Good Morning Ysrayl…

I trust all is well with you this morning. Yesterday we talked about ADOM being RESPONSIBLE for not ONLY SOWING the SEEDS of LIFE and PARADISE into HAWAH, but ALSO being RESPONSIBLE for the CARE of those SEEDS and the GARDEN itself.

As I said to you yesterday the WORD HUSBANDRY literally means to CULTIVATE and in the REALITY that MANKIND was CREATED in we are DESIGNED to CULTIVATE LIFE and PARADISE and MULTIPLY PARADISE in the GARDEN that we are GIVEN. So with understanding that THIS is the DESIGN of MANKIND then we UNDERSTAND that THIS is the NATURE and CHARACTER of The Most High YAH. HE brings LIFE to REALITY through sowing SEEDS and LABOR. The other day we talked about the fact that ADOM was CREATED ALONE and forced to stay ALONE for some time to bring him and his SEEDS to a CERTAIN MATURITY before he was GIVEN HAWAH, or the GARDEN that was to bring PARADISE to REALITY for him.  But what I would like to point out that we touched on yesterday is, HAWAH’S IDENTITY was DESIGNED for a MUCH different REALITY then the MAN’S IDENTITY even though TOGETHER they created the REALITY of PARADISE. What do I mean? The MAN was CREATED ALONE and he was CREATED with ALL the DESIRES and UNDERSTANDINGS of SELF that The Most High has, meaning HE was CREATED WITH the DESIRE for COMPANIONSHIP and LOVE and he KNEW he was DESIGNED to have it. But he was FORCED to UNDERSTAND the DEPTHS of his DESIGN and HOW to OPERATE in them by being ALONE. And as we talked about the other day, just seeing the REALITY that the SERPENT brought to the MIND of MANKIND we can IMAGINE what the EARTH MUST have looked LIKE during this time with ALL the BEINGS on it. Probably much like it does TODAY. But my point is ADOM was CREATED with a CERTAIN IDENTITY, an IDENTITY that NOT only causes him to CREATE the REALITY of PARADISE in the PHYSICAL form, but ALSO his IDENTITY LONGS to dwell in the PARADISE that he CREATES within the GARDEN of his WOMAN. So it’s SAFE to say that ADOM was GIVEN the SEEDS and the LABOR, but being WITHHELD from the ACTUAL PARADISE he was DESIGNED to HAVE FORCED HIM into a REALITY that his IDENTITY was NOT DESIGNED for. So ULTIMATELY ADOM ALSO had to ENDURE RETAINING the IDENTITY he was GIVEN when his REALITY was trying to force him into a MUCH DIFFERENT understanding of HIMSELF. So we see that there HAD to be some SUFFERING on the part of ADOM. He was CREATED and DESIGNED for PARADISE and HUSBANDRY, but he is FORCED to LABOR and LONLINESS for a time. So it’s VERY EASY for ADOM to ACQUIRE the UNDERSTANDING that LONLINESS and SUFFERING ain’t so BAD, and that THROUGH LONLINESS and SUFFERING is the IDENTITY of MANKIND made FIRM in him.

Now let’s look at HAWAH and the REALITY SHE was CREATED and DESIGNED for. Why is this IMPORTANT, why is it IMPORTANT to understand the REALITY HER IDENTITY was CREATED for? The reason WHY it’s IMPORTANT is so that YOU don’t make the SAME MISTAKE that ADOM made. What do I mean? HAWAH was NOT CREATED ALONE nor was she DESIGNED to be ALONE, but we find her in the GARDEN WITHOUT her HUSBAND. SO what we are seeing is the REALITY of ADOM and HIS GARDEN(MIND) being FORCED onto the IDENTITY of the WOMAN. We brothers HAVE to understand that our beautiful sisters are a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT CREATURE(created thing) even though HAWAH was CREATED from the FLESH of ADOM. What EXACTLY am I saying? We have to BUILD our women according to THEIR design as OPPOSED to the UNDERSTANDING and HARDSHIPS that formed us into WHO and WHAT we are… HAWAH was FORMED AFTER PARADISE had been REALIZED and The Most High was ALREADY DWELLING there. So what that says is, NOT ONLY was she the GIFT for the LABOR and the OBEDIENCE, she is the ACTUAL EMBODIMENT of PARADISE. So the DESIGN of her GENETICS and IDENTITY was CREATED to RESPOND to the PROVISION of PARADISE, VERY MUCH DIFFERENT from ADOM who was CREATED to ENDURE the WAR against his IDENTITY created by the REALITY of a WORLD other than PARADISE… So we have ADOM who is made BETTER and STRONGER by WAR, then you have HAWAH who was NEVER DESIGNED to see WAR. SHE was DESIGNED to be KEPT(GUARDED)… So do we see that MAYBE ADOM expected SOMETHING from his WOMAN that SHE was NOT CREATED and DESIGNED for, meaning MAYBE he EXPECTED for HER to RESPOND to LONLINESS the WAY that HE RESPONDED to it.

