Good Morning Ysrayl…

I trust all is well with you this morning. Yesterday we talked about the TILLING work assigned to the MAN for the PURPOSE of CULTIVATING LIFE within the GARDEN he was GIVEN…

As I stated yesterday the TILLING work that was GIVEN to MAN is the MOST STENUOUS of ALL that is REQUIRED in GARDENING, but it is the MOST important. And being the MOST important we UNDERSTAND WHY The Most High gave the MAN the RESPONSIBILITY of TILLING the GARDEN BEFORE he gave him the WOMAN. Why is TILLING important for us to understand while we are talking about the WAR WAGED on the MIND? WHO is RESPONSIBLE to bring LIFE or SALVATION of a SORT to the GARDEN that they were GIVEN? Remember TILLING is the LIFE/ENERGY you APPLY to the GROUND of YOUR GARDEN that PREPARES it to RECEIVE and FACILITATE LIFE, so in order to PROPERLY build the IDENTITY in the MIND of your WOMAN, the IDENTITY that CREATES the REALITY of PARADISE you MUST COMPLETELY UNDERSTAND YOUR ROLE AND RESPONSIBILITY. See ANOTHER reason why RELIGION is sooo DESTRUCTIVE to the MIND/SOUL of MANKIND is because it ROBS you of your IDENTITY AS THE MAN, the ONE RESPONSIBLE for MAINTAINING YOUR OWN GODDAMN GARDEN. What do I mean? RELIGIONS STRIP you of the AUTHORITY given to your GENETICS and IDENTITY as THE MAN and REPLACES it with a PACIFIED, LAZY, INCONSISTANT IDENTITY that depends on OTHERS to FACIILTATE LIFE in your OWN GARDEN. HAWAH was created FROM the MAN and FOR the MAN, but MOST MEN these days DO NOT UNDERSTAND the SIMPLE principle that YOU BUILD YOUR OWN PARADISE and your WOMAN/GARDEN is where it BEGINS.

So let’s start with this, there was a WAR waged on the MIND of HAWAH and she fell VICTIM to that WAR because she was NOT being PROPERLY GUARDED. Remember for WHAT PURPOSE I said WAR being WAGED is for in the BEGINING of this particular discussion? For DESTROYING the IDENTITY of another to ESTABLISH a MUCH different IDENTITY within the MIND for the PURPOSE of STEALING and CONTROLLING the GOODS of the TARGET BEING. Is this NOT what HAPPENED to HAWAH, do you still not SEE the WAR? So if there is an OBVIOUS WAR being WAGED on the MIND of HAWAH who needs to be in the UNDERSTANDING of that IF they are to have the PARADISE that they LONG for? How many of you have had the OPPORTUNITY to be in the presence of a FULL BLOWN CRAZY MFKA? Now of course NONE of my BEAUTIFUL SISTERS are CRAZY, but my point is, CRAZY PEOPLE USUALLY are so wrapped up in their own REALITY that they either DON’T RECOGNIZE anything is wrong, or just FLAT don’t give a FCK. So you would have to say that the IDENTITY that they have ALLOWED or the IDENTITY that was FORCED onto them has CAUSED a DISCONNECT with their MIND and the REALITY that it was CREATED and DESIGNED to operate in, correct? So technically there would be NO WAY for someone like this to win a WAR waged on them ON THEIR OWN because their VERY MIND has had an IDENTITY FORCED ONTO it that creates the REALITY for them that ALLOWS the BEHAVIOR to have it’s FREE COURSE. So someone like this would need a SAVIOR of a SORT, someone to come along and CREATE the IDENTITY within them that FACILITATES the REALITY that they were CREATED and DESIGNED for. The REALITY that CALLS for them being MADE COMPLETELY WHOLE and a TRUE REPRESENTATION of their GENETICS, correct? Remember in the BEGINING of this discussion we talked about that wound on your hand and if it is KEPT CLEAN and FREE from INFECTION that the BODY will COMPLETELY heal that wound because of the DESIGN of the GENETICS you were GIVEN? So we see that even THE BODY that was CREATED and DESIGNED to HEAL ITSELF needs a CERTAIN TYPE of ATMOSPHERE or ENVIRONMENT that HELPS FACILITATE LIFE and HEALING to ITSELF, A PARADISE if you will…

When I was a kid one of my cousins whom I love very dearly ACCIDENTLY shot me in the eye with a BB gun, I of course won’t say who it is because I think he still feels bad about it. But anyway, the BB got stuck in my eye socket almost behind my eye and I of course had to have it removed. Now of course after that there was a CERTAIN HEALING process that needed to take place, but I was only a kid so that means that my mother, the one who was RESPONSIBLE for MY BEING had the RESPONSIBILITY of CREATING a CERTIAN ATMOSPHERE and ENVIRONMENT that would FACILITATE HEALING for me, correct? So back to the TILLING work, are you CREATING a CERTAIN ATMOSPHERE and ENVIRONMENT by APPLING LIFE/ENERGY to the GROUND? Of course you are, you’re CREATING the ENVIRONMENT that FACILITATES LIFE. So let’s look at the MIND of the GARDENER HIMSELF and what HIS MIND needs to LOOK LIKE before we CONTINUE. As we talked about YESTERDAY GARDENING is VERY SERIOUS BUSINESS, we SEE that in the picture of ADOM and The Most High giving HIM that PARTICULAR RESPONSIBILITY before he was GIVEN PARADISE, or a GARDEN of HIS VERY OWN. FIRST, a MAN needs to have TILLED the GROUND of his OWN MIND before he is FIT to even be THINKING about TILLING anywhere ELSE. My mom created the ATMOSPHERE and ENVIRONMENT that FACILITATED HEALING in me because she was WHOLE enough and EXPERIENCED enough to know EXACTLY what to do and HOW to do it. And because of that my black ass got TWO working eyes. So being ABLE to CREATE an ATMOSPHERE and ENVIRONMENT of HEALING FOR YOURSELF is what gives you the ABILITY to even UNDERSTAND HOW TO CREATE that for someone ELSE.

