOWED for HAWAH to FOLLOW. So again REALITY itself was CHANGED for HAWAH to some degree when the IDENTITY SHE was GIVEN, the IDENTITY of a WELL KEPT GARDEN was NOT ENERGIZED and SEEDED by ADOM the WAY it was DESIGNED to be. My baby giving herself to me gives me a CERTAIN IDENTITY equipped with RESPONSIBILITIES and cares that call for ENERGY and SEEDS of my BEING being APPLIED to her being which CREATES a CERTAIN IDENTITY within her MIND/SOUL that CREATES the REALITY of PARADISE that SHE was DESIGNED to PRODUCE in for me. Do y’all remember my saying that the MAN was given the RESPONSIBILITY of CREATING PARADISE FOR his WOMAN and the WOMAN was DESIGNED to CREATE PARADISE for her MAN? So we see PARADISE BEGINING in The Most High and ULTIMATELY ended up in the WOMAN, but it is MADE a REALITY in the PHYSICAL realm through the OBEDIENCE of the MAN and the RETAINING of the IDENTITY given to HIS GENETICS. So again EXACTLY WHAT is this saying to us BROTHERS? The PARADISE YOU LONG for is ALREADY INSIDE OF YOU, YOU were DESIGNED to have it. It was GIVEN to your GENETICS…

What do I mean by it was GIVEN to your GENETICS? When TILLING the GROUND what you are ACTUALLY doing is bringing LIFE to the GROUND, or the LIFE/ENERGY that you are APPLYING to the GROUND is preparing the GROUND for the LIFE that YOU INTEND to SEED in it. You are removing the weeds and you are turning the SOIL to ALLOW OXYGEN as well as LIFE giving NUTRIENTS to ENFUSE themselves into that SOIL through the RAIN, WIND and SUNLIGHT. So even though TILLING the GROUND is the MOST STRENOUS of the ACTIVITIES that are REQUIRED in GARDENING, YOU are PREPARING YOUR GARDEN FOR LIFE. So the ENERGY and INTELLECT given to your GENETICS APPLIED in the UNDERSTANDING and IDENTITY you were CREATED to OPERATE in was DESIGNED for the PURPOSE of FACILITATING LIFE in YOUR GARDEN. So let’s BEGIN to talk about that TILLING work in a little more DETAIL before we move on to the SEEDING work.

As I just said the TILLING work IS the MOST STRENUOUS of the ACTIVITIES REQUIRED in GARDENING, but the can VERY well be the MOST important. When you TILL the GROUND you are PREPARING it to RECEIVE SEED and FACILITATE LIFE, so we can SEE JUST HOW IMPORTANT it is that the PROPER ATTENTION to DETAIL and ENERGY APPLIED really is in CREATING PARADISE. First let’s begin with the REMOVAL of WEEDS, or the REMOVAL of SEEDS from the GROUND that YOU did NOT PLANT that are ONLY there to DISTORT the IMAGE and IDENTITY of your GARDEN. Do y’all remember us talking about the TARES among the WHEAT and how that WHOLE PURPOSE for being planted by an ENEMY was for the DESTRUCTION of the WHEAT itself? Well TARES of course are considered a WEEDS, or a COMPLETELY UNDESIRABLE PLANT. So the TARES ONLY PURPOSE is to DESTROY the IDENTITY of THE GARDEN placed on it by THE GARDENER, correct? The GARDEN is DESIGNED to RECEIVE SEEDS that FACILITATE LIFE in some FORM or another, but with the TARES it is NOT RETAINING it’s TRUE IDENTITY completely and being used to FACILITATE LIFE of a MUCH DIFFERENT SORT, correct? So what NEEDS to HAPPEN to PREPARE a ground with WEEDS to RECEIVE and PRODUCE LIFE? FIRST you would HAVE to KNOW what the HELL you are doing? What do I mean by that? See for AMATEUR GARDENERS LIFE of course is the ULTIMATE GOAL, but you HAVE to be ABLE to UNDERSTAND what is WEEDS and what are PLANTS that ACTUALLY bring LIFE to the GARDEN. Or better said, TREES are plants that bring LIFE to ANY GARDEN, correct? Who was the TREE of LIFE PLANTED by? The Most High YAH, correct? So we see RIGHT AWAY that there are CERTAIN PLANTS within the GARDEN that you ain’t got NO BUSINESS touching NOT ONLY because of WHO PLANTED it, but ALSO because of it’s PURPOSE. We brothers have to UNDERSTAND that KNOWING that DIFFERENCE between a WEED and a plant placed in your GARDEN for the PURPOSE of LIFE BEFORE YOU get into the GARDENING BUSINESS LITERALLY is a MATTER of LIFE and DEATH. Why do YOU think ADOM was given the JOB of tilling the GROUND for So long BEFORE he was actually given the WOMAN? He needed to become FAMILIAR with NOT only the SEEDS of LIFE that HE DESIRED to PLANT, but the SEEDS of LIFE that were ALREADY PLANTED in the FORMATION of the GARDEN at the BEGINING. So we would HAVE to say that ADOM was being TRAINED HOW to be a GARDENER for a MUCH MORE PRECIOUS GARDEN that The Most High had in MIND for him, correct? So in ESSENCE A GARDENER is ONLY really QUALIFIED to TILL and MAINTAIN a GARDEN IF THE FIRST GARDEN he was given(HIMSELF) is PROPERLY MAINTAINED and KEPT…

Tomorrow we continue our course


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