As MUCH as we LIKE to believe that our beautiful sisters are DESIGNED to ENDURE the REALITY that WE were CREATED to ENDURE for purpose of bringing a CERTAIN level of MATURITY, the FACT of the MATTER is THEY ARE NOT. And you are LIVING your LAST days in PARADISE if you think so… We brothers HAVE to UNDERSTAND the way the WORLD has FORCED us to UNDERSTAND our WOMEN is COMPLETELY outside of the DESIGN they were CREATED with. Our sisters ARE strong because STRENGTH is GIVEN to their GENETICS, and there are MANY ways that I am THROUGHLY CONVINCED that our BEAUTIFUL SISTERS are MUCH STRONGER than we could EVER IMAGINE to be. But STRENGTH has NOTHING to do with being FORCED to OPERATE OUTSIDE of the DESIGN that you were CREATED to OPERATE in. HAWAH was not CREATED to LABOR for PARADISE, she was CREATED to MULTIPLY it… So the UNDERSTANDING that ADOM MAY have had concerning his woman MAY very well been an UNDERSTANDING that he got from his OWN ROAD to STRENGTH and PARADISE. I have said this in the PAST, I can never expect for my baby to COMPLETELY connect with everything that I have had to ENDURE to create a PARADISE for her, she was NOT designed for that UNDERSTANDING of LIFE. She was DESIGNED for the UNDERSTANDING of LIFE that MULTIPLIES PARADISE for me. So what that means is a VERY DIFFERENT understanding needs to be APPLIED to the TILLING work in the GROUND of her being. The understanding that she ONLY PRODUCES PARADISE when she is SEEDED by it and those SEEDS are CARED for and PROTECTED by ME.

It’s VERY easy for us brothers to FORM an UNDERSTANDING of our sisters based on the WAY the WORLD portraits them and how they OFTEN portrait themselves. MANY women these days WANT to be RECOGNIZED the SAME way MEN are RECOGNIZED and you have a WHOLE WORLD that TRIES to force this UNDERSTANDING and IDENTITY on OUR WOMEN, but the truth is HAWAH’S IDENTITY was FORMED by the MAN’S labor that she CAME FROM. Of course I’m not saying that our WOMEN DON’T have their own IDENTITY as women, what I’m saying is you will NEVER have the one that The Most High DESIGNED for you to HAVE without the LABOR of SOME MAN. So we as brothers HAVE to understand that ALTHOUGH there can be an understanding in place, THERE IS A DESIGN. And if you want to bring ANY fruit to HARVEST, the PROPER DESIGN has to be FOLLOWED. One VERY CRITICAL thing to understand is DEATH of the MIND hinders your ABILITY to SEE the REALITY and NATURE of things properly. What do I mean by that? When you have been through some fucked up shit and ENDURED, it does a FEW things to the MIND and UNDERSTANDING of YOURSELF, correct? It STRENGTHENS a CERTAIN understanding of yourself. It causes those things that MAY have once intimidated you to become a TROPHY of a SORT, and your MIND becomes ELEVATED above the PRINCIPLES and REALITY that that thing is TRYING to force ONTO you, correct? So you become a CONQUORER of a sort? But let me ask y’all a question… What happens in the MIND of a WOMAN that has NOT been SEEDED and KEPT Properly by her MAN and is FORCED into the IDENTITY of the one RESPONSIBLE over her OWN KEEPING and SEEDING? Look at what happened to HAWAH… She become the AGENT of her VERY OWN DESTRUCTION. She joined HERSELF to the SERPENT, which I’m sure at the time she did seemed like a good idea, and she PROBABLY THOUGHT she was winning UNTIL she heard the VOICE of The Most High. So what is this showing us? Not only was ADOM leaving her ALONE to ENDURE the WAR he ENDURED on his IDENTITY FORCING her into an IDENTITY that SHE was NEVER created and DESIGNED for, but it STRENGTHENED an UNDERSTANDING of HERSELF that was NOT true to her DESIGN and she BECAME the AGENT of her VERY OWN DESTRUCTION by her ELEVATED UNDERSTANDING of HERSELF that she ACQUIRED OUTSIDE of the MAN. So we see that the VERY same REALITY that BUILT and QUALIFIED ADOM for his ROLE as HUSBAND in a SENSE FORM the understanding of her NEW IDENTITY that SHE DID NOT NEED HER HUSBAND…

Tomorrow we continue our course


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