TIME and COMMITMENT is the NEXT thing that a GARDENER MUST understand before he gets in the BUSINESS of GARDENING. Why is THIS so IMPORTANT to UNDERSTAND? A GARDENER MUST become ONE with the GROUND and GARDEN that HE INTENDS to SEED and HARVEST LIFE from? See the GARDEN that ADOM was FIRST given to TILL and bring LIFE and PARADISE to REALITY in was WHERE he learned ALL his PRINCIPLES of GARDENING, but ALSO we HAVE to LOOK at TWO things that HELPED QUALIFY him for HIS WOMAN. The TIME he SPENT in that GARDEN and the FACT that HE had to UNDERSTAND that THIS PARTICULAR garden was MUCH different than the GARDEN of the WOMAN that he would be GIVEN. See the TIME he spent in his OWN GARDEN is what made him SENSITIVE to the REALITY of GARDENING and what is NECESSARY to CULTIVATE LIFE and bring a HARVEST to REALITY, but him UNDERSTANDING that there were CERTAIN plants in that GARDEN that not ONLY he DID NOT PLANT, but he had NO BUSINESS trying to REMOVE. So what is that the PICTURE of? Him being taught that even though this GARDEN is GIVEN to him there is a CERTAIN SENSITIVITY and ATTENTION to DETAIL that MUST be ACQUIRED in order for the GARDEN to RETAIN the IDENTITY and LIFE it was INTENDED and DESIGNED to RETAIN. The BALANCE of LIFE can VERY EASILY be knocked OUT of BALANCE in a GARDEN by a GARDENER either NOT COMPLETELY COMMITTED to the IDENTITY he was GIVEN as a GARDENER, or NOT understanding that the GARDEN/MIND that you were FIRST given(your OWN MIND) FACILITATES LIFE in a MUCH different way then the GARDEN he is being GIVEN in the WOMAN. What do I mean by that?

The GARDEN(MIND) that the MAN is FIRST given is CULTIVATED and DESIGNED in a way so that it BRINGS SEED to a CERTAIN MATURITY… The GARDEN that the MAN is GIVEN in his WOMAN is CULTIVATED and DESIGNED in a WAY so that it BRINGS those SEEDS to LIFE… VERY BIG DEFFERENCE HUH?… See ADOM is being taught how to be a GARDENER or a SEED BEARER, but his WOMAN is NOT being taught how to be a GARDENER is SHE? She’s being taught HOW to FALCILITATE LIFE and PARADISE… So OBVIOUSLY there NEEDS to be a MUCH different APPLICATION to the KNOWLEDGE that he has LEARNED in ALL his years of GARDENING, correct? So what that means is a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT application to the GROUND of the WOMAN and a COMPLETELY different ATMOSPHERE and ENVIRONMENT needs to be APPLIED in order to CREATE the IDENTITTY in the WOMAN that she was CREATED and DESIGNED to RETAIN. So what HAS to be UNDERSTOOD about a MIND captured in WAR is, it’s STILL COMPLETELY functional, it has just been FORCED into a COMPLETELY different understanding of itself ad REALITY. So the TILLING/CULTIVATING is NOT necessarily to REMOVE the IDENTITY of the GARDEN, just REMOVE the PLANTS that have been seeded with the INTENTION of changing the IDENTITY of that garden and KILLING the LIFE given to it.

So brothers the RESTORATION OF LIFE back into YOUR GARDEN is about TILLING with the UNDERSTANDING that PARADISE is the INTENTION and NOT just a plain old GARDEN. HAWAH’S MIND/IDENTITY was CREATED to DWELL in PARADISE and CREATE PARADISE and ONLY PRODUCE according to HER DESIGN in PARADISE, so PARADISE is where her HEALING is. So what is you CREATING PARADISE? You creating PARADISE is YOU CREATING an ATMOSPHERE and ENVIRONMENT within the MIND that REMINDS it that BEAUTY, LIFE and PEACE is held WITHIN your GENETICS. HAWAH was looking for something that she ULTIMATELY was NOT getting from ADOM because HE had ABANDONED the GARDEN, and this is what CREATED the IDENTITY that gave place to a MUCH DIFEERENT REALITY being TEMPTING. So TECHNICALLY the GARDEN STOPPED being PARADISE for HER and she could NO LONGER FACILITATE the REALITY of PARADISE because SHE WAS NOT BEING SEEDED WITH, FOR and BY PARADISE. So what has to happen is SHE must be REINTRODUCED to PARADISE so that it will AWAKEN the IDENTITY that she was CREATED to RETAIN that NOT only WITNESSES to PARADISE, but ALSO CREATES it…

Tomorrow we continue our course



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