Good Morning Ysrayl…

I trust all is well with you this morning. Yesterday we talked about the FACT that HAWAH was FORCED into a REALITY that was DESIGNED for ADOM to ENDURE, but it had the ADVERSE effect on her MIND because she was NOT CREATED to OPERATE within that REALITY and UNDERSTANDING of herself.

HAWAH was CREATED and DESIGNED as the EMBODIMENT of PARADISE. She was the REWARD for BUILDING PARADISE, she was the one CREATED from ADOM’S flesh, so what that means is SHE was CREATED and DESIGNED to bring PARADISE to ADOM SPECIFICALLY. She was CREATED and DESIGNED to be SEEDED by PARARDISE, and she was DESIGNED to MULTIPLY PARADISE. So it’s CLEAR that SHE is the EMBODIMENT of PARADISE. This has NOTHING to do with trying to make my BEAUTIFUL SISTERS feel as BEAUTIFUL as you were CREATED, it’s the TRUTH of your DESIGN REGARDLESS of HOW YOU or I feel about it. So brothers that TILLING/CULTIVATING work that we were given to do inside the MIND/SOUL of our women when done ACCORDING to their DESIGN, is for the PURPOSE CULTIVATING PARADISE, correct? But as we have been talking about, that PARADISE MUST be within YOURSELF already in SEED FORM if you INTEND to SOW the SEEDS of PARADISE within your WOMAN. So THIS is a REFLECTION of the TILLING/CULTIVATING work that YOU have done in the GARDEN of your OWN MIND, correct? You MUST have CULTIVATED and BROUGHT to MATURITY the SEEDS of PARADISE, even though we live in a REALITY MUCH DIFFERENT from PARADISE if we are to SOW SEEDS of PARADISE within our women and REAP the HARVEST of PARADISE. THIS is the WAY PARADISE is REALIZED for you on the EARTH, just like it was for ADOM.

So let’s look at ADOM’S APPLICATION of the TILLING work if HE wants to REAP the HARVEST of PARADISE from the GARDEN of his WOMAN. FIRST, what we understand is BUILDING a PARADISE is PROBABLY one of the HARDEST things you will EVER BUILD, NOT because the WORK is SO HARD, but because of the CURRENT REALITY NOT being ANYTHING like PARADISE. What do I mean? Remember ADOM BUILDING PARADISE WAS NOT PRETTY, as we said before he was GIVEN the SEEDS and the LABOR, but he was DENIED the ACTUAL HARVEST of the HAWAH and the PARADISE that she BRINGS for some time. So we can say that with the REALITY that was PRESENT on the EARTH NOT being ANYTHING LIKE the PARADISE he was CREATED to LIVE in, HIM RETAINING the IDENTITY of a HUSBANDMAN was probably harder than BUILDING the ACTUAL PARADISE. And many would say that because he had The Most High there with him that that MUST have made it MUCH easier. Yes of course in a CERTAIN understanding, but we HAVE to remember The Most High would come to visit with the MAN in the COOL OF THE DAY, meaning the EVENING AFTER all the back breaking work was COMPLETE for the day. So even with THAT understanding we see that ADOM was NOT GIVEN ANYTHING that he did NOT EARN, even his COMMUNION with The Most High was seen AFTER he busted his ass ALL DAY. Now I want y’all to see something, do y’all SEE the MENTALITY(mental state) that HAD to be in place with the MAN if he was to see the PARADISE that he LONGED for? The MENTALITY that NOTHING is FREE and that EVERYTHING has to be EARNED through ENDURANCE, PATIENCE and WAR? The MENTALITY that if YOU REALLY want it it WILL ONLY come through WAR and holding STEDFAST to the WEAPONRY that was given to him?

Now THIS is his UNDERSTANDING of NOT only LIFE as it EXSISTS for him, but his UNDERSTANDING on HOW a PARADISE is BUILT, correct? Then one evening he falls into a deep sleep AFTER all his back breaking WORK is finished and he done had his shower and everything, PROBABLY the most BEAUTIFUL sleep he ever had. Then he wakes up to HAWAH standing over him… Now let me ask y’all this, do you think he was READY for HAWAH , do you think his THOROUGH LESSONS in HUSBANDRY equipped him for what was starring him in the face?… If you said “yes” I’m not saying you SLOW, but you ain’t keepin up… ADOM was NOT ready for HAWAH, ADOM was ready to get up and go back to WORK. What do I mean by that? Y’all ever seen a nigga hustlin with NO GOAL? The SADDEST shit in the world ain’t it…SMH We are CREATURES that FORM habits, some of course are good and some are not so good. One of the WORST habits to fall into is the habit of NOT PROPERLY PREPARING for the HARVEST. What do I mean? I believe ADOM WORKED SO LONG and SO HARD that he MAY have FORGOTTEN EXACTLY WHAT he was WORKING for. Meaning he MAY have FORGOTTEN that the GARDEN that he would be given in HAWAH would be NEEDING a MUCH DIFFERENT APPLICATION of his ENERGY and UNDERSTANDING then he APPLIED to the GARDEN of his OWN MIND. The APPLICATION and ENERGY that SPEAKS ONLY through WAR and LONGSUFFERING is MANKIND made PERFECT and RECEIVES of The Most High YAH. So I believe that ADOM BUILT HIMSELF a PARADISE and had done ALL that was NECESSARY to LEARN HOW to CULTIVATE LIFE in a GARDEN, BUT ADOM ULTMATELY was NOT COMPLETELY READY to LIVE IN PARADISE… Again we see HAWAH left ALONE to ENDURE a WAR that NOT only was she NEVER DESIGNED to SEE, but that she was COMPLETELY unprepared and NOT EQUIPPED for. The VERY same war that ADOM was ALL too familiar with.

So in other words I believe that ADOM MAY have EXPECTED for HAWAH to EARN her RITES to DWELL in PARADISE just like HE had to EARN his RITES to DWELL there… The Problem with that UNDERSTANDING is SHE was ALREADY QUALIFIED to live there, she was QUALIFIED through HIS LABOR. What do I mean? The IDENTITY HAWAH was GIVEN was an IDENTITY that CAME FROM HER HUSBAND’S LABOR and COMMITMENT to the word of The Most High, so she NEVER NEEDED to QUALIFY, the WORK of her HUSBAND QUALIFIED her RITES to EVERYTHING. So as LONG as SHE stayed SUBMITTED to her HUSBAND and the AUTHOR of the IDENTITY she was GIVEN, LIFE, PARADISE and The Most High WAS HER RITES, NO FURTHER QUALIFICATION WAS NECESSARY. But when you are looking at the MIND of a HUSBANDMAN/GARDENER his MENTALITY will ALWAYS be one of YOU MUST WORK HARD and ENDURE to RECEIVE. So I believe that the WORK of a HUSBANDMAN to some degree was EXPECTED from HAWAH and NOT the PARADISE that she was CREATED and DESIGNED to bring. THIS CAUSED ADOM to NEVER even BEGIN the WORK of SOWING the SEEDS of PARADISE within his WOMAN. Maybe he felt like she TOO had to EARN her KEEP…

Bottom line is this, the IDENTITY of HAWAH is ONLY a REALITY through the LABOR of ADOM, you can NEVER expect to REAP the BENEFIT of PARADISE from your WOMAN if she is NOT PROPERLY SEEDED with and BY PARADISE. And brothers THIS begins with YOUR APPLICATION of ENERGY and the UNDERSTANDING of her PURPOSE. What do I mean? I said a few lines ago that HAWAH’S RITES are ALL wrapped up in her HUSBAND as long as she stays submitted to him, meaning as long as SHE RETAINS the IDENTITY of HAWAH she has RITES to the GARDEN and EVERYTHING IN IT just as MUCH as YOU DO. So what that means is SHE was CREATED to be the RECIPIENT of PARADISE FREE of CHARGE and WITHOUT CONDITIONS(let THEM have DOMINION). So what that means is ALL the things that MAKE it PARADISE FOR HER that come from YOUR being she has RITES to, JUST LIKE ALL the things that MAKE it PARADISE for you that come from HER being YOU have RITE to. See what WE STILL have to OVERCOME is the WAR waged on the MIND that SEPARATES the WOMAN from her MAN. We BREIFLY talked about this YESTERDAY, how the WORLD and even some SISTER paint the PICTURE of themselves SEPARATE from the MAN and NEEDING NOTHING from the MAN. This is a VERY CLEVER device of LUCIFER and his CHILDREN. While we are fighting for RITES to CONTROL this or that NO ONE is understanding that IT’S INSANITY, you are ONE FLESH, ONLY CRAZY PEOPLE have FULL BLOWN FIGHTS with THEMSELVES. In the SIGHT of The Most High the MAN and his WOMAN are ONE FLESH, MEANING THEY ARE THE VERY SAME PERSON. The IDENTITY of HUSBAND LITERALLY BELONGS to the IDENTITY HAWAH and the IDENTITY of HAWAH LITERALLY BELONGS to the IDENTITY of ADOM, the two IDENTITIES can NEVER be SEPARATE, IT’S LITERALLY IMPOSSIBLE. So as LONG as HAWAH was in submission to her HUSBAND she HAD RITES to be SEEDED with and by PARADISE, she had RITES to BEING KEPT(GUARDED), she had RITES to UNDERSTAND HOW to RETAIN the IMAGE and she had RITES to be PROPERLY CARED for. This is where I believe ADOM may have had his TROUBLE with the ARRANGMENT, ADOM was CONFINED to a REALITY that DID NOT allow for his LABOR to be shared OPENLY and for the RITES of his WOMAN to have FIRST PRIORITY, her RITES to PARADISE WITHOUT ENDURING the WAR…

Tomorrow we continue our course